Monday, August 25, 2008

Just A Lil' Suprise!!

Jeng jeng jeng… Got surprise by someone before? Or perhaps you did a surprise to your love ones?? I always enjoy in giving a ‘heart attack’ to ppl… LOL

My ever surprise that made up for my dearest mum was during Mother’s Day, more than 10 years ago!! Geezz…. I bought her a butter cake (her fav’ of coz)! She was so surprise when she came out from kitchen after we had our dinner that nite and saw a cake on the table at the living room. I must say, I am very bad in expressing my loves towards ppl. And of coz that cake as well as Cola Float made her happy and appreciated, I believe! Eventually, we called up my aunt (the closest one) who stayed nearby to enjoy the simple celebration… *wink-wink*

As for my dearest hubby… I always enjoy in buying him a shirt or tee-shirt ever since we were couple. Erk… I think I never bought him any shirt after we got married!! Huh??! That’s weird!! Wonder why… the so-called love feelings fade??? Oh no… Must do something!! And that is why I decided to launch a mission (ceh!!)… hehehe…

An idea popped up early of the month… Yeah… Need to do something great that never been done before!! While I was browsing for Kuih Raya, I came across these lovely and adorable cupcakes. So, I started to browse around for more info and choices. After the Q&A session via emails, I confirmed and placed my order! *grin* You might need at least 3 to 14 days booking in advance prior to the workloads of the bakers. In my case, 7 days!

The cupcakes were ready for collection on last Friday. Here’s the plan… I picked it up and met my bro. (Actually, you might as well consider to ask for direct delivery service with additional charges of coz!) Bro was to place the cupcakes on my hubby’s desk at office during lunch time!! Luckily, they are working in the same office!! For you guys info, I never send anything to hubby’s office all this while and this is my first time!!

The plan went very well!! According to my bro & hubby, as soon as hubby walked in towards his desk, colleagues were singing Happy Birthday’s Song to him!! LOL. When box was opened, he stood and stared at the cupcakes speechless and blushed!! Some friends even helped to ‘kipas’ him!! I surely can imagine how reddish his face turned in to!! Everyone was peeping at the cupcakes too!! They even ‘kepocih’ asking my hubby whether that day is any special dates of us i.e. anniversary, wedding anniversary, first time met, etc. None of them of coz! Do you think a surprise can only be done on a special or important dates???? Naaa… I think a surprise will only be a big surprise when there is actually nothing to be celebrated. Agree with me??

To be frank, I am actually worried that I might embarrass him by doing so. I don’t know… maybe I am just not used to do stuff like that. I am not a romantic person even I enjoy reading romance novels very much. It’s weird ok! However, I’m glad and happy that he actually likes it! *grin*

Here’s the cupcakes look like…

I am really bad in drawing. My sketch was sux! Of coz I gave the baker permission to improve or amend my sketch. Just 2 cents of mine anyway! The card was specially customised by me! So, what do you think of the cuppies??

p/s : A special thanks to Dida the baker of Sweet Yummy CupCakes for the cuppies…


  1. wah!!!!!!!!! just mana ko beli tu??? cantik and sedap the look! bepa lah harga?? ada delivery service kah??? hehehe berminat nie..

  2. Heheheh... order online!! Price RM40 per box. Ko browse la. Bnyk pilihan bakers ba. Better cari bakers yg area ko sana spy delivery charges dia nda mahal or u can arrange for self pick-up..

  3. hi! 1st time here but I was attracted so much abt dis post..tat's so sweet..& know wat, u just give me an idea how to surprise my hubby ;)

  4. Hi,JPPMom! Thanx for dropping by. Suprise might help in flaming a relationship!! ;p


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