Monday, August 04, 2008

Hubby oh Hubby

Hiii…. So, how’s weekend?? Well, I didn’t go anywhere… Hubby was working last Sat and Sun was his rest day!! *sigh* Yeah… I did mentioned in my previous post that I planned to go to the Cosway Warehouse Sales, but we didn’t make it though… *sigh again* So, only went to Pasar Malam on Sat nite and went for groceries shopping at Tesco on Sun morning. Boring activities huh??!!

Hubby’s working schedule is quite packed this month. He would have to attend a two-days training at the Concorde Hotel on this coming Fri (8th) and Sat (9th). He definitely wanna rest on Sun. So, I guess we (mom, bro and myself) will have another boring weekend lor… Of coz we can actually have our own plan & activities, but I still prefer if Hubby is around… *wink-wink* Luckily, I didn’t confirm with the Hospital to attend the Antenatal Class on Sat… Hubby can’t make it though… *sigh*

Hubby also will be having an English Classes commencing from Aug, 28th to Dec, 18th on weekly basis. Classes start from 5.30pm (after office hour) to 7pm. Since September is the fasting month, classes start from 12.30pm to 2pm. Starting Oct, I think I don’t have to worry so much about his ‘calendar’ and working hours as I’ll be on my two-months maternity leaves already… Heheheh… Otherwise, every time hubby working late (OT), I’ll have to wait for him… *phew*

In Nov, they might have another outing – Annual Department Outing!! Hmm… He won’t be joining the outing I guess… He needs to be around with baby and me ok!! Hehehe… I know he has been working hard for our family and he deserves some sort of leisure & relaxation with friends… But, not this time pls… Am I too selfish??!! I hope not… ^_^ Besides, it’s just a lil’ favour from his beloved wife… ;p

P/s : Love you, Dear…


  1. alala...misti ko frust ni kan. nda dpt bershoping...:p

  2. Frust tu besa la... Busy memanjang ja.. Manada la time utk sia.. hari mggu pun mau rehat!! Grrrr....

  3. just..oloh!! ko pun patut berehat sudah..hehehe!! tia lama lagi kalau ada anak sudah, teda sudah masa mau rehat tu..

  4. Ty, sepatutnya kan ko ckp sia pun kena bnyk mansau2 skrg ni.. nanti time ada anak, susah sdh mau mansau2... tmpt plg selalu pun misti klinik!!

  5. hahaha!! sekarang masih ok lagi..nanti 9 months ++ mau rehat sudah kan?? :)


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