Monday, August 11, 2008

Boss vs Boredom

It has been almost 4 mths since my new boss joined the company and I’m not really ‘working’ during office hours ever since he joined… Mmm… ‘Working’ in the sense of really contributing my time & energy to the company… In other words, makan gaji buta bulat2!! It might be ok in the beginning… yeah, having fun googling the net, chatting ‘round, downloading MP3s, etc… and at the end (after few mths)… all these questions pop-up in my mind - daily…

* What to do today?
* What to search today?
* Who to chat today?
* What to chat today?

Now, you know how bored am I in the office huh?? *sigh* Everyday is like… I punch-in, wait for my lunch hour and I punch-out without doing anything in the interim… and I bet you know how’s the ‘excitement’ of being waiting and counting… *deep sigh*

My boss is just too busy to realize that he has an assistant to ease his burden!! Or perhaps… he is just a type of person that prefers to work on his own… Or perhaps... he is too shy to ask for favour… Should I remind him that he could forward things to me?? Hmm…

Anyway…finally today… he dropped by and asked…

Boss: Just, are you tight up today?
Me : Tight up?? Never!! (of coz it was in mind only la…) Nope. Anything?
Boss : I need you to do something challenging…
Me: And what is that?
Boss : Do you think you can do a Board Paper for me?? (Board Paper – report to be presented to the Board of Directors)
Me : I’ll try.
Boss : Ok, I’ll forward all the relevant docs to you and you just do a simple draft for me. You have the format don’t you?
Me : Yup (of coz I have. I was the one forwarded the format done by my previous boss to him)

Don’t you guys think he should always drop by and hand in stuff for me?? Luckily, the Company Secretary will on and off ask my favour if her assistant is too busy… (mmg selalu busy pun assistant dia tu… everyday pun tension!) and she has just gave me another assignment… I’ll talk ‘bout the assignment in my next post yaa… Need to review the docs for the Board Paper now…

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  1. four years ago, when i just started working with my company now, i was pretty relax with not many things to do too..sampai boring sebab too free..then after my hubby put me under the operation dept (i'm also the admin here), terus mau pengsan keja..hahaha!! there was a time when I'm not so busy..but, jarang lah..terus pandai tensen sebab too busy already now (tapi sempat lagi bloh hopping bah! ekekekeke)


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