Friday, August 29, 2008

Blog vs Boss

I like the 'vs' for my subject don't I??? Whatever...

Taken your lunch?? The KFC’s X-Meal makes me sleepy already… LOL.

Am very excited and in the mood to improve my blog page since yesterday and if you notice, had managed to add in the following on my page :

1. Recent Comments
2. Calendar icon replacing the Post Date
3. ‘Counting Days’

Was in the midst of figure out adding in those cute smiley icons on my blogger posting board and few other things before my boss chase my ass on yesterday’s assignment that he passed to me via the Cosec!! If he starts chasing, then it means the assignment is really urgent!! Guess I have to concentrate on the assignments first lor… *sigh*

Two new + 1 existing assignments:

1. Information Memorandum on the company – this is tough as I do not have the format. Have to gather all the profiles and other samples as references.

2. List out in table form on all obligations as per agreement – do you think running through an agreement is fun?? *roll eyes*

3. Remember my post on Procedures vs Barriers?? After 3 weeks, I finally made it to the last step!! Phew… Calling the China Embassy is really pissed me off!! Grrr…

Better get back to my assignments now… just wanna scribble something that I enjoy before I get doze off with those assignments… *grin*


  1. anything to do wt agreement is NO fun at all. Dgn dia pny words berbunga2 & legal terms yg berbelit2....bikin kapla pusing sj.

  2. Itu la pasal Mia... banci tul sia tgk ni agreement ooo...

  3. sia berjaya already install tu smiley in my blog..heheheeee
    rupanya senang jak..


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