Wednesday, July 23, 2008


“Apa kau buat sekarang?”
“Di mana kau kerja sekarang?”

Yeahh… that’s the most typical questions when 2 people, friends, ex-colleagues, cousins, etc met accidentally (in most cases) or maybe not…

So, what are you working as now? Working with a big co? Working with a good team? Working with a good pay? Are you happy with your current position? Your earning? Your co? Is your career in line with what you studied before? *sigh*

As for me, the Communication and majoring in Corporate graduate from UPM… I am suppose to be in PR line… I think so laa… But, not to my surprise that I never try my shoes in Communication ever since graduated. I always think that I am not good enough in communication… The worse part is I was a Science’s stream student back in secondary school and Matriculation!! With Add Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physic subjects killing me softly!! Hehehehe… What a waste!! *sigh*

Many of my friends ended up as a Teacher either in Primary or Secondary school and the best part is they are teaching the killer subjects!!! Salute you all my friends… Hope your students are not giving you hard time during class as what we gave to Cikgu Noraini!! (for ex-5 Sains Perdagangan yr 1997 SMSM students) Those were the days huh??!! *wink-wink*

It’s my 3rd year in my current co doing construction line. The longest service ever in a co. *LOL* Before this, all jobs were in contract basis!! *sigh* I first joined Kumpulan Jetson Berhad as Admin Assistant reporting to the Legal Affairs Manager. My lady boss, Ms Shy Miin is very soft spoken and can be stressful sometimes – depends on the workload laa. My first impression towards her was totally wronged!! She threw me tough questions during interview!! Served you right!! Anyway, don’t judge a book by its cover!! *grin*

After almost a year servicing her, I was then ‘handed-over’ to a new lady boss under Corporate dept as Ms. Shy Miin was resigning. My new lady boss, Ms. Maria is actually a good friend of Ms. Shy Miin. Ms. Maria is also a soft-spoken person (sometimes, can’t even hear the voice!), very determine, well-organize and cautious lady. She has a whole yr calendar for her children including the tuition classes, piano classes, dentist appointment and bla bla bla… Wow!!

Anyway, working with Ms. Maria is wonderful. She is such a nice, caring and supporting boss even her expectation is quite high and sometimes a bit ‘Kan-Cheong’ (in Cantonese - kind of rushing la) also. I have learned a lot of Corporate Service stuff from her. Thanks to her for promoting me as Admin Executive. Yeah!! Eventually, she has resigned as Deputy Group Managing Director in March 2008. Miss her so much. I am currently reporting to Mr. Raymond, the Chief Financial Officer. Quite a blur guy to me… *sigh*

My job scopes?? What do you expect from an Admin person??!! Typing letters, filing, meetings / appointment arrangement, follow-up, minutes (Say goodbye to minutes!! The task has been passed to the MD’s new secretary. Yahoo!!!) and so on la…

Planning to move out from the co for a better career enhancement. Ms. Maria did give me a contact of her friend when she resigned coz I did mentioned that I’m moving out. But, I guess let’s just wait until next year. At least, after my maternity leave is over… *wink-wink*

Ok… Catch up with you guys in my next blog… ^_^


  1. yay!! sama lah kita..I'm currently in ID renovation line..hehe lagi lah horror kan..masa d UPM ambik Env Science, keja yang teda kaiatan langsung. Me also doing admin work, cuma sia ada extra sikit, sebab i happend to be the project secretary too..pening kepala sometimes..

  2. Life goes on.. pa buli buat...;p


You're 'bout to corner... ;p