Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Climbin' the Mount Kinabalu

MOUNT KINABALU… LOW’S PEAK… Have u ever been there??? Have you ever climb the Mount Kinabalu??? Gunung yang jadi kebanggaan urg Sabah??!! Never??? Give yourself a try then… It’s a challenge!!

Some says… it’s not that difficult as tracks are provided… You can say whatever you want… But, to me... being at the peak for two times… the experiences are precious!! Ok… I won’t lie… I did mutter during the climbing because it was really tiring… But, after all… I enjoyed the journey very much…

My first climbing was on Jan 1998 (10 yrs ago!!), rite after the SPM… all 10 of us (all gals) ardently went for the mountain climbing… Believe it or not… I did not do any exercise as a preparation for the climbing… Physically unprepared!! Only 3 out of 10 of us managed to finish the journey to the peak - Joceline, Merlinda and Me!! Thanks to the SPIRIT and WILL that lead me throughout the journey. The rest were all surrendered and waited for us at Gunting Lagadan. My mom, aunts and cousins were surprised of my victory too… Ciss… Ingat sia nda buli naik ka??!!! LOL

Second climbing was on March 1999 … Can’t remember how many of us… And the worst part is… it was raining!! Gishh… It was really cold and the tracks were slippery. But still I made it to the peak! This round, I wanted to thanks my ex for his assistance!! I won’t be able to make it without him… I almost surrendered!! Poor Mia too… She was having hard time on our way back to Timpohon. Glad that my ex was kind enough to help… *grin*

Now… after 10 years… I don’t think I can climb again!! Luckily I made it duuuuluuuuu… LOL

My bro and his friends are planning to go for the climbing some times next year… Since, I am very free at the office… I’ve been browsing the net since last week, hoping to get the best package for them… *wink-wink* To my surprise… the packages offered are pricey!! RM800 and above for a 2D1N package??!! *roll eyes* Ya laa… before this, person in charge will ask who is interested to join, give their name and pay to confirm… So, I never really bother lor… *sigh*

I wish I could paste few pics over here…. Unfortunately, have not scanned them yet… Copied the above pic from other…Sorry… *blush*


  1. Huh.... I pun buli tulung u naik gunung kinabalu bah... Ingat u punya "EX" ja ka buli tulung... lol

  2. Rilek la beb!! Mmg ko suka MENULUNG urg kan??!! Huhhhhh....

  3. Saya pun suda naik 10 tahun lalu...hehehe
    Ada plan mau naik this year, tidak tahu jadi kah macam mana tu...memang mahal sudah sekarang ^ ^

  4. Sumandak ~ kunun2 hubby sia bw naik nx yr.. tp ntah la jd ka nda ni.. ya ba.. mahal gila ni! Deiii..


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