Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Intro

Yeehaa… I’ve finally created an account with Blogspot after blogging via Friendster since Nov 2006 even with few posts only!! Thanks to my active blogger friends (Titty, Mandy, Barb, etc) for some kind of indirect encouragement, forcing and/or persuading until the creation of this blog of mine… heheheheh… For Mia, “Join the club, hurry!!”
Not sure how active and committed am I to the world of blogging… But, I hope it won’t last as "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" project!! At least 1 post in a mth is consider good enough already… *grin*

Since this is my welcome post, I’ll keep it short and will post again later ok… Anyway, for those who are interested to check out my previous entries… here’s the link:

Anyway, welcome to my blog… ^_^


  1. Just!!! yeah!! new blog in blogspot! No worry..I'll be your regular reader from now.. :)

  2. hey...bah, keep on blogging yeahhh...bersama2 lah kita berblog...hahaha! uiii, cuba gia ksh option banyak sikit tu option utk choose identity....malas sa mo masuk guna gmail..adeh....minta pswd lagi tu!


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