Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Yeah... I’ve been tagged… My first ever Tag since blogging… *wink-wink*

Ok… Let see what’s the Tag all ‘bout…

1. Are you pregnant? Yup… Now at 28wk.

2. When do you want to get married? My Wedding Anniversary will be on June, 1st.
3. Do you curse a lot? Rarely. Duinaaa… so angel of me!! Kekeke…
4. What are your favourite books? Erkk… too lazy to read laa…
5. Do wish you were with someone right now? Not really… hmm…there must be something wrong somewhere…
6. Who were the last three people that sent you a text message? My cousin’s wife, Hubby and Bro.
7. Are you happier single or in a relationship? Can I choose both?? Hehehe...
8. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yup. But pls use it wisely.
9. Do you wish someone would call you? No pls. Hp is out of battery…
10. What is bugging you right now? *sigh*
11. What’s something you wish you could understand better? Politic. Hahaha… of coz not… too boring… How ‘bout monies?? Nda la pandai cukup2 kan?? The more you are earning, the more you are spending…
12. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s usually because…? I’m too relax at office. Hehehe…
13. Do you have a wild side? Everyone does… Nobody is perfect!!
14. Kissed someone in the last twenty-four hours? A goodnite kiss from Hubby.
15. Have you lost friends in the past year? Nope.
16. What were you doing at midnight last night?? Mapping my pillow… LOL
Thanks to KadusMama for the Tag, otherwise there will be no post from me today… not really in the mood of anything today… *sigh*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Golden Chain of Friendship

It has been more than a year since she left Jetson (my co)… I would say she is a very friendly, talkative, happy-go-lucky, funny, helpful, caring and simple person. Not sure how the two of us started the friendship, but we enjoyed having lunch together or went ‘tapau’ together or went for some snacks together…

Sometimes, went back together even to the LRT station only – we are not taking the same train. Yeah… she was my best buddy in Jetson. If I’m not mistaken, her current job is her 3rd job after leaving Jetson!! Within 15 mths???!! Gishhhh… Nevertheless, we are still keeping in touch. She called me once in a blue moon and sometimes we emailing...

Yesterday was her blue moon I guess…She called-up. Chitchatting for almost half an hour… she was supposed to attend an interview yesterday and she already applied half-day leave for the interview purposes. Tell you what… she enjoyed changing job very much… Once she started feeling bored with her job, she would definitely log in to her Jobstreet!! *LOL* If only I could skip the interview session, I would have enjoyed her hobby as well… *sigh*

Well, she changed her mind on the interview. She won’t be attending it. I was on half-day leave as well yesterday… After the chitchatting via phone, I was thinking… why not having lunch together?? So, I dropped her an email…

1pm, we met at Burger King, Avenue K. Yeah… the last lunch we had was some times in May last year… *phew* Except the hair style, nothing else changed. Her dressing is still the same – blouse and long pant. She is still carrying her maroon medium size handbag or bag should be the correct word I guess… We spent almost 2 hours updating our life stories before we decided to leave. Thanks for the treat my friend… *wink-wink*

Here’s our photo taken in Oct 2006… ^_^

Just & Sue Mei

Catching up stories with old buddy especially those long lost friends is fun. Cepat betul masa berlalu kan… *sigh* I miss u all my friends… wherever you are and no matter what you do… may the golden chain of our friendship remains forever… I dedicate the poem below to all of you… (emotional plak tetiba!!)

Can’t resist pasting pics which refresh the memories we have shared together…

Joce, Jece, Just & Jean (Form 3, SMSM 1995)

After 5 yrs - Jean, Jece, Joce & Just (2000)

3B-1 : Elly, Betsy, Mia, Just, Dut, Illa & Sab (X'mas 1999 - is it 1999 or 2000??)

P/S : Will have to dig back all the photos taken before the digicam technology and scan them.. ^_^

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival

Yeahh… gaji is around the corner… Perhaps some of you guys might have gotten your salary already. Jgn harap la dpt gaji awal from my co… I bet if there are 40 days in a mth, we will get our salary on the 40th day itself!! So, that’s mean for this month, I’ll be getting my pay on the 31st – evening!! So, how ‘bout some shopping??!!!

At first, I thought the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (MMSC) would be kicking off in Aug. Rupa-rupanya, sudah start pun… since July, 5th to Sept, 1st. Ya laa… KL ni kan sales memanjang!! But, I guess… with the MMSC, you might be able to grab stuff with 80%!! *wink-wink*

While I was browsing the net few days back, I came across this website: Wowee… the website brings you the current sales, best deals, shopping bargains and warehouse sales in Klang Valley. Wooppss… Klang Valley only la…

Well, I hope I can make it to the Cosway Sales (31/7 – 3/8) at Berjaya Time Squares and Hytex Warehouse Sales (24/8 – 24/9) at Kepong. Went to the Cosway Sales once few years back. At the entrance, you will be provided with a huge plastic bag where you can dump everything inside. But, I only bought little stuff. Let’s see what would I grab this time. *grin* I heard that mummies in Selangor’s area are dying for the Hytex Warehouse Sales as they are really going SALES!! Crowded jgn cakap la… Not sure if hubby wants to go to Kepong or not since we are not familiar with that area… *sigh*

I attached the ads for review… ^_^

Cosway Warehouse Sales

Hytex Warehouse Sales

Monday, July 28, 2008

5th Check-up @ 27wk

It was my… err… 5th check-up last Thursday (24/7) @ 27wk. This time hubby and I purposely woke up earlier and reached clinic at 7.15am!! Awalnya… Hubby needs to get in to office early that day as lot of tasks need to be cleared off before their co trip to Redang Island. We were the third one arrived and the clinic still not opened yet. Clinic operating hour commences at 8am. Standard la kan…

On our previous visits, we arrived when the clinic has already opened for number pick-up and number 9 has been our lucky number for two times. When your turn is 8 and above, you will surely have to be there until 9.30am the earliest. So, by the time I reached office, it was already almost 10am!

One of the nurses on duty that day arrived at 7.30am. 4 of us (another preggy lady came 5 minutes after our arrival) queue up to get our number and I was the 1st in pregnancy case. *grin* Luckily we came early, makin banyak pulak urang datang lepas tu.. huhuhu…

1001… that was my number. Was called for urine check-up, weight measurement and blood pressure at counter 10. Guess what… I gained 3kg in a mth!! All the while I’ve been gaining a kg per mth only. The nurse wrote my weight in red pen. Wonder why?? I was then went in to Room 5 for belly measurement, baby’s heartbeat and nurse advises. According to the nurse, gaining 3 kg in a mth is a sudden increase to a preggy lady and there are chances of getting diabetes!! I was then referred to the doctor for further advice.

Doctor wanted me to go for blood test to confirm whether I have diabetes or not… Shouldn’t they monitor the weight for at least until my next check-up before they decide to proceed with the blood test??? Thanks to Ferrero Rocher, Hersheys, Cadbury, M&M, etc which were bought from Langkawi for contributing in my weight gained… *sigh*

Another thing was… I showed the report of my detail-scan done during my 23wk to the doctor. Doctor was surprised when I told her about my baby having cleft lip & palate. She issued a referral chit to a specialist doctor in HKL for further references. Hope I can dig as much info as possible from the specialist doctor when I see him within this week.

Oya… I got my second dose of Tetanus injection too… This time is better than the first one. Nurses’ injection skills are different I guess… huhuhu… We were finally heading towards office at around 9.10am. After this, my check-up will be every 2 weeks already. *roll eyes*

At 27wk, what I can say on my progress as a mummy-to-be is... err... I'm now experiencing back-pain frequently sampai susah tul mau tidur, foot are swelling, starve easily, breast producing colostrums, baby actively doing somersault, perut mengeras lagik… *roll eyes*

Will update on my pregnancy in my next post k… ^_^

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rules and Procedures

I was thinking to share something about my check-up yesterday until after I read one of my friend’s latest post. She babbled about her busy life, several ID & password usages, electricity control in her co, etc. An idea pop-up suddenly… Thanks Dut!! (Sorry, get used to that nick already!) So, I’ll keep the check-up’s stories for my next post ya… ^_^

Before that, she also mentioned this in her post ~ “How I ENVY those who can go online like some or maybe most of my friends who have some spare time at the office… lol…even can do post in their blog…damn lucky!” ~ Yeah… I am one of them!! To be honest, I am quite relax in office most of the time!! Jgn jeles… LOL

Talking ‘bout the ID & password usages… to me, it’s pretty standard for the ID & password for telephone usage. But, when you talk ‘bout conversation limited for 5 minutes only and it goes disconnected after the 5 minutes… that’s totally s*ck ok!! Poor you guys… Even my current co and previous co is using this “facility” but without the time limit and required only for mobile numbers and outstation calls. *sigh*

ID & password for internet, fax and photocopy machine????? * roll eyes* Gosh!!! Are they nuts??!! Damn controlling the whole office usages??!! Thank god that I don’t have to remember lot of numbers or maybe alphabets, just because I need to surf the net, faxing or photocopying!!!

Instead of the ID & password, our HR prefers the manual & conservative style as a way to monitor stuff… via book recording la!! Yeah, you know… write down the date, time, name, sign, fax number (for faxing), project name & documents title (for colour printing) – to monitor the printer cartridge usage kunun… can’t think of others at the moment…

Apart from that, few other stupid rules or so call procedures???

1. To fill up form for the dispatch boy (shouldn’t it be paperless??!!)
2. To call superior directly when you are on MC or EL. SMS will not be entertained! (apa beza dia?? You will still go for MC or EL kan??)
3. No reading newspaper during office hour (ok la… can be accepted la!!)
4. No “lepaking” at the pantry for tea time (then, what is the pantry for?? Tea time at own place is allowed perhaps!!)
5. No chatting via MSN (MSN only?? Virus kunun!!) Skype is allowed as our MD is using that when contacting with his overseas contacts. What ‘bout YM??? Didn’t mention. But, I’ve uninstalled the function and using YM web version to chat. Heheheh…
6. No downloading MP3 or other irrelevant softwares (virus pnya pasal jugak kunun!! Padahal mmg server yg lembap!!)
7. Will only switch on the lights in reception area at 8.30am and switch off at 6pm – that’s our office hour. Luckily we do not have to switch off our PC during lunch time!!!

My office is at 11th floor of the Asia Life building

I guess those are few things that I can list down… things are far more relax without the new HR Manager around… He’s trying to systemize the whole thing in the office… even our Madam (the MD’s sister) is more sporting & tolerate than him… Our MD is only interested in the co business directions while Madam will handle the financial parts and the masalah rumah tangga in our office!! LOL

p/s : Hubby & bro are going for their co trip to Pulau Redang tomorrow nite!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LAMAN 2008

Are you interested in landscaping & gardening?? If yes, you should go and have a walk at The Malaysia International Landscaping and Gardening Festival (LAMAN), which is currently being held, at Perdana Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur from July 19 to July 27, 2008. It is organized by the National Landscape Department and Ministry of Housing and Local Government, hosted by DBKL and endorsed by the International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration (IFPRA). Should have been posted this earlier huh?? For those in KL or Selangor, masih sempat bah pigi jalan2 this weekend… *wink-wink*

Last year, it was held in Putrajaya. But, I didn’t manage to make it. Pictures shown in the newspaper were wonderful & colourful too… When I saw the LAMAN 2008 advertisement in the newspaper, I told my hubby that we should just go and jalan-jalan. Besides, I know my mom gonna loves it. She loves flowers so much!! She always dreams to have a garden full of flowers in our house compound. That’s what she intended to do in our house in Beaufort. Guess she has to postpone the plan as she is staying with us in KL now. Can’t do gardening at the moment, as we are not staying in terrace house. Poor her… *sigh*

Few years back, during the Bougainvillea (Bunga Kertas) season, I remember she got various colors of the Bougainvillea and some of them were ‘married’!! Yeah... that’s what they call it ‘kena kasih kahwin”!! You just have to pick which two colors of the Bougainvillea, normally ppl will opt for either purple / pink with white or orange with white… Lop the respective branch of both colors, combine the lopped branches together, wrapped it with plastic and you just have to wait for the result… I hope that’s the correct way of doing it… Never really bother about it!! Heeehehe… But, of coz you have to pour water and fertilize them. That’s what you call gardening, rite??!!

Anyway, here’s few snaps from the LAMAN 2008. Only few of them as most of them are in video format. Have not learned the video uploading process yet… ^_^

We only spent 2 hours at the LAMAN as we reached there at 5pm. It’s a huge area covering 172 acre!! That's why nda buli singgah every point otherwise gelap sudah!! But, sure berpeluh la!! Parking will be a problem as well. *Phew* You may opt for free shuttle bus services at certain point i.e. KL Sentral.

For further info, please browse through the official link of LAMAN 2008 at By the way, entrance fee is RM3 for adult, RM1 for children 6-12 years and free for senior citizen, disabled and children below 6 years. Have fun guys…

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


“Apa kau buat sekarang?”
“Di mana kau kerja sekarang?”

Yeahh… that’s the most typical questions when 2 people, friends, ex-colleagues, cousins, etc met accidentally (in most cases) or maybe not…

So, what are you working as now? Working with a big co? Working with a good team? Working with a good pay? Are you happy with your current position? Your earning? Your co? Is your career in line with what you studied before? *sigh*

As for me, the Communication and majoring in Corporate graduate from UPM… I am suppose to be in PR line… I think so laa… But, not to my surprise that I never try my shoes in Communication ever since graduated. I always think that I am not good enough in communication… The worse part is I was a Science’s stream student back in secondary school and Matriculation!! With Add Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physic subjects killing me softly!! Hehehehe… What a waste!! *sigh*

Many of my friends ended up as a Teacher either in Primary or Secondary school and the best part is they are teaching the killer subjects!!! Salute you all my friends… Hope your students are not giving you hard time during class as what we gave to Cikgu Noraini!! (for ex-5 Sains Perdagangan yr 1997 SMSM students) Those were the days huh??!! *wink-wink*

It’s my 3rd year in my current co doing construction line. The longest service ever in a co. *LOL* Before this, all jobs were in contract basis!! *sigh* I first joined Kumpulan Jetson Berhad as Admin Assistant reporting to the Legal Affairs Manager. My lady boss, Ms Shy Miin is very soft spoken and can be stressful sometimes – depends on the workload laa. My first impression towards her was totally wronged!! She threw me tough questions during interview!! Served you right!! Anyway, don’t judge a book by its cover!! *grin*

After almost a year servicing her, I was then ‘handed-over’ to a new lady boss under Corporate dept as Ms. Shy Miin was resigning. My new lady boss, Ms. Maria is actually a good friend of Ms. Shy Miin. Ms. Maria is also a soft-spoken person (sometimes, can’t even hear the voice!), very determine, well-organize and cautious lady. She has a whole yr calendar for her children including the tuition classes, piano classes, dentist appointment and bla bla bla… Wow!!

Anyway, working with Ms. Maria is wonderful. She is such a nice, caring and supporting boss even her expectation is quite high and sometimes a bit ‘Kan-Cheong’ (in Cantonese - kind of rushing la) also. I have learned a lot of Corporate Service stuff from her. Thanks to her for promoting me as Admin Executive. Yeah!! Eventually, she has resigned as Deputy Group Managing Director in March 2008. Miss her so much. I am currently reporting to Mr. Raymond, the Chief Financial Officer. Quite a blur guy to me… *sigh*

My job scopes?? What do you expect from an Admin person??!! Typing letters, filing, meetings / appointment arrangement, follow-up, minutes (Say goodbye to minutes!! The task has been passed to the MD’s new secretary. Yahoo!!!) and so on la…

Planning to move out from the co for a better career enhancement. Ms. Maria did give me a contact of her friend when she resigned coz I did mentioned that I’m moving out. But, I guess let’s just wait until next year. At least, after my maternity leave is over… *wink-wink*

Ok… Catch up with you guys in my next blog… ^_^

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Intro

Yeehaa… I’ve finally created an account with Blogspot after blogging via Friendster since Nov 2006 even with few posts only!! Thanks to my active blogger friends (Titty, Mandy, Barb, etc) for some kind of indirect encouragement, forcing and/or persuading until the creation of this blog of mine… heheheheh… For Mia, “Join the club, hurry!!”
Not sure how active and committed am I to the world of blogging… But, I hope it won’t last as "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" project!! At least 1 post in a mth is consider good enough already… *grin*

Since this is my welcome post, I’ll keep it short and will post again later ok… Anyway, for those who are interested to check out my previous entries… here’s the link:

Anyway, welcome to my blog… ^_^