Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Golden Chain of Friendship

It has been more than a year since she left Jetson (my co)… I would say she is a very friendly, talkative, happy-go-lucky, funny, helpful, caring and simple person. Not sure how the two of us started the friendship, but we enjoyed having lunch together or went ‘tapau’ together or went for some snacks together…

Sometimes, went back together even to the LRT station only – we are not taking the same train. Yeah… she was my best buddy in Jetson. If I’m not mistaken, her current job is her 3rd job after leaving Jetson!! Within 15 mths???!! Gishhhh… Nevertheless, we are still keeping in touch. She called me once in a blue moon and sometimes we emailing...

Yesterday was her blue moon I guess…She called-up. Chitchatting for almost half an hour… she was supposed to attend an interview yesterday and she already applied half-day leave for the interview purposes. Tell you what… she enjoyed changing job very much… Once she started feeling bored with her job, she would definitely log in to her Jobstreet!! *LOL* If only I could skip the interview session, I would have enjoyed her hobby as well… *sigh*

Well, she changed her mind on the interview. She won’t be attending it. I was on half-day leave as well yesterday… After the chitchatting via phone, I was thinking… why not having lunch together?? So, I dropped her an email…

1pm, we met at Burger King, Avenue K. Yeah… the last lunch we had was some times in May last year… *phew* Except the hair style, nothing else changed. Her dressing is still the same – blouse and long pant. She is still carrying her maroon medium size handbag or bag should be the correct word I guess… We spent almost 2 hours updating our life stories before we decided to leave. Thanks for the treat my friend… *wink-wink*

Here’s our photo taken in Oct 2006… ^_^

Just & Sue Mei

Catching up stories with old buddy especially those long lost friends is fun. Cepat betul masa berlalu kan… *sigh* I miss u all my friends… wherever you are and no matter what you do… may the golden chain of our friendship remains forever… I dedicate the poem below to all of you… (emotional plak tetiba!!)

Can’t resist pasting pics which refresh the memories we have shared together…

Joce, Jece, Just & Jean (Form 3, SMSM 1995)

After 5 yrs - Jean, Jece, Joce & Just (2000)

3B-1 : Elly, Betsy, Mia, Just, Dut, Illa & Sab (X'mas 1999 - is it 1999 or 2000??)

P/S : Will have to dig back all the photos taken before the digicam technology and scan them.. ^_^


  1. Can't help but smiling when I saw our pic masa muda2 dulu to our 'jendela dunia' and Xmas tree...miss those days! ;p

  2. Jendela dunia??? Hahahha... Those were the days huh??!! Zaman bujang2... ;p


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