Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Procedures vs Barriers

Well… I think I have done with the task given by my Boss yesterday… Basically, preparing the Board Paper is mainly summarizing and extracting info from agreements or other sources. Format would be something as the following:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Background
3.0 Salient Terms of Agreement
4.0 Status of Progress
5.0 Approval Required
And so on la… depends on your input…

Once info is extracted, tadaaa….. you’re done!!! Mcm sinang ja kunun... pdhal crack jugak kepala mau susun ayat!!! *roll eyes* Boss is there to fine tuning it what… At least, the frame is there already lor… *wink-wink*

Now, let me talk ‘bout the assignment given to me by the Company Secretary (COSEC)… Our Manufacturing Division is actually in the midst of setting up an office in China. So, it is standard to have all the secretarial docs in place for the setting up of office purposes. Here comes all the fussiness… again PROCEDURES that we are talking ‘bout here… *sigh*

Standard procedures in respect of the docs arrangement when it involves foreign countries :

STEP 1 : Make copies of the relevant docs to be notarized / certified by the Notary Public

STEP 2 : The relevant docs need to be translated (in this case, Chinese/Mandarin of coz!) by Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM)

STEP 3: Both the notarized and translated copies will need to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

STEP 4: Finally, the authenticated docs by MOFA to be endorsed by the respective embassy (in this case, China Embassy!)

Even there are only FOUR STEPS, pardon me… but, do I just mentioned the word ONLY??!!! Ok… Even there are only four steps… but the balls go round… ntah bahasa kiasan apa sdh yg terkeluar ni….

Barriers in each of the STEP above :


1. We have quite a numbers of Notary Publics’ contacts in hand. But, of coz always go for the cheapest fees mah… (the COSEC is VERY STINGY!! She is trying to save even 10 cent for the Co!!) Unfortunately, the Notary Public with the cheapest fees in town (kunun!!) is off for the whole week as he is not feeling well…

2. The rest are pretty pricey as they are charging RM50-RM80 per signature and even worst charging per word basis for sighting the docs??!! Nonsense!!!

3. Might opt for the RM50 per signature lor… Unless COSEC is ok to wait till next week after the cheapest Notary Public is recovered!


1. Translation charges will be the issue here… really pricey!!! 7 pages of docs may cost you RM800++??!!

2. Since ITNM is the only recognized translation institutional by the government, no choice lor…

3. Time frame of translation… of coz la tingu brp tebal tu docs kan… 7 pages within 4 days… hmmm…


1. I hate calling the government agencies… always no one answering the phone!! Grrr…

2. I think the fees is standard RM30 per docs… Duit lagik…

1. I hate calling the embassies too… I think they are working less than 8 hours a day!! Sometimes especially Friday, they only work for half day!!!

2. Ambassador is always missing in action… so, who to endorse??? Hmmm…

Naa…. Pening kepala ka nda??!! Oya… don’t forget ‘bout the monies… have to fill up the requisition form too!! *Phew*

I really hate in doing the callings… So, please don’t offer me a Customer Service jobs… But, I did work as a Customer Service cum Data Entry in Astro 6 years ago for 2 months only… LOL

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