Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alah Bisa, Tegal Biasa

*Phew* Been quite busy since this morning… not that busy coz sempat jugak gatal tu tangan mau browsing the net… *grin*

The Finance Manager called up and asked me to assist her in preparing an analysis for the Exchange Rate for USD currency since Aug last year… Actually, I just need to copy & paste the figures coz it has been my routine to track the Exchange Rate daily for… let me check… for 10 currencies *roll eyes* !! And I also track the company’s share prices… *yawn* When I started the task at the beginning, I kept on forgetting to track it daily… always missed once and twice in a week!! Oppss… But, now… Malays say… Alah bisa, tegal biasa… By the way, what's the English version of it yaa?? *wink-wink*

Rite after I finished with the analysis… My boss dumped the Board Paper back to me for amendments… Wow… It’s a lot of amendments ok… He really put in details!! Gishh… But, my eyes are really tired now... The charts for the 12-mths analysis are really giving my eyes hard time!! Checkout the outcome rite at the end of the entry… *roll eyes* Brain is no more functionally operating at the moment… Both eyes and brain and even the body need to rest liao… I think I keep the amendments for tomorrow then... *sleepy eyes*

Plus… I’m fasting!!! Go go girl… I can do it!!! It's pay back time for last year's debts… Another 6 days to go… I tried to fast on Monday and I made it… So, this is my second attempt. Another 2.5 hours for Sungkai!! Don’t worry Baby… mummy won’t do it 6 days straight… Err… how ‘bout fasting on Mon, Wed and Fri for the next two weeks and mummy would be able to cover all the ‘debts’ before the next Ramadhan??!! Thanks Baby… Yeah… sure we can!! But, still we have to do it daily next mth... ^_^

Tadaa... That's the outcome of the analysis! Should have zoom the chart for your eyes!! Pretty messy huh?? I've tried my best ok... The Finance Manager is welcome to do it herself if not satisfied...


  1. mmm... alah bisa tegal biasa? To Succeed Is To Endevour ^_^
    i found from internet bah tu hehehe

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  3. Thanks Archie.. Malas mau p search ba... utak jem!! Kikikiki... Keep on hoping here yaa... ;p

  4. eh?? boleh kah pasting in the later stage of pregnancy?? nanti kesian lah baby ko kurang makanan??

  5. i thought expecting mom no need to fast one...can tahan ka ur bby w/o mknan?

  6. Err... preggy lady nda wajib fasting. But, depends with that person la. Sbb kalau sia nda fasting specially nx mth, nx yr sia kena ganti blk for the 30days!! mati la sia... so, selagi buli tahan, sia fast la.. kalau nda, sia mkn lor... rileks kamu aa...

  7. hahaha..baru sia sedar sia spell fasting..pasting..ekekee silap di situ..

    bah ada tag for u to do in my blog..


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