Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hospital oh Hospital

It was 7.30am when we reached the clinic yesterday. We went for my 6th check-up @ 29wks and also for the diabetes test (checking the glucose level). 1003 was my lucky number!! *wink-wink*

Since the diabetes test will only be done in Tuesday, so it was quite crowded yesterday. Most of the preggy women were there for the diabetes test!! I was the first one entered Room 7 – Bilik Pengambilan Darah at 8.30am!! Gishhhh… Siapa la suka kena jarum / ambil darah kan??? But, do I have the choice?? *sigh* After ‘donated’ my blood, I was asked to drink the Air Gula aka Glucose and waited for 2 hours before I have to ‘donate’ my blood again!! Grrrrr….

10.30am – after settled everything at the clinic, we rushed to HKL (Day Care Unit – Feto-Maternal Specialist) to see the specialist doctor as referred during my last visit. At first, I thought they would have given an appointment. The nurse asked me to wait for my turn instead! So, we waited and waited. It was 1pm when one of the nurses called and here’s the conversation :

Nurse: Puan dah makan belum??

Me: Shake my head.

Nurse : Puan pegi makan dulu, nanti datang balik la...

Me : Nak kena datang balik kul berape?

Nurse : Puan pegi je dulu makan. Sebab doctor pun nak pegi makan.

Hubby : So, nak datang balik kul berape? Kul 3pm ke 4pm?? (menyindir la ba tu!! He got really pissed-off ok!! He has to escape from his presentation that afternoon!)

Nurse : Eh, takde la… Doktor makan sekejap jer. Dalam setengah jam macam tu…

Me : Ok la… (pissed-off too… Cuba la dia kastau awal2 kan… she should have asked us to go for lunch earlier. Pls bear ni mind that I was fasting from night for the diabetes test ok!!) Grrrrr….
We walked away with unbearable frustration, irritation, anger dan yg sewaktu dengannya la... To ease all the negative feelings, we had our lunch at Secret Recipe. I ordered Fish & Chips (my fav!!), Brownies and plain water while my Hubby ordered Vietnamese Mee Soup, Cheese Green Apple Cake and Pepsi. Nyum-nyum… eheheheheh… Having great meals is really work to cool down your temper!!

We returned to the Day Care Unit at 2.30pm and surprised to see that the counter was tidy-up as if they are going to close soon - Dasar staff kerajaan… (upss… sorry if ada yg terasa!) and there was only an Indian couple waiting patiently at the lobby. Wonder if they had their lunch already as they were there we went ran-off!!! Nurse pulak buat2 nda nampak ja kami!! Are they blind or are we the one transparent??!!

“Hello… Doktor ade ke tak?” My Hubby was losing his temper again!!

“Ader… ader… Jap ek!!” That was the answer given!!

At last, my name was called at 3pm (since 11am??!!) Goshhh… Doctor did an ultrasound and I lied for almost 1 hour I guess. Baby still ‘shy-shy cat’ even the doctor tried to ‘play’ with him. So, the best is to set another appointment after 1 month. *sigh*

Sitting & waiting is really tiring!! We went home and doze-off… ZZZ…


  1. wah!!!!!!!!! lama juga mau buat test??? If i have to wait for few hours, mesti meradang sudah sia sana tu..hahaha!!
    Well, thats maybe why i never go Govt. hospital to do my check-up..i don't have the patient to wait bah.. :)

  2. Diabetes tu 2jam ja. Tp, yg time mau p jmpa specialist doctor tu yg berjam2... Kira ada kesabaran jg sia ni oo kan... heheh..


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