Friday, August 22, 2008

Pix for the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon

Phew… half day gone!! Was quite busy this morning… But, nothing related to work!! Luckily the COSEC is on MC today (since yesterday). She accidentally sprained her neck!! Ouchh… Kes salah tidur la ni!! Wonder what am I busy with?? Wait till my next post yaa… *wink-wink*

Mmm… Boss did ‘visit’ me this morning. Following up stuff that he dumped over few months back. LOL. Sorry Boss! I did the tasks. Somehow, I still think that you are not really bother ‘bout it. And I guess I’m rite! Or else you sure will keep on chasing my ass, don’t you… LOL

For today, I just wanna share few pics that I supposedly post in my Climbin’ the Mount Kinabalu post. Have finally digged them from my album and scanned them. *grin*

That's my team for the 2nd climbing...
The 4 sumandaks (From left: Just, Mia, Illa & Sab)

Just & Sab... At the 5th station if not mistaken

This pix was taken during my 1st climbing. Like this pix so much...
Maybe bcoz of the tracks and the mount's background

That's the proof that I've been there!! Doii... panat tul tu muka...


  1. tingu la tu muka tu bebudaks...rajin jg ko p cari gmbr2 lama

  2. yay!! i was there juga bah tu kan?? nda sure mana sia sana!! hahahahaa

  3. Mamamia ~ hahaha... 9 thn lapas gia tu!! Siok jg ba tgk balik gmbr dolu2... ;p

    KadusMama ~ Yup. Wearing white longsleeve shirt, 2nd at the right side of the banner!


You're 'bout to corner... ;p