Friday, July 25, 2008

Rules and Procedures

I was thinking to share something about my check-up yesterday until after I read one of my friend’s latest post. She babbled about her busy life, several ID & password usages, electricity control in her co, etc. An idea pop-up suddenly… Thanks Dut!! (Sorry, get used to that nick already!) So, I’ll keep the check-up’s stories for my next post ya… ^_^

Before that, she also mentioned this in her post ~ “How I ENVY those who can go online like some or maybe most of my friends who have some spare time at the office… lol…even can do post in their blog…damn lucky!” ~ Yeah… I am one of them!! To be honest, I am quite relax in office most of the time!! Jgn jeles… LOL

Talking ‘bout the ID & password usages… to me, it’s pretty standard for the ID & password for telephone usage. But, when you talk ‘bout conversation limited for 5 minutes only and it goes disconnected after the 5 minutes… that’s totally s*ck ok!! Poor you guys… Even my current co and previous co is using this “facility” but without the time limit and required only for mobile numbers and outstation calls. *sigh*

ID & password for internet, fax and photocopy machine????? * roll eyes* Gosh!!! Are they nuts??!! Damn controlling the whole office usages??!! Thank god that I don’t have to remember lot of numbers or maybe alphabets, just because I need to surf the net, faxing or photocopying!!!

Instead of the ID & password, our HR prefers the manual & conservative style as a way to monitor stuff… via book recording la!! Yeah, you know… write down the date, time, name, sign, fax number (for faxing), project name & documents title (for colour printing) – to monitor the printer cartridge usage kunun… can’t think of others at the moment…

Apart from that, few other stupid rules or so call procedures???

1. To fill up form for the dispatch boy (shouldn’t it be paperless??!!)
2. To call superior directly when you are on MC or EL. SMS will not be entertained! (apa beza dia?? You will still go for MC or EL kan??)
3. No reading newspaper during office hour (ok la… can be accepted la!!)
4. No “lepaking” at the pantry for tea time (then, what is the pantry for?? Tea time at own place is allowed perhaps!!)
5. No chatting via MSN (MSN only?? Virus kunun!!) Skype is allowed as our MD is using that when contacting with his overseas contacts. What ‘bout YM??? Didn’t mention. But, I’ve uninstalled the function and using YM web version to chat. Heheheh…
6. No downloading MP3 or other irrelevant softwares (virus pnya pasal jugak kunun!! Padahal mmg server yg lembap!!)
7. Will only switch on the lights in reception area at 8.30am and switch off at 6pm – that’s our office hour. Luckily we do not have to switch off our PC during lunch time!!!

My office is at 11th floor of the Asia Life building

I guess those are few things that I can list down… things are far more relax without the new HR Manager around… He’s trying to systemize the whole thing in the office… even our Madam (the MD’s sister) is more sporting & tolerate than him… Our MD is only interested in the co business directions while Madam will handle the financial parts and the masalah rumah tangga in our office!! LOL

p/s : Hubby & bro are going for their co trip to Pulau Redang tomorrow nite!!


  1. gosh!! If i have to work in that kind of condition, I'll be long gone from that company!! hahaha!!
    Thank God we are pretty much relax in our long as our job is done, no restriction on anything..yeah..i mean ANYTHING!! (ok! maybe i cannot go back early la)

  2. Since I'm all the time free over here, I guess that's whay I'm still here even with the stupid rules... at least, I can go on9 all the time!! Hehhee...

  3. Hey, lama nda kena panggil tu nama Dut ar...I like it...hahaha...well, what to do! We used to be more relax before but not anymore after the managment change and take over by one of the First Board Listed company...hehehe...have to comply with the rules lah besides mmg bz juga so not much time browsing the net..thats y I spend most of my time at home!

  4. aiyaaa...cuna ksh bagus tu nama sa, tertaip talampau cepat...hahahaha


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