Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wedding Card, A Pair of Watch, Check-Up & Lee Chong Wei

Got few stories in queue for today’s entry… ^_^


Received a Pos Ekspres, yellow envelope last Friday… It’s a wedding invitation card from my dear friend, Sab… Her matrimony will be held on Aug, 23th at Stella Maris Church at 10am and the wedding reception will be right after the matrimony at KDCA at 1pm. I am very happy to receive the card which was designed and customized by her own. That’s the Sab that I ever known since 1998… She is such a creative person I would say… Glad that she has finally settled down with her loves one. Somehow, sad and regret that I wouldn’t be able to share the joy on her big day… really wanted to be there for her… But, with my 31-wk belly… it’s impossible for me to fly back to KK!! *sob* Don’t think any aircraft would allow me to board also… sure they do not want to take the risks for me being giving birth at their aircraft… *grin* Anyway… For Sab, sending you wishes from the bottom of my heart… May you have a warm and love-filled wedded life ahead!

For record, I missed quite a numbers of friends’ wedding invitations… namely - Azean, Mia, Fenella, Bernilda, Sherol, Jennifer, Betsy, Dayze… wonder who is next?? Sorry guys… Can’t help it!! There are few cousins and friends planning to have their big day next year. So, please let me have the confirmed dates earliest as possible for my annual leaves, monies and flights arrangement ok… hehehe…

It has been quite some times that hubby and I were looking for a pair of watch for both of us. But, we both keep on dragging it. And finally, we bought it at Jusco on last Sun. *wink-wink* It’s not that pricey… After all, it’s not about the price ok! We just need a watch that has a date on it… as simple as that… and of coz’ the look of the watch lah! Can actually grab it at pasar malam with RM25 above for female and RM40 above for male… but, of coz’ without warranty lah!! So, why not opt with the one with warranty if the price differences are only ‘round RM20-RM40 per watch…

I think 4 stories are enough lah for the time being… Still owe KadusMama a tag on the House Chores and pics from my previous posts… ^_^

I actually enjoy buying RM10 watches at pasar malam… because of the design. Of coz we can’t comment on the quality of the watch… if you are lucky enough, the watch will last for a year… Otherwise, it will runs out of battery in less than 3 months… Even you changed a new battery, it wouldn’t last long as well… either because of the watch’s machine or the battery itself!! So, what you pay is what you get!! That is why I enjoy the pasar malam’s watch coz I can change my watch at least 2 - 3 times a year… LOL… Now that I’ve decided to have a watch with a date on it, I prefer not to have to pasar malam one…*grin*

Hubby was on MC yesterday. He’s having flu and headache. Poor hubby… So, I took my Malas Cert as well. I even changed my pregnancy check-up which is supposed to be today to yesterday.

Arrived at clinic at 8.30am and my lucky no was 1023!! 23???!!! Huh… no choice but have to wait… *sigh* Spending 2 hours at the clinic before we went to Klinik Idzham for our MC. Wonder what I bluffed for my MC??? Back pain!! That’s the only excuse I can think of for a preggy woman… LOL. We used to obtain our MC from the clinic, Dr. Zahiyah to be specific… She is a nice, polite and not stingy in giving MC… that’s the best part… ;p

Oya… the result of the glucose test is out. My glucose level is normal… So, nothing to worry about ok… *grin*


Just want to congratz Lee Chong Wei for the Silver medal that he has contributed to Malaysia in the final Single Badminton match with Lin Dan in the Olympic. His performances were sux!! But, I believe he already tried his best… Lin Dan is ‘Super Dan’ still!! Wonder if Chong Wei still plays for Malaysia in Olympic London in 2012… huh…


  1. ayak...tehilang pulak comment sia tadi..
    ish ish!! well..mau kestau ko saja..i think air asia still allowed u to fly in ur 31 weeks pregnancy. But must have a letter from ur obygn to certified you are fit to fly and no risk of giving birth prematurely..
    pasal jam tu pulak..hehehe me like pasar malam watch too..cantik and fancy kan??
    And lastly..sini tempat sia..ARGHHH!!! punya susah mau dapat mc..i mean, that day sia sakit demam + batuk, pay for RM52 untuk few ubat, sekali bagi 1 day mc saja..kan suffer p keja masih sakit2..chis sekali!!

  2. Buli ka pulak fly skrg ni?? Sia baca airasia pnya T&C ba, kalau 28wk above kalau nda silap, nda buli sdh kunu...
    Peluki MC jg tu doctor ko tu... cari la klinik lain... kekeke... Sia ada jmpa 1 klinik yg nda pyh jmpa doctor, tp jauh dr area rmh sia la... baru 1x pigi... kekeke...

  3. dulu ada kawan punya wife, mau balik filipin..masa tu dia 37weeks sudah..ekeke tipu di surat dia dari dr. dia..dapat juga dia terbang tu..
    Iya bah..punya luki..tapi ubat dia bagus! hehe cepat baik kalau makan..


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