Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Is Comin'

New Year is just few hours away... cepat kan??? 

As, for my last entry for 2008... how 'bout some b'day stories?? Nothing much special but December is hubby and my b'day month. Hubby's on 17th and mine on 23rd. Gap of 1 week saja...

Well, for hubby... I bought him a pair of shoe as he has been wearing his existing shoe since our wedding. It's the 'hantaran' shoe actually. And I bought him a cake as well. Mmm... I won't call it a suprise as there was no attempt. I just placed the shoe as how I bought it (in its' plastic bag) on the dressing table and the cake inside refridgerator of coz. I think he knew that I'm going to buy a shoe as I hinted him before. I kept on saying "nanti la" whenever he wanted to buy. Heheheh... As for cake... he was quite suprise actually. "Naa... ada kek!" That was the first line from his mouth when he opened the refridgerator.

The King's cake. It was tasty... nyum nyum...

As for me, hubby brought me to Sogo and asked me to find my own present. I requested a handbag actually. Hehhehehe...

Another white handbag for me. But, the previous one was Pasar Malam punya. And this one is BUM Equipment. After 50%, still RM69.95. It is simple and has 3 compartments. For a mommy, compartments will be practical! *wink-wink*

There is one more present received from a colleague. Let you guys see the pic below...

Guess what's inside the box??
















Tadaaa... boxes in boxes pulak!! Can't blame her coz I admit that I do love boxes. Hehheehe... Wonder what she will give to me next year. Last 2 years, she gave me jewellery box. Surely something that is box based jugak ni...

Have to stop now as I think our company will let us go back early today either working half day or to be released around 3pm or 4pm as road closure will starts at 6pm in conjuction with New Year Eve celebration at KLCC.

Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you guys in 2009!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Belated Merry Xmas to Everyone

It’s so quiet in the office today. Seems like no one around. Clearing their leaves before New Year. And I… just return from my 2 months maternity leave. Hmmm… Wonder what’s Baby Yon doing at home now…

Hope it’s not to late for me to wish everyone who are celebrating Xmas a very warm and blessed Xmas… The Xmas mood should still be there huh…

A balloon Xmas tree at Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa

Xmas tree at KLCC

Enough said with the Xmas. How ‘bout Jom Heboh?! Believe it or not, but this was my first time visiting Jom Heboh since it was first launched in 2002 known as Sure Heboh. I just hate going through the crowd especially when the sun is smiling at you… phewww… Nevertheless, this time… I felt like going. So, pigi ja la and left Baby Yon with his Mummy Tua (mom refuses to be called nenek. Sound tua betul mengkali! Hahaha..) at home. Besides some goodies begs, managed to grab RM10 tee shirts for all above us as well. *grin* For advice, if you intend to visit Jom Heboh… pls opt to go on Saturday. You should know why…

The crowd on Sunday

Goodies begs

Seen this before? My mom used to buy it for me dulu masa kicik2. They name it as Minuman Nostalgia nowadays. Nda cukup minum d sana sampai tapau bawa balik. Hahaha...

Me, hubby and his siblings...

Sempat jugak bergambar time panas2 ni... phewww...
Till then...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm back!!!

Maternity leave is over and I’m back to work today!! Feeling bad to leave Baby Yon at home when he’s having fever. He was japed during his second visit to clinic yesterday. He’s now weighting 4.6kg. Gaining 600g…

At Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa after clinic visit

Let’s just talk about other things besides Yon… Takut kamu boring pulak… *grin* Got lot of stories need to share with you guys until I don’t know where to start… Biasa la kan…

Mmmm… How ‘bout baking’s stories??!! Heheheh… Wonder how I kill-off my boredom during my leaves??? Well, the first month of coz I’m still in the process of recovering and learning to be mom (until now of coz!) The second month – after I bought myself an oven (finally!), me and mom start baking!!! Sempat jugak kan??!! Hahahaah… Kelam kabut jugak lah especially of Baby Yon mengamuk…

We baked kuih makmur, shortbread, choc chips cookies and biskut dahlia. The best part was mom mixed the ingredients manually without machine!! *faint* Patah tangan ooo… But, she enjoyed doing it!

Terbulat besar2 pulak makmur kami. Hehehe...

Penatnya mau gaul semua ni!!

Ala-ala chipsmore pulak kan... perasan!! Hahha...


Hubby and I attended his colleague’s wedding on 13/12/08 at Cheras. They had chosen orange colour as their theme. Wow!! Daring choice huh?!!

Zila and Hafiz

Mmm… I’ll keep the other stories for the next post. A colleague is handing over tasks to me. Tomorrow is her last day… hmmm… Will visit you guys soon… tata…

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Time flies so fast huh? My lil’Yon was already 1 mth old last Monday, 24 Nov 08 and it was his clinic appointment. Nda abis2 la ba sama clinic since preggy!! *faint* Lil’ Yon was japed with 2nd dose of the Hep B. Poor him…

Lil’ Yon sleeping peacefully while waiting for his turn

Lil’ Yon being weighted. He is 4kg now. Gaining 800g in a mth.

Surprisingly, kwai2 pulak dia kena timbang…
Latest pix! So, lil’ Yon looks like his dad or his mom? Hehehe…

As a ‘thank you’ to all my colleagues at Jetson for the playpen, I sent each of them a cupcake. *grin*

Simple cuppies designed by Dida of SweetYummy

Cuppies were individually packed and labeled with
“Baby Fullmoon Thanksgiving, from Rayyan Adrian (s/o Just)”
Mcm mau berbisnes pulak… kikikiki…

For now, I enjoyed posting images then rambling. Time constraint ba kunun… ahaks… Choww… ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008

Say bye-bye to good sleep at nite!

Wowwww… miss my blog sooooooo very much and of coz’ blog hopping too… So, just droppin’ by at cyber café to peep… ahaks… Sorry la for not visiting you guys for these 2 months… Opss… 1 month to go!! *wink-wink*

Wondering how am I doin’ as a mom?? Phew… the first two weeks was tough… Baby crying almost every nite for few hours!! *faint* No more good sleep at nite! Have to wake up every 1-2 hours for feeding. (No breastfeeding ya!) I must say a million thanks to my mom for all the supports. Without her, I don’t think hubby and I can manage it. I do pity my mom for doing all the house chores herself besides managing my lil’ Yon. She looks tired almost every day but still she does them all without muttering. Thanks mom! You’re the best!!

Mom and lil’ Yon

Oya… I wanna congrats to one of my best buddy, Joceline for her newborn baby boy on 19 Nov 2008. Welcome to the club, friend!

I also wanna say a big thanks to my colleagues at Jetson for the tokens and also the playpen. Never thought that I will be having a striking colour of playpen…

Baby Yon and his playpen

Baby Yon loves to be carried as the above pix

Ok la… Baby Yon is waiting for me at home. See you guys soon. ^_^

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'M A MOM!!!


The moment that I’ve been waiting for sooooo long since early this year. *relief*

This entry supposedly meeting you guys last 2 weeks I guess... but due to some technical errors and some other reasons (kunun!!)... hubby was not able to publish it... Sorry for the long wait... *wink-wink*

Chronology of event: (Sinang cerita ba! Hehehe…)

24 OCTOBER 2008

5am – 7am:
Contraction getting frequent from time to time even there were no blooding or leakage of water bag.

7am – 7.45am:
Showered and getting ready to the Hospital (HKL).

8.15am – 9.30am:
Admissions counter of HKL. They were sooooo slow!!! VE (I supposed it stands for Vaginal Examination) was done and it was already opened 4cm! (4cm??!!!!  *Gulp*) I was then pushed to the Labour Room by wheel chair.

Labour Room! 2nd VE done – 5cm! I presumed I will have to go through another few more tough hours before delivering.

Felt like poo-poo and I still got time to think “If terberak ni, malunya!!”
3rd VE done – 8cm!! When I heard 8cm, I was so shocked yet relief at the same time. Some of the first timer mom will have to experience a “1 hour for 1cm opening” of labouring process. *faint*

Nurse offered to jap the Epidural. But, I said no. Earlier, I did plan to jap it. But, after some considerations, I managed to convince myself that I can do it even without Epidural.

Started the ‘pushing’ part. I don’t think it was painful thou. To me, it was really tiring!! Episiotomy was done as the opening was only 9cm but baby can’t wait no longer. Having a really good ‘cheerleaders’ team (a doctor, a midwife, 2 nurses and my hubby - luckily he didn’t faint!! Hahha...) was indeed very helpful.

A lil’ baby boy was finally born! There is no word in this world that could describe what the exact feeling is when they put the baby on my chest! I cried without tears… All the tiredness gone with the wind… And the blessing part is baby was born with cleft lip only without cleft palate. Alhamdulillah… syukur kepada Allah SWT.

Baby on my chest rite after he was born

11.35am – 12.25pm:
Needlework’!! Goshhhh…. It was 100 times painful than the ‘pushing’ part! Gheezz… still could feel the needle!! Surely a trauma to every first time mom!! Phew…
I was then left over at the Labour Room after being fed with a cup of hot milk.

1.20pm – 2.00pm:
Ready to be sent over to my bed. They placed baby next to me for breastfeeding. I was soooo touched! Since baby has cleft lip, his ‘vacuum’ system is not as good as the other babies. So, breastfeeding is not successfully working. Formula Milk is the answer as top-up milk.

Ok… enough lah with the labouring story. Need to make the story shorter bah… Heheheh…

I was then discharged on 26 Oct after doctor confirmed that both baby and I were ok.

Hospital has arranged for appointment with doctor from the plastic surgery unit for further advices and arrangement for surgery to be done on 14 January 2009.

Oppsss… I guess I have to stop now. Catch up with you guys soon with more stories and pix of me being a mom ok… *wink-wink*

Oya.... You guys must be wondering of his name huh? RAYYAN ADRIAN… That’s his name. We call him Yon… ^_^

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Update & Decision Making


Hmmm… I wonder what’s poppin’ up in your mind when you saw an update from my blog today?? The subject sound serious and scary too huh?? Heheheh… You guys must be expecting to hear good news from me huh?! *grin*

Well, I do hope that I can share the good news with you all by now. But, I guess you guys still have to wait lah!!

Went to Hospital this morning. Uppsss… you guys should read it as yesterday morning as I did the typing of my post at nite.

Doctor said that my water bag’s level is still ok. Baby is currently weighting at 2.85kg. Not bad huh for a fussy eater like me??! As per Kadus_Mama’s comment on one of my entry… yeah… I have to wait another week??!! *sigh* *roll eyes* I will have to admit to the hospital on the 29/10 if I still not delivered within these days. Oo’ohhh… That’s the very last thing I wanted to do and avoid if possible!!

I guess I got the wronged instinct then! Tot that I would be giving birth earlier than my EDD. Sekalinya, post due pulak!! Aisehhhh…

The worst part is Doctor only issue 1 day MC for me which is for today (yesterday). Gheezzz… I actually asked for 1 week MC but Doctor refused. What’s wrong with that? So, I’m considering whether I should go to the office this week?? Of coz not tomorrow (today) coz’ I’ll be staying at home tomorrow (today)! Thinking ‘bout the unpaid leaves make me pening!! It would be at least 5 days of unpaid leaves!! *faint*

But, don’t you think it’s weird to return to the office when you are actually on leaves?! And to be exact, it’s a maternity leaves??! Weird + funny lah!! Plus, I just can’t imagine if only my water bag burst when I’m in office!! Ohh… dear!! Malunya!! *blush* I would surely create a history!!! Goshh… I definitely do not want to take the risk ok! Perhaps, I’ll opt for an advance of my maternity leaves! I know it would be easy for me to say it at the present as I don’t see my baby yet! Wait till baby is around, then only I realize how heavy hearted it is to be apart with a lil’ baby! *teary eyes*

One of my friends is of the opinion that I should just go to work instead… Moving and exercising might expedite the labouring process. Yeah… I know that! But… Seeeee… always a ‘but’!! She also added that it is not like as showed in the movie where you’ll be labouring easily without experiencing any early signage such as vaginal pain, back pain, waist pain, vaginal discharge, etc.

However, hubby and aunt advised that I should just stay at home…

Woww… tough decision again… What you say???

p/s: Posted by Hubby on behalf of me! Thanks Dear…

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Last Posting...

Well, today is my last working day before I start on leaves tomorrow. Meaning to say, this would be my last entry as well before I ‘reactivate’ myself again. Gheezz… gonna miss my workstation, pc, colleagues, net surfing and blog hoping soooo verrrry mucccch!! *teary eyes*

Of coz’ I’ll try my best to persuade hubby to help me in updating my blog on my behalf. Already did the step by step instructions guide for him thou, with the illustrations some more!! It would be peanuts then!! Don’t think he can say NO this round… :lol:

Have already cleared everything in my hand. Handed over stuff to other colleague. Emailed whatever softcopies of files to my boss for his safekeeping. Yup… 100% ready for my long leaves!! *grin* I don’t actually mind if they are going to call me asking this and that during my confinement which I pretty much sure that they will at their very best try to avoid doing so.

Guys… pray for me & baby and wish me luck ok… Will update you soon... *wink-wink*

Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Goes On

It’s 13th and I’m still not due yet!!! Everyone in the office keeps on repeating the same questions whenever they bumped into me… in the toilet, pantry, passing by…
* You still around?
* Belum meletup lagik??
* When is your due date?
* When are you going to start on leave?

And I have to answer and answer again… almost everyday except weekend of coz!! Geezz…
Berat mata memandang, berat lagik bahu memikul bah!!

Received call from the Hospital this morning. An Antenatal class will be conducted on this Wednesday. I’ve called to enquire ‘bout it earlier (before Puasa). Unfortunately, there were no one signed up to attend the class and of coz they won’t conduct the class if there are only 1 or 2 participants. Tot I would never have the chance to attend the class… By attending the class, I guess I will be more mentally and physically prepared, confident and have a rough idea to face the laboring process specially the breathing part!! *sweating* However, I will have to attend the class all by myself as hubby is at his busy mode at office this week… *sigh*

Alamak… just recalled that I have a check-up appointment at the Klinik Ibu Mengandung on the same day. I won’t be able to make it then. Better to attend the class to gain some knowledge, besides I will have another check-up at the Hospital on Friday. *sigh*

Oya… there will be a Sabah Ultimate Home and Property Exhibition which is organized by SHAREDA (Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association) at 1 Borneo, KK from 16/10 to 19/10. I’ll definitely be there IF I am at KK. Am currently looking and planning to purchase house in KK before going back to KK PERMANENTLY (<--- yeah! You read it correctly!)! Woww… IT IS indeed a big decision in my life!

Been stuck here in KL for almost 10 years (inclusive the 3 yrs student life)!! I think it’s time to consider starting a new life in KK. Nda jugak kaya2 keja di KL ni!!
Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lagi bagus di negeri sendiri!! Ahakss… Friends and relatives keep on asking me the same questions everytime I went back to KK…

*When are you coming back?
*Nda mau balik Sabah sudah ka?
*Mau jadi urang KL sdh ka?

If only I go back to Sabah right after I finished my study, wonder how my life would be now! It sounds negative pulak kan?! Nope, I don’t mean staying in Sabah is bad but of coz it would be different la bah kan… Things might not be as what it is now… Perhaps I won’t married my hubby, I won’t convert, I won’t… mm.. I don’t know what will happen… But, one thing for sure… LIFE GOES ON and there is nothing to regret about… It is our destiny…

Anyway, for those who are going to the Exhibition this weekend, tulung lah tingu2 and share any collectible properties info for me ok… *wink-wink*

Friday, October 10, 2008

*Sleepy Mode* (Updated)

*Yawn* Totally sleepy like hell now! As if the eyes been attack by million of stones!! *yawn* Another 3 hours to 6pm!! *yawn* Gheezzz…

Our Contract Department has invited me for a makan-makan during lunch just now, in conjunction with Hari Raya la ba kunun ni. It’s a port luck actually, where everyone will have to bring their own dish. So, I did bring some kuih raya.

Since it’s a Raya celebration, ketupat and rendang sure will be the compulsory dish lah kan. We also have nasi pulut, curry, fried mihun, fried rice, fruit (mango), kuih seri muka and of coz the kuih raya.

The ketupat, rendang, nasi pulut and curry are superb!!! Yummy!! But, 3 attempts were enuff to make me full already. 3 and not 2 attempts ok!! By the way, the ketupats are not instant one ok. My colleague spent 8 hours to steam them!! *roll eyes*

They even managed to snap few pix during the makan-makan. Will upload later lah yaa… Wait for my updated version k…

Me added nasi pulut for the 3rd round! Can't resist the curry bah!

From left : Myza, Madam (Datuk's sis), me and Mrs. So

Short post for today as brain not ‘working’ properly lah! Tummy is too full too generate idea as tummy keeps on sending sleepy and lazy signal to the brain!

Oya! Just to update you guys that I’ve submitted my leave form to the HR dept. I will be start on leave on the 15th Oct. IF (if lagik!) I deliver over the weekend, then my leave application will be cancelled automatically and replaced with maternity leave. Let just see if I’m around or not on Monday!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

FORCE Labouring!!!

Hahahaha... the subject saja mau kasi suspen!! :lol:

Another Board Meeting on this coming 16th which means another Board Paper to be prepared. Before I start occupying myself with extracting agreements thingy AGAIN for the Board Meeting, let’s talk ‘bout yesterday…

Am on MC again yesterday. Padahal baru 2 days start working :lol: But, hey… now is the easiest time to get MC ok. The doctor will surely generous enuff to issue MC to a 38 wk preggy lady without questioning. *wink-wink*

We began our journey (ceh!! Macam jauh ja perjalanan!!) to hospital at 7.25am. Reached hospital at 7.45am. I was the 3rd patient of the day and was called in for ultrasound at 8.55am. 

As per last visit, I guess morning is the best time to see baby’s face. Baby is now weighting at 2.57kg! Doctor only asked me to prepare mentally and physically as I’m going to deliver ANYTIME!! Phew… I wish I will too… Panat sdh bawa2 ni perut ni… kekekeke…. Besides, I still have 2 routine check-ups next week which I really I wanted to avoid them… If by 20th (my EDD), am still not delivering… I will have to go direct to the hospital. Don’t tell me they wanted to induce me??? FORCE LABOURING??? Ohhh noooooo…. Baby, keluar la capat!! Kesian mumy…

Wonder when am I going to start on leave?? Am still considering lah! I only have balance of 2.5 days of AL to be cleared. Which means if I applied 5 days leaves for next week, the other 2.5 days will be unpaid leaves, IF( if lah) no delivery within those days applied. 60 maternity leaves will only start ticking on the day that I delivered. One thing to complaint here… Why the hell the 60 days is inclusive of all the public holidays, replacement of PH if it falls on Sunday, Saturdays and Sundays?????? Gheezzz…

Mmm… I think I might be start on leave on Wednesday, 15th lah!! Staying at home waiting for unpredictable delivery pun boring juga. At least, I got internet at office!

I’ve been thinking to apply for a broadband actually. Just for the sake of my 2 mths maternity leaves??? Yayyy… But, seriously… do I have time for internet browsing or blog hopping during my confinement at home?? Being a first time mom, I am totally ZERO in motherhood knowledge! I have to learn ‘bout baby! I have to learn to be a mom! I have to learn and be alert on everything single lil’ thing! Naaa… you tell me whether I have time for ‘broadbanding’ during my confinement??? I guess it is not worth for me to invest on it huh???

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tag – What’s Inside Your Handbag?

Been owing KadusMama for this meme before the Raya break.

Ok… Here’s what I have been asked to do :

1. Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all
things religious and men in general.

2. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile.

3. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents.

4. Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.

5. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.

6. Answer few questions.

Let see how’s my handbag(s) look like…

My 1 week- pasar malam handbag.

Been using these 2 handbags earlier. The black one is very the Executive-looked kunun.
I bought the white one when I knew that I am pregnant. Easier to load stuff!

Now, let’s peep into my handbag first before I answer the questions.

- Purse of coz’ (Nampak tebal coz full of ATM and other cards! If full with notes, ndapa jugak!)
- Nokia 6280 hp + hp pouch
- Office key & pass
- Packet of tissue
- Umbrella
- Buku Merah (pregnancy record book)
- Hp’s earphone
- Thumbdrive
- Comb
- Pen from TNS (hubby’s co)
- Pantyliner
- Plastic – to put in wet umbrella

Ok, now… It’s time to answer the questions.

1. What’s the most important thing in you handbag? – Any other answer except PURSE???!!

2. What’s the embarrassing thing in your handbag? – Is pantyliner make you feel embarrassing??

3. What’s the smallest thing in your handbag? – Err… what do you think? Can’t think of any lah!

4. Is there anything illegal in your handbag? - NOPE! You know it when you go through my list rite?

Not feeling like tagging anyone at the moment. If you are kind enuff to share yours, it will be great then! *wink-wink*

Monday, October 06, 2008

1 Syawal

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… Now that you are able to read my latest post for today, meeeeans… I AM still working and no early delivery during Raya! Hehehehe…

What a long break huh??!! Uppss… some of you only had the 2 days PH. What to do lah kan?! So, how’s raya celebration and/or holidays??

As for me… I went for another last minute shopping on the very last day of Ramadhan. Again, bought kuih raya!! Too tempting!! Yummy yummy… Malam raya, changed cushion’s covers, filled up kuih raya into the bottles… Mum was excited too as this was our first time raya together and she did feel like as if it was a preparation for CNY. No lemang, nasi impit, ketupat, kari or rendang preparation… wonder why?? Continue reading k…

Kuih raya of the year... hehehe...

1 Syawal… Woke up early (nda jg awal betul ba!), showered, dressed up… the most important thing was to salam my hubby, minta ampun for every single lil’ thing that I could have done wrongly as a wife. *wink-wink*

Thanks to Anty E and friend for willing to accept a last minute tailoring order!
Purple theme for this year!!

Family pix - Hubby, me mom and bro

After the pix session and had our kuih raya, we were then head to my SIL's house. Another 2 younger SIL and BIL were already there.

After the bersalam-salaman session among the siblings, it was makan time… SIL prepared ketupat palas, lemang, rendang, chicken curry and 1 vege dish. Her rendang was yummmmmy even mum love it very muuuuch. Mum is very fussy when it comes to meat. When you see her eating meat, then thumbs up to the chef!! Now you know why we do not have to prepare the lemang & rendang huh?

Next, we went to my uncle’s house at Gombak. Besides the kuih raya, we had our 2nd round of lemang and rendang. But still we preferred SIL’s rendang!!

Only 2 houses already make me full! Pheww…

For the rest of the days until yesterday, I only stayed at home watching tv. Bored huh? But there are lots of tv programs to be watched!!

I’ve been trying to finish this post since this morning. *sigh* I guess I just stopped it here la k. Bukan ada story best pun… At least, you know that I AM still counting for my delivery day nervously.... *grin*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Sooooooo happy that my PC is ok now. No more burning smell after switched on for an hour. Was informed that our IT guy came to fix it for me last Friday after I went back. Thanks Mr. Lee…

Some pix taken during my breaking fast with hubby at Secret Recipe, Jusco Maluri last Thursday… *wink-wink*

Cappucino Ice Blended for me and Chocolate Ice Blended for hubby. Syrup was FOC.

Hubby's Vietnamese Mee Soup (the meat balls are soooo yummy!!) and my Fish & Chips.

The half an hour waiting...

Yeahhh… Tomorrow is the last day of fasting for Muslim. Of coz it’s still not confirmed as it all depends on the anak bulan… Wait for the announcement tonite k… So, how’s the Raya preparation (for Muslim friends)? Have you all had your baju raya and kuih raya in place? Macam la itu ja yg paling penting ba kunun… Hhehehe… I’ll talk more about my raya preparation and celebration after raya k… *grin*

Anyway, my company will be closed starting tomorrow and will resume operations on 6/10/08 which is next Monday. Memo was issued a week ago by the HR dept. We are given free leave or so called the unrecorded leave by the management for tomorrow and a day deducted from our AL for Friday. Still ok la kan…

Office seems very quiet today as many of the staff has started on leave. Even the office telephone is not ringing!! :lol: Everyone is in holiday mood I bet… *wink-wink*

I wanna take this opp to wish all my Muslim friends…. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN… Don’t eat too much k… *grin*

Till then, see you guys after raya. I don’t have internet access at home lah!! If you guys didn’t see me on the 6th or 7th Oct, you can assume that I’ve started with my maternity leave!! No early delivery I hope… Anyway, I’ll see how I can update you guys ok… ^_^

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Without PC & Internet Is SUX!!

Arghhhhh... What a totally completely boring day for me today!! Been trying to survive until 5pm??!! Without PC??!! Without internet??!! Without blog hoping??!! Warrgghhhhh….. But, that’s what happening to me today!!

This was what happened actually…

Reached office at 8.15am today. Switched on PC. Did my routine – checked and cleared my Outlook and Yahoo inboxes, checked my Friendster, blog, bla bla bla…

A colleague, in the same room suddenly complaint that she smell something burning. Mmm… Let’s name her as Colleague A lah ok. She is a type of person with EXTREME ‘WORRINESS’ especially when it comes to health and self safety. Ok lah, it’s good thing lah… But, when you worry too much, life becomes bored because you tend to determine all those minor minor thingy that shouldn’t really need your attention. Buat sakit utak ja!! Gheezzz…

Back to track… So, there she (Colleague A) was trying to figure out where the hell is the source of the burning smell with her ‘doggy’ nose! Most of the time, the other colleague (Colleague B) and I who are sitting in the same room with Colleague A, never really bother her. Toooooo lazy to entertain her unacceptable questions on her worries. Poor girl!

Nevertheless, Colleague B smells it soon later and later on me too. My smelling sense is a bit ‘slow’ thou. Ahaksss…

At first, I thought it was from the printer next to my desk. Unfortunately, it was from my workstation. Soooo funny that we actually need to get people from other dept to figure it out for us. We suspected it should be the extension. So, we changed it to a new one. I switched on my PC and after 15 minutes, againnn…. We could smell the burning smell!! So, I guess it should be my CPU lah!! DAMN!! No choice but to switch off my PC!! @&^%#*

The best part is… our outsource-IT guy which is supposed to come over, unable to make it pulak! Have to wait until Monday!! *faint* What should and what could I do without PC in office???!!! Grrrr… Feel like going back home and zzzz….

But, if I am to think on the positive side, I might be getting a new PC thou??!! Yahhoooo… My pc pun tua sudah ba… memang patut pun kena tukar sudah!! *sigh*

So, this is the best time for me to clear my workstation… before I start my 2 months maternity leave… *wink-wink*

Now that I have finished clearing up all the sampah sarap… Gatal jugak tangan mau guna PC. Thanks to the resigned staff for this extra PC that I’m currently using while waiting til' 5pm!! Another 1 hour to suffer!! Pheww…. I think I should bring my laptop on Monday lah… just in case I have to suffer 8 hours in the office without PC and internet on that day!! The IT guy pun bukannya terrer betul mau fix PC. Hampeh tul!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Would You Have Been A Great Wife In The 1930s?

Received an email from hubby this morning… saying, “We have been married for 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, today!”

Ohhh…. So sweet of him… *wink-wink* Thou I know that he actually tracks it via the DaisyPath’s Ticker on his Friendster, but still I find it so sweet that he actually does pay attention on that! You know la guys kan… never really bother ‘bout those ‘small’ lil’ things…

Thanks Dear… *grin*

I was actually ‘bout to take a quiz on the handbag thingy before I changed my mind and browsed ‘around first… and Would You Have Been A Good Wife In The 1930s? caught my attention! I know I am still in the learning process of being a good wife to my husband especially on the cooking part!! Gonna take ages for me to be in the kitchen arena! Phewww….

You Would Make a Great 1930's Wife

You've got a few retro ways, and you would make the ideal 1930's wife.

At least, that's how it looks on paper. You may just be an easygoing, pleasant person.

With a personality like yours, you'd be a great wife in any era!

What a positive result I have over here… ^_^

Hmmm… Since we never had the chance of breaking fast together (just the two of us!) from day one of Ramadhan, we decided to go for it today at Secret Recipe! Yippeeeeee….

Oya… just realize that hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary (not wedding’s lah!) in a month!! Our baby would be the perfect gift ever!! *grin* Hubby even asked funny question… if I can deliver on our anniversary day??!!! It would be overdue already lah if that’s the case!! :lol:

So, would you be a good wife as I am?? Ciss… perasan pulak! Take your own test here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pregnancy Check-up @ 36wk

As promised, here’s my ‘journey’ on Monday…

For the previous 2 visits, with 2 appointments – pregnancy routine check-up at Klinik Ibu Mengandung and ultrasound appointment at HKL… Hubby and I will surely go to the Klinik Ibu Mengandung first as the clinic is nearby my house, before proceed to HKL.

But, since we experienced unbearable waiting moments at HKL for the passed 2 visits… buli sakit jiwa ooo!! So, we changed our route this time. Instead of going to the clinic, we went to HKL first and reached there almost 8am. I was the forth or fifth patient I guess. Hubby smile peacefully! Not sure what went wrong or should I say… What went right?? Coz my name was called after the first patient - ‘round 8.25am. Perhaps the other 2 or 3 patients got special cases. Whatever it is… being in the waiting list for less than half an hour at the HKL was indeed a big WOW thou!! *grin*

The Indian male doctor was a bit harsh in toying the transducer which resulting in uncomfy feelings and even a bit painful. *Ouchh* On the other hand, he is pro thou or maybe he was lucky that morning for being able to see my baby’s face…. The minute he placed the transducer on my belly, he detected my baby’s cleft on the right lip. The good news is baby’s palate seems ok (without cleft). I hope he got it correctly for this one!! But somehow, doctor detected baby hands and legs appear shorten. Hmm… scan susah, nda scan pun susah.. macam2 ja ba…

So, I was asked to run a CTG (cardiotocography) to record fetal heartbeat and to identify fetal distress (presence of signs in a pregnant woman—before or during childbirth —that the fetus is not well or is becoming excessively fatigued). Recordings are done by two separate transducers, one for the measurement of the fetal pulse and a second one for the contractions.

Sempat lagi ba… Hehehe… Nurse told me that it would only takes 20 minutes, but I ended up lying there for more than 30 minutes. Grr…

After the CTG, doctor did a fetal growth graph. As per the graph, baby is growing. Of course la ba kan?? And now baby weighing at 2.34kg. Duii… kicilnya!! In fact, there was a 2 weeks difference of baby’s age. If base on my LMP, my EDD should be 21/10 which my pregnancy is now at 36 week. However, the scan result indicated that baby is currently at 34 week and my EDD will be on 9/11. Jeng jeng jeng… I guess I just have to wait until the day lah! Waiting nervously! *sweating*

Somehow, I have to come back for another scan on the 8/10/08 to monitor baby’s condition. *sigh*

We already done at HKL at 10am??!! Unbelievable… :lol:

2pm, went to clinic and only took half an hour over there. Noon is always better as lesser people mah! I will have to visit the clinic every week already starting next week. *sigh*

Oya… my leg (only the right leg) swollen for the second time already since I’m in 34 week. One of my friends told me that I have to be alert on that as she experienced 2 times of leg being swollen and ebb before she delivered. Gulppp....

Should be anytime soon huh??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chill out!!

Well, I am supposed to blog something ‘bout yesterday – my appointment at HKL… my usual practice! Unfortunately, mcm nda siok pulak if post without pix (if mmg ada pix la for the post!). Since I left my pendrive at office on Friday, so unable to transfer all the pix from hp/laptop to pendrive. *sigh* Tommorow la k…

Anyway, let’s have some fun reading these 3 articles… they are funny, stupid yet embarrassing incidents… :lol:

WARNING : Articles content 18SX elements!!

Article #1:

Poor man!!

Article #2 :

Do NOT try this with your partner!

Article #3: (I have to type this as I'm having probs to upload it!)

A Woman collapsed in a supermarket when her vibrating panties made her faint with pleasure.
The kinky 33-year-old housewife was wearing a pair of battery-operated Passion Pants, bought from a sex shop, while she did her shopping, according to the British tabloid The Sun.
But she got so stimulated by the 6cm vibrating bullet in the panties that she lost consciousness.
She fell and hit her head in the crowded supermarket in Swansea, Wales.
When paramedics arrived, they found her black imitation leather knickers still buzzing.
They took them off before an ambulance took her to hospital.
The woman, whose identity has been kept private, suffered no long-lasting ill-effects.
And as she left the hospital, a paramedic gave her back the Passion Pants in a plastic bag.
A spokesman for the Asda supermarket chain told The Sun: "We like to think shopping with us is exciting enough already."

* Why on earth she wore that pant while doing her shopping???!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I WON RM100!!

Yeah… you read it correctly! I WON RM100!!!! Ok, I know it’s not RM1,000 or RM10,000 or RM100,000… jauh sekali RM1 million!! BUT, RM100 is still money right??!!

Hubby always say this, “
Ko fikir kalau duit ko kurang 10sen, ko dapat beli tiket LRT ka??” Naa… you know how important is money huh??!!

It was our first time trying the Power Root’s product. Was looking for my Raspberry tea at first. Somehow, the minute I saw the Power Root range of products, I recalled my mom was saying wanna try the Oligo Café. So, we finally grabbed 2 instant packets of the Power Root’s products – the Ali Café and Oligo Café.

That’s the sachet with a ring tab inside. Bro found it in one fine morning.

The message on the sticker says “NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Congratulations! You have the chance to be the winner of cash prize power root 'You Can Be A Millionaire' contest”.

The next thing I know, I’ve been browsing the Power Root’s website looking for info on the ‘special sachet’! Found out that Power Root is currently running their You Can Be A Millionaire contest from 1/8/08 to 29/2/09. There are two types of giving away prizes; Cash Prize and Monthly Draw Prize. For more info, pls visit Power Root website. Ceh!!

So, in my case here… It’s the Cash Prize lah. Since the amount printed behind the ring tab is RM100, that’s the prize that I won lah!! What I need to do is just to call the Contest Hotline and informed them ‘bout the ‘Special Sachet’, gave them my details and DONE! There is no hassle in answering 2 questions as required. Or perhaps the amount is too small for them?!!

According to the Contest Hotline, their staff will call me back within 45 days. It’s not even 3 days when I received their call again saying that they will arrange someone to come over to my office some time next week. And againnnnn… a lady called me the next morning (yesterday) confirming that she is coming over during lunch time. Wow!! Service baikkkkk punya!!! The whole process only took 4 days I guess… *wink-wink*

She didn’t actually come to my office. We met outside, nearby my office area. Luckily there were not many people passing by during the ‘photo session’. The banner/bunting besar betul ba… Malu jugak la… hahaha…

A BIGGGG THANX to Power Root!! At least, I got extra money to buy my biskut raya. :lol: Should be also continue supporting Power Root after this… Mana la tau kan… *grin*