Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now Everyone Can Fly

Any plan for travel next year?? Well… AirAsia is back with its FREE SEATS PROMOTION again! This time is for 1,000,000 FREE seats. Travel period will be from 1 Apr 2009 to 31 July 2009. Booking starts from today until 31 Aug 2008.

Since I’m in KL, I have to be extra alert on this kind of promotion. Yaa… need to grab the free seats to fly back to KK. Usually, I aim for festive season – Raya and CNY! Believe it or not, I already bought my this year Raya tickets since January this year!! And had my CNY one-way ticket confirmed since May this year!! Now you now how crazy I am in booking tickets since early of the year for year end trip??!! *roll eyes*

However, I am sure that I can’t make it for Raya this year even I already have the flights confirmed. Hubby and I and even my mum don’t want to take the risk for me being giving birth on the air!! So, bye-bye tickets!! Even for CNY next year, we are still not sure if we are able to go back. It all depends on baby’s condition. *sigh*

Wonder when will I get myself a Passport… so that I can start peep on others except KK!! Been dragging it for quite some times already. *double sigh* While hubby’s friends enjoy travel to Jakarta every year!! Geezzz… Really envy them lah!

Anyway, here’s few tips to get the FREE seats :

* Best time to log on is between 3am – 7am
* To rotate on shifts to log on to airasia.com
* Avoid weekends and public holidays and try for mid week and mid day flights
* Try other new destinations if the desired destination is not available

Hurry up! Don’t wait any longer! Grab your tickets fast at
www.airasia.com or https://mobile.airasia.com/


  1. just, ba sound2 la kalu balik kk.. lama nda jumpa ko nih.. rindu! itupun kalu ko dpt "mengangkat" badan la mo berjalan... heheheh

  2. hari raya ko mau balik??? eh bulih kah tu?? hehehe
    Sia malas mau tingu lah free seat..now connection is very bad..

  3. Melle ~ ba, nx time sia sound awal2 k... selalu pun sia blk misti yg ada sj mau diurus ba...

    KadusMama ~ Raya pnya tiket awal lg sdh beli. Tp, tu la.. nda dpt blk. Sygkan tu tiket.. apa buli buat la.

  4. hmm...my pasport masi virgin smpi skrg..tia tau la ni bila mo de-virgin dia ni..

  5. Mama Mia ~ Expired virginity dia kalau tunggu lama2. Hehehe...


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