Monday, July 28, 2008

5th Check-up @ 27wk

It was my… err… 5th check-up last Thursday (24/7) @ 27wk. This time hubby and I purposely woke up earlier and reached clinic at 7.15am!! Awalnya… Hubby needs to get in to office early that day as lot of tasks need to be cleared off before their co trip to Redang Island. We were the third one arrived and the clinic still not opened yet. Clinic operating hour commences at 8am. Standard la kan…

On our previous visits, we arrived when the clinic has already opened for number pick-up and number 9 has been our lucky number for two times. When your turn is 8 and above, you will surely have to be there until 9.30am the earliest. So, by the time I reached office, it was already almost 10am!

One of the nurses on duty that day arrived at 7.30am. 4 of us (another preggy lady came 5 minutes after our arrival) queue up to get our number and I was the 1st in pregnancy case. *grin* Luckily we came early, makin banyak pulak urang datang lepas tu.. huhuhu…

1001… that was my number. Was called for urine check-up, weight measurement and blood pressure at counter 10. Guess what… I gained 3kg in a mth!! All the while I’ve been gaining a kg per mth only. The nurse wrote my weight in red pen. Wonder why?? I was then went in to Room 5 for belly measurement, baby’s heartbeat and nurse advises. According to the nurse, gaining 3 kg in a mth is a sudden increase to a preggy lady and there are chances of getting diabetes!! I was then referred to the doctor for further advice.

Doctor wanted me to go for blood test to confirm whether I have diabetes or not… Shouldn’t they monitor the weight for at least until my next check-up before they decide to proceed with the blood test??? Thanks to Ferrero Rocher, Hersheys, Cadbury, M&M, etc which were bought from Langkawi for contributing in my weight gained… *sigh*

Another thing was… I showed the report of my detail-scan done during my 23wk to the doctor. Doctor was surprised when I told her about my baby having cleft lip & palate. She issued a referral chit to a specialist doctor in HKL for further references. Hope I can dig as much info as possible from the specialist doctor when I see him within this week.

Oya… I got my second dose of Tetanus injection too… This time is better than the first one. Nurses’ injection skills are different I guess… huhuhu… We were finally heading towards office at around 9.10am. After this, my check-up will be every 2 weeks already. *roll eyes*

At 27wk, what I can say on my progress as a mummy-to-be is... err... I'm now experiencing back-pain frequently sampai susah tul mau tidur, foot are swelling, starve easily, breast producing colostrums, baby actively doing somersault, perut mengeras lagik… *roll eyes*

Will update on my pregnancy in my next post k… ^_^


  1. 3kg in a month sure is a sudden increase la. about d diabetes test, went thru it myself, u r required to fast for 12hrs moi..only allowed to drink 1 cup glucose at mo pengsan suda last time!

  2. Ya... nurse did inform me to fast starting 10pm the nite before... Hopefully, teda apa2 la...

  3. wah????? macam tu sekali?? Last time sia pregnant yang weight pun crazy naik..tapi teda pulak kena buat tu glucose test..hmm..
    pasal susah mau tidur..well, simpan lah banyak2 pillow masa tidur..senang sikit tidur i think..


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