Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Sooooooo happy that my PC is ok now. No more burning smell after switched on for an hour. Was informed that our IT guy came to fix it for me last Friday after I went back. Thanks Mr. Lee…

Some pix taken during my breaking fast with hubby at Secret Recipe, Jusco Maluri last Thursday… *wink-wink*

Cappucino Ice Blended for me and Chocolate Ice Blended for hubby. Syrup was FOC.

Hubby's Vietnamese Mee Soup (the meat balls are soooo yummy!!) and my Fish & Chips.

The half an hour waiting...

Yeahhh… Tomorrow is the last day of fasting for Muslim. Of coz it’s still not confirmed as it all depends on the anak bulan… Wait for the announcement tonite k… So, how’s the Raya preparation (for Muslim friends)? Have you all had your baju raya and kuih raya in place? Macam la itu ja yg paling penting ba kunun… Hhehehe… I’ll talk more about my raya preparation and celebration after raya k… *grin*

Anyway, my company will be closed starting tomorrow and will resume operations on 6/10/08 which is next Monday. Memo was issued a week ago by the HR dept. We are given free leave or so called the unrecorded leave by the management for tomorrow and a day deducted from our AL for Friday. Still ok la kan…

Office seems very quiet today as many of the staff has started on leave. Even the office telephone is not ringing!! :lol: Everyone is in holiday mood I bet… *wink-wink*

I wanna take this opp to wish all my Muslim friends…. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN… Don’t eat too much k… *grin*

Till then, see you guys after raya. I don’t have internet access at home lah!! If you guys didn’t see me on the 6th or 7th Oct, you can assume that I’ve started with my maternity leave!! No early delivery I hope… Anyway, I’ll see how I can update you guys ok… ^_^

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Without PC & Internet Is SUX!!

Arghhhhh... What a totally completely boring day for me today!! Been trying to survive until 5pm??!! Without PC??!! Without internet??!! Without blog hoping??!! Warrgghhhhh….. But, that’s what happening to me today!!

This was what happened actually…

Reached office at 8.15am today. Switched on PC. Did my routine – checked and cleared my Outlook and Yahoo inboxes, checked my Friendster, blog, bla bla bla…

A colleague, in the same room suddenly complaint that she smell something burning. Mmm… Let’s name her as Colleague A lah ok. She is a type of person with EXTREME ‘WORRINESS’ especially when it comes to health and self safety. Ok lah, it’s good thing lah… But, when you worry too much, life becomes bored because you tend to determine all those minor minor thingy that shouldn’t really need your attention. Buat sakit utak ja!! Gheezzz…

Back to track… So, there she (Colleague A) was trying to figure out where the hell is the source of the burning smell with her ‘doggy’ nose! Most of the time, the other colleague (Colleague B) and I who are sitting in the same room with Colleague A, never really bother her. Toooooo lazy to entertain her unacceptable questions on her worries. Poor girl!

Nevertheless, Colleague B smells it soon later and later on me too. My smelling sense is a bit ‘slow’ thou. Ahaksss…

At first, I thought it was from the printer next to my desk. Unfortunately, it was from my workstation. Soooo funny that we actually need to get people from other dept to figure it out for us. We suspected it should be the extension. So, we changed it to a new one. I switched on my PC and after 15 minutes, againnn…. We could smell the burning smell!! So, I guess it should be my CPU lah!! DAMN!! No choice but to switch off my PC!! @&^%#*

The best part is… our outsource-IT guy which is supposed to come over, unable to make it pulak! Have to wait until Monday!! *faint* What should and what could I do without PC in office???!!! Grrrr… Feel like going back home and zzzz….

But, if I am to think on the positive side, I might be getting a new PC thou??!! Yahhoooo… My pc pun tua sudah ba… memang patut pun kena tukar sudah!! *sigh*

So, this is the best time for me to clear my workstation… before I start my 2 months maternity leave… *wink-wink*

Now that I have finished clearing up all the sampah sarap… Gatal jugak tangan mau guna PC. Thanks to the resigned staff for this extra PC that I’m currently using while waiting til' 5pm!! Another 1 hour to suffer!! Pheww…. I think I should bring my laptop on Monday lah… just in case I have to suffer 8 hours in the office without PC and internet on that day!! The IT guy pun bukannya terrer betul mau fix PC. Hampeh tul!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Would You Have Been A Great Wife In The 1930s?

Received an email from hubby this morning… saying, “We have been married for 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, today!”

Ohhh…. So sweet of him… *wink-wink* Thou I know that he actually tracks it via the DaisyPath’s Ticker on his Friendster, but still I find it so sweet that he actually does pay attention on that! You know la guys kan… never really bother ‘bout those ‘small’ lil’ things…

Thanks Dear… *grin*

I was actually ‘bout to take a quiz on the handbag thingy before I changed my mind and browsed ‘around first… and Would You Have Been A Good Wife In The 1930s? caught my attention! I know I am still in the learning process of being a good wife to my husband especially on the cooking part!! Gonna take ages for me to be in the kitchen arena! Phewww….

You Would Make a Great 1930's Wife

You've got a few retro ways, and you would make the ideal 1930's wife.

At least, that's how it looks on paper. You may just be an easygoing, pleasant person.

With a personality like yours, you'd be a great wife in any era!

What a positive result I have over here… ^_^

Hmmm… Since we never had the chance of breaking fast together (just the two of us!) from day one of Ramadhan, we decided to go for it today at Secret Recipe! Yippeeeeee….

Oya… just realize that hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary (not wedding’s lah!) in a month!! Our baby would be the perfect gift ever!! *grin* Hubby even asked funny question… if I can deliver on our anniversary day??!!! It would be overdue already lah if that’s the case!! :lol:

So, would you be a good wife as I am?? Ciss… perasan pulak! Take your own test here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pregnancy Check-up @ 36wk

As promised, here’s my ‘journey’ on Monday…

For the previous 2 visits, with 2 appointments – pregnancy routine check-up at Klinik Ibu Mengandung and ultrasound appointment at HKL… Hubby and I will surely go to the Klinik Ibu Mengandung first as the clinic is nearby my house, before proceed to HKL.

But, since we experienced unbearable waiting moments at HKL for the passed 2 visits… buli sakit jiwa ooo!! So, we changed our route this time. Instead of going to the clinic, we went to HKL first and reached there almost 8am. I was the forth or fifth patient I guess. Hubby smile peacefully! Not sure what went wrong or should I say… What went right?? Coz my name was called after the first patient - ‘round 8.25am. Perhaps the other 2 or 3 patients got special cases. Whatever it is… being in the waiting list for less than half an hour at the HKL was indeed a big WOW thou!! *grin*

The Indian male doctor was a bit harsh in toying the transducer which resulting in uncomfy feelings and even a bit painful. *Ouchh* On the other hand, he is pro thou or maybe he was lucky that morning for being able to see my baby’s face…. The minute he placed the transducer on my belly, he detected my baby’s cleft on the right lip. The good news is baby’s palate seems ok (without cleft). I hope he got it correctly for this one!! But somehow, doctor detected baby hands and legs appear shorten. Hmm… scan susah, nda scan pun susah.. macam2 ja ba…

So, I was asked to run a CTG (cardiotocography) to record fetal heartbeat and to identify fetal distress (presence of signs in a pregnant woman—before or during childbirth —that the fetus is not well or is becoming excessively fatigued). Recordings are done by two separate transducers, one for the measurement of the fetal pulse and a second one for the contractions.

Sempat lagi ba… Hehehe… Nurse told me that it would only takes 20 minutes, but I ended up lying there for more than 30 minutes. Grr…

After the CTG, doctor did a fetal growth graph. As per the graph, baby is growing. Of course la ba kan?? And now baby weighing at 2.34kg. Duii… kicilnya!! In fact, there was a 2 weeks difference of baby’s age. If base on my LMP, my EDD should be 21/10 which my pregnancy is now at 36 week. However, the scan result indicated that baby is currently at 34 week and my EDD will be on 9/11. Jeng jeng jeng… I guess I just have to wait until the day lah! Waiting nervously! *sweating*

Somehow, I have to come back for another scan on the 8/10/08 to monitor baby’s condition. *sigh*

We already done at HKL at 10am??!! Unbelievable… :lol:

2pm, went to clinic and only took half an hour over there. Noon is always better as lesser people mah! I will have to visit the clinic every week already starting next week. *sigh*

Oya… my leg (only the right leg) swollen for the second time already since I’m in 34 week. One of my friends told me that I have to be alert on that as she experienced 2 times of leg being swollen and ebb before she delivered. Gulppp....

Should be anytime soon huh??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chill out!!

Well, I am supposed to blog something ‘bout yesterday – my appointment at HKL… my usual practice! Unfortunately, mcm nda siok pulak if post without pix (if mmg ada pix la for the post!). Since I left my pendrive at office on Friday, so unable to transfer all the pix from hp/laptop to pendrive. *sigh* Tommorow la k…

Anyway, let’s have some fun reading these 3 articles… they are funny, stupid yet embarrassing incidents… :lol:

WARNING : Articles content 18SX elements!!

Article #1:

Poor man!!

Article #2 :

Do NOT try this with your partner!

Article #3: (I have to type this as I'm having probs to upload it!)

A Woman collapsed in a supermarket when her vibrating panties made her faint with pleasure.
The kinky 33-year-old housewife was wearing a pair of battery-operated Passion Pants, bought from a sex shop, while she did her shopping, according to the British tabloid The Sun.
But she got so stimulated by the 6cm vibrating bullet in the panties that she lost consciousness.
She fell and hit her head in the crowded supermarket in Swansea, Wales.
When paramedics arrived, they found her black imitation leather knickers still buzzing.
They took them off before an ambulance took her to hospital.
The woman, whose identity has been kept private, suffered no long-lasting ill-effects.
And as she left the hospital, a paramedic gave her back the Passion Pants in a plastic bag.
A spokesman for the Asda supermarket chain told The Sun: "We like to think shopping with us is exciting enough already."

* Why on earth she wore that pant while doing her shopping???!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I WON RM100!!

Yeah… you read it correctly! I WON RM100!!!! Ok, I know it’s not RM1,000 or RM10,000 or RM100,000… jauh sekali RM1 million!! BUT, RM100 is still money right??!!

Hubby always say this, “
Ko fikir kalau duit ko kurang 10sen, ko dapat beli tiket LRT ka??” Naa… you know how important is money huh??!!

It was our first time trying the Power Root’s product. Was looking for my Raspberry tea at first. Somehow, the minute I saw the Power Root range of products, I recalled my mom was saying wanna try the Oligo Café. So, we finally grabbed 2 instant packets of the Power Root’s products – the Ali Café and Oligo Café.

That’s the sachet with a ring tab inside. Bro found it in one fine morning.

The message on the sticker says “NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Congratulations! You have the chance to be the winner of cash prize power root 'You Can Be A Millionaire' contest”.

The next thing I know, I’ve been browsing the Power Root’s website looking for info on the ‘special sachet’! Found out that Power Root is currently running their You Can Be A Millionaire contest from 1/8/08 to 29/2/09. There are two types of giving away prizes; Cash Prize and Monthly Draw Prize. For more info, pls visit Power Root website. Ceh!!

So, in my case here… It’s the Cash Prize lah. Since the amount printed behind the ring tab is RM100, that’s the prize that I won lah!! What I need to do is just to call the Contest Hotline and informed them ‘bout the ‘Special Sachet’, gave them my details and DONE! There is no hassle in answering 2 questions as required. Or perhaps the amount is too small for them?!!

According to the Contest Hotline, their staff will call me back within 45 days. It’s not even 3 days when I received their call again saying that they will arrange someone to come over to my office some time next week. And againnnnn… a lady called me the next morning (yesterday) confirming that she is coming over during lunch time. Wow!! Service baikkkkk punya!!! The whole process only took 4 days I guess… *wink-wink*

She didn’t actually come to my office. We met outside, nearby my office area. Luckily there were not many people passing by during the ‘photo session’. The banner/bunting besar betul ba… Malu jugak la… hahaha…

A BIGGGG THANX to Power Root!! At least, I got extra money to buy my biskut raya. :lol: Should be also continue supporting Power Root after this… Mana la tau kan… *grin*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Newly Wed August's Couple

Hmm... was trying to post somethin' yesterday. Unfortunately after several attempts I got pissed off by the message appeared on my monitor for all the attempts... "not connecting to the internet"??!! Grrr...

Well... while browsing through my Friendster yesterday... Found out that one of my ex-classmates in SMSM has also tied a knot last month. Thanks to Friendster for connecting me with quite a number of my long lost friends out there. Most of them are totally the lost contact friends ever since SPM. Almost 12 years??!! Woww… time really flies so fast kan??!!

Anyway, to Sharon Kaur & Jason… Congratz on your wedding! Your joyride has just begun… May the melody of your wedding bells, keep chiming in your life forever…

Emm… I have this habit of copying and saving my friends’ wedding pix which uploaded into their Friendster’s album or from other friends’ album, for my collection. Earlier, after I have developed the pix, I will delete the softcopies. But now… I prefer to keep them in softcopies format. *wink-wink*

For this round, I’ll share some of the wedding pix of my two friends married last month.

FRIEND #1 : SABRINA & MILDY (23 Aug 08)

* Wish I could have Sab's studio wedding pix in my collection too...


Catch up for others wedding pix in my next entry ok… *grin*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag - Difficult one!!

Well, another Tag by KadusMama...

* My roommates and I once: shared to buy 1 pc of mooncake with yolk filling inside. RM4 was never cheap to a student ok!! It’s our 1-meal cost!!

* Never in my life have I: travel out of Malaysia! Been dreaming to… Wait till I get my passport.

* High school was: mmm… just ok la! I’m not an active student thou…

* When I’m nervous: I blush! I speak fastly, walk fastly, no eyes contact, hardly think positive… macam2 la bah kunun!!

* My hair: take ages to grow!!

* When I was 5: I’m in my 2nd yr kindergarten.

* When I turn my head left: I can see cabinets full of files!!

* I should be: Start taking leaves and rest at home by now… unfortunately, my AL only left 3 days!! Should be taking leave a week before my EDD. 

* By this time next year: My baby should be able to walk already!

* My favorite aunt is: Anty Lee. Very supportive, sporting, loving….

* I have a hard time understanding: Politics??!! Yayyy…

* My ideal breakfast is: A cup of Nescafe will do. Currently have to opt for Milo/milk.

* If you visit my home town: Don’t be surprise if piggies are the pet! Just joking! LOL

* If you spend the night at my house: You have to sleep at the living room if you don’t mind. My house only has 2 rooms. Sorry!

* The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: Sylvester flying next to Tweety Bird! How cute!! Give them a break lah!

* I shouldn’t have been: fasting at my almost 9th mths pregnancy??? Yeah… I know you guys disagree with me...

* Last night I: Dozed off at the cushion while watching Son-Woo-Kung – too full!!

* A better name for me would be: Whatever but not my existing name. Had chosen Lyanna Alyssa anyway!

* I’ve been told I look like: My mom especially the nose…

* If I could have any car, it would be: Persona / Storm. So nice of me for not dreaming of any other luxury cars hor?!!

Tag goes to Barb & Melle...
Agree with you KadusMama... This tag is difficult-to-to tag!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jam is Everywhere during Ramadhan

Yippeee!!! Finally, managed to do up to 70% of my agreement’s check list!! *sigh of relief* I know it’s not totally done yet. But at least, the first stage is done for my boss’s review, comments and approval before I proceed further with the remarks of the check list.

And the best part is, my boss is on MC today!! *wink-wink* Not sure if it is a Medical Cert or Malas Cert. Ahakss… As we all know, he is only a normal human being of which every human being has the tendency to be LAZY sometimes… he might needs some break thou… LOL

Hmm… being an hour early released by the co is nothing special actually as we still have to go through the jam! Drivers could easily lose their rational when it comes to jam + raining + Friday! The Traffic lights are not helping at all and always ended up with all cars stuck in the middle of the yellow box / zone with all types of ‘entertaining’ honk as if others will care!! *faint* One really need high confidence and brave enough to drive in KL or else you will be stuck in the middle of the road without moving at all, follow by others honk definitely! Gheezz…

The well-knowed Jln Tun Razak

Jam at the traffic light during raining... stucked there for half an hour - luckily!!

Speaking of this jam, have you been to Jalan Tuanku/Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) before??? Jalan TAR is one of the popular shopping areas of KL. This shopping area of KL has many pre-war buildings whose distinguishing facades are conserved to accommodate many contemporary retailing businesses. In this shopping area you can truly enjoy the shopping and the cultural experience that was prevalent many decades ago.

The famous Mydin Wholesale. Thinking of 'pajaking'... here's the place!

Woopss… it’s not the shops that I wanted to talk about… But, the road itself. My advice ~ don’t drive when you go there during Ramadhan! Pls take the LRT instead. Besides the over-expensive parking fees (RM10 per entry??!!), you will surely take AT LEAST an hour before you managed to park your car or getting out from the area! Gheezzz….

Jalan TAR is very ‘happening’ during Ramadhan as you can find rows of stalls offer variety of products for Hari Raya’s preparation i.e. baju kurung, baju melayu (Sabahan call it baju Selangor), tudung, kuih/biskut raya, table’s clothings, flowers for deco, etc. It should be the price range and wide product choices that make people willing to go through all the hassle, crowd, smell and hot weather!

Look at the crowd at Jln TAR. But, this is still consider ok lah!

Despite all the negative reviews, still I went there during the weekend and managed to grab 3 types of kuih raya. Ahaks…. Hubby has ordered 2 types from his colleague. Should be adding another 3 types of kuih raya! Ahaks… What I enjoy Hari Raya the most is the kuih/biskut raya!! Can’t wait to ‘launch’ them! LOL. Wondering what kuihs that I bought?? Naa… wait for my Raya’s post k…. *wink-wink*

Lots of Biskut Raya choices... wowee!!

Speaking of this kuih/biskut raya… mom and I were thinking to bake our own kuih raya at the first place. I even managed to borrow SIL’s oven. Unfortunately, the second hand oven is having some problems. Poor mom… she was so excited with our plan to bake Kuih Makmur and some other kuihs at the beginning. Don’t worry mom, I’ll make sure you have the chance to bake it next year. I’ll buy an oven for us ok!

That’s pretty much rambling ‘bout my Raya’s preparation… ^_^

Monday Blues!

Pheww… Been busy since last Friday and today, still continuing my Friday’s task! *yawn* Flipping through this agreement, doing the check list of my co’s obligations against the agreement is totally BORING!! *yawn* I've keep it with me for 2 weeks by now!! Really wanted to finish and get rid-off this deadly boring task ASAP!! What a Monday blues!! *sigh*

Wonder if your workin' week is as typical as the above...

Just a short note for today and will be back with my new entries once I finish off the agreement thingy… gheezz… Better finish it today or else would have stuck with it like forever!! Grrrrrrrr……

Thursday, September 11, 2008

36 or 40???

Despite being busy to finish off my minutes of meeting taken on last Friday (taught I have handed the task over to the new Secretary of our MD, unfortunately Madam still asks me to sit in, in one of the co’s subsi monthly management meeting *sigh* *yawn*), I still spare or the correct word should be STOLE 1/3 of my busy time to manage and did some make-up on my blog!! Ahaks… Can’t stand it without clicking the IE icon on my desktop!! Blame the internet facility that I have in the office plsss… *wink-wink*

Didn’t manage to finish the minutes though… Will finish it after I scribble something for my entry today… *grin*

Wondering ‘bout my subject for today entry?? 36 or 40???

Well, being a first time mommy-to-be… surely I have million of questions in mind!! But, thanx again to the internet technology that has showered me with zillion of useful info & tips. Somehow, I still have this silly question in mind. Wonder if you guys (specially all the mommies and preggy lady) have the same question. Been asked by my not-married colleague the same question as well.

Colleague : So, when are you due??

Me : Mid of next mth (Oct).

Colleague : So, you are now at 8th month?

Me : 8.5 month.

Colleague : (Looked at me with question marks) Huh?? Pregnant not 9 mths only meh??

Me : Err… (How am I supposed to answer leh??) 10 months to be exact if in O&G point of view. (She walked away confusedly. Wish I could have given a better explanation thou!)

Before I got pregnant, all I knew is that pregnant lady will be carrying her belly for 9 months before giving birth which is equal to 36 weeks. I assume everyone has the same thinking. Am I rite??? And to my surprise… it turns out to be 10 months or 40 weeks??? I think I AM surprise at the beginning when I first found out!!

I bought this book “40 Minggu Nan Indah” published by the Karangkraf after I received the good news of having conception.

So, why is it pregnancy for 10 months and not 9 months???? Anybody volunteer to answer?? How if we digest it together… *wink-wink*

The EDD given is based on 40 weeks after the LMP. Conception and fertilization are only done after 2 weeks. This is the stage where the egg and sperm meet and create a single cell organism called Zygote! Yeah… baby were made!! We minus the 2 weeks and get 38 weeks. So, what about the other 2 weeks extra?? Is it the so-called ‘cooling off’ period??? No idea… I just simply bluff…. Ahaks…. Other explanation are welcome… *wink-wink*

Anyway, since I’m at 34 weeks now… there are few tips collected from friends which need to be implemented from now onwards for easy labouring:

1. drink Minyak Kelapa 3x a week

Stuff that were packed in the bag...

Newborn wears for my lil' boy...

Alamak... all blue plak!!

Revell postnatal products - Blur pulak!

Ok lah… better post my entry now and finish my minutes today… ^_^

2. drink raspberry tea leaf (can get it at Starbucks! It tastes like Ribena)

3. do the perineal massage - gentle stretching and massaging of the skin between the anus and vagina (perineum)

4. drink the Air Selusuh when you are at labour room (I think only the Muslim practicing this)

Oya… I have even packed my bag and keep it in the car too… just in case!! Currently, my right leg is obviously swollen, the little finger toe is numb, the baby has engaged and the Braxton-Hicks is frequent too…. Phew… *eye-rolls*

*Update - the explaination*

"it is indeed 40 weeks, included the 2 weeks period b4 conception, just to make it easier to count EDD based on last menstrual period.. but 40 weeks is never equal to 10 months, but 9 months 7 days.. nahh, where do the 3 weeks missing? hehe, simple, coz based on the thought 4 weeks per month, we should only have 28 days in a month, but instead we have 30 or 31.. add on those extra days, u'll get the 'seem to be missing' 3 weeks.. play with ur calendar, u'll find that 40 weeks is always 9 months ahead plus 7 days.."

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Check up @ 34wks & Hospital Appointment

Was on MC yesterday. Heheheh… Purposely lah coz’ need to visit clinic for my check-up and also appointment with Hospital. Two different appointments! *sigh*

It was my 8th check-up if not mistaken. Got no. 5 as my lucky no. Ehm… nothing really special, it was just the normal observations except I have to attend a brief talks on breastfeeding this round.

Reached Hospital at 10am. I just hateeeeeeeeeeeee waiting!! Specially when you do not have your number in hand. You can’t even predict when is your turn! Grrr… The nurses stopped calling patients at 12.30pm sharp. I doubt the Dr. has MIA.

See... only few patients but took ages for your turn!!!
Me waiting boringly. I want my bed plzzzzzzzz!!

When hubby has lost his patience, that’s when I scared the most. *sigh* And it will always ended up with our ‘sour faces’ every time we went back home from the Hospital! Geezz….

Eventually, the Dr turned up right after I had a Q&A session with one of the nurse there.

I was called at 1.25pm… 3.5hours later???!!! Phewww…. Patience is the answer, ALWAYSSSSSSS!! Been scanned for almost 15 minutes. However, baby still ‘shy-shy cat’. Either he turned his face to the other side or his hands were blocking the face. Hmm… Dr. still unable to detect his cleft condition and I have to return for next appointment after 2 weeks. *sigh*

Should I go for the next appointment???? Hubby was like fed-up to go to the Hospital already… It is just a scan anyway. Even how bad is the cleft condition is, we still have to face it rite??!! Let’s just see if hubby wanna make it or not…

Friday, September 05, 2008


The newly launched PROTON PERSONA SE has really caught hubby and my attention. *wink-wink*

Comes at RM59,800 and available in two colours - Blue Haze and Brilliant Red. I like the Brilliant Red very much. Looks sexy to me!! Like all new units of the Persona, the new Proton Persona SE is powered by the Campro IAFM engine which offers a smoother torque curve compared to the old Campro engine. It is only available with an automatic transmission.

The following are the differences in equipment for the special edition model:

* Leather-wrapped seats, steering wheel,
gear knob and trim
* Meter panel from the
* Different alloy wheel design (15 inch)
* Cruise Control
* Smoked headlamps
* Silver matte
door handles and front grille
* A bodykit consisting of front, side and rear skirts and a subtle spoiler
* A Proton-rebadged windscreen-mounted GPS navigation device

The GPS device loads its maps from an SD card, so it should be easy to replace the maps whenever there are updates. No more sesat when you have device in your car!!

“Want to trade-in our Wira with the new Persona?? How ‘bout next year?” Hubby looked at me with his eyes open widely and smiles meaningfully. The message that I ‘received’ was "If you are ok with it, I’m ok too…” LOL

It really makes our brain ‘operating’ and does the maths. Ahaks… Though it really seduces us and no matter how much our hearts melt with its gorgeous design… the rational thinking always ‘inter-frame’ our decision in anything. Yaaa…. You know… a lot of things need to be considered when you purchase an asset. *sigh* Besides, the Wira that has been with us for almost 3 years do gives us a sentimental value. Don’t think hubby wanna sell it off as well.

Perhaps after settle with the Wira’s loan repayment, then only consider buying other vehicle. Van maybe… ahaks….

~ our newly painted Wira ~

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Salam Ramadhan

Waaa…. Miss my blog soooooooo much!! Sooooooooo happy that I managed to access my blog and other blogs today!! I have problem to access my blog and even all those accounts for the whole day yesterday!! So worried that the HR has blocked it. They can be sooooo mean you know…. *sigh*

Anyway, hope it’s not too late for me to wish everyone… Happy Birthday Malaysia!! *grin*

My hubby is of the opinion that Malaysia’s birthday should be on September, 16 every year as that was the day when Tanah Malaya merged with Sabah and Sarawak instead of August, 31 which is the birthday of Tanah Malaya itself.

Do you think that the government will approve the proposal of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in respect of the public holiday to be applicable for the whole states in Malaysia on September, 16??

Am not good in politics as I find it very bored!! But, hubby enjoys it very much and hopes that he could be a Politics Analyst in future… Sometimes I find it very funny though... Naughty me!! Perhaps the 4 years exposure being the Sub-Editor in Daily Express has indirectly developed his interests towards political issues… ^_^

O’ya… I have received my Rahsia Blogger booklet on Tues. Wow!! I must be damn serious in blogging huh??!! It’s indeed a handful booklet for a dummies blogger. The book is very well written with simple & easy explanation with diagrams plus useful tips for bloggers. Now that I’m more familiar (am I??) with blogging, I think I should start making traffic to my blog before I could start generate income via it…. What is traffic??? Haaa… get this booklet at RM29.90 at any MPH outlet or purchase online at Rahsia Blogger with RM27.90 only and get two additional e-Books! For your info, I DO NOT get anything by promoting this booklet or the website ok. Just wanna share something sweet with you out there… *wink-wink*

Had your yue bing (mooncakes) for this year Mid-Autumn Festival?? I’m a typical mooncakes lover. Although there are variety of fillings could be found in the markets nowadays, the traditional mooncakes with salted egg yolks is still my fav!! The saltiness of the yolk balances well with the sweet filling in the mooncake. Or else, a plain lotus paste mooncake will do. Nyum-nyum… Perhaps I should try other fillings like Tiramisu, Choc Cream Cheese, etc. Wonder if they are yummie or not… Since my mom doesn’t like the yolks mooncake, we bought her the red bean and mixed fruit & nut (vege) mooncakes… *grin*

By the way, Congratz to my dear friend – Bernilda who has gave birth to a baby boy @ 3.38kg via normal delivery on August, 29. I’ll join you soon… *wink-wink*

Today is my 4th day fasting... Wanna take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends... Happy Fasting and Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak... ^_^ Thanks to the co management for letting us - the Muslim staff to go off an hour early (5pm) for breaking fast preparation... Had Ikan Pari, Karipap and Orange cordial drinks for my 1st day; Karipap, Donuts and Teh Ais for my 2nd day, Fried Mee and Kickapoo for yesterday, today??? Perhaps roti canai or burger will do lah!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who is that lady????

Kringgggggg….. Uppss… there is no longer this kind of ring tone ever since the handphones technology has taken over the communication system widely! Anyway, the message behind the ‘kringggg….’ is just to show that a phone is ringing… as simple as that… LOL.

Back to track… Hubby HP was ringing that night and he answered it. The way he talked, I know that he was talking with a female!! I don’t know how to describe further, but I just know lah!

Being curious, right after he ended the call… I immediately threw him few questions.

Me : Who’s that?

Hubby : Just a friend.

Me : Girl friend?

Hubby : Emmm…

Me : Anything?

Hubby : Naaa… (pissed me off ok??!!)

Kringggggggg…. (10 minutes later) Just after I heard Hubby said “OK”, he hanged up the call and went for shower directly. I was really curious & suspicious. I know Hubby received call from the same person. WHO IS THAT LADY??????????

While hubby was busy getting ready to go out,

Hubby : I’m not coming back tonight.
Me : (I was waiting impatiently for his further explanation)

Hubby : A friend is in trouble. I need to accompany her.

Me : You mean your girlfriend that rang you just now?

Hubby : (No answer)

Me : Dear, pls don’t go. Pls don’t leave me. What if something happen to me? (Tears bursting out as I was begging him)

Hubby : Take this (RM50 notes). Just in case you might need it.

If you are in the same shoes, how would you response??









I looked at my hubby and cried. Hubby woke up, switched off the fan and asked me which leg… He taught that I am having muscle cramp!! He used to it already… LOL.

So, I told him the whole story of my dream as tears still bursting out. He laughed and rubbed off the tears. He convinced me that he wouldn’t leave me for other woman. But, I still insist him to answer how would he react if it happens. He said he would bring me along to see that girlfriend of him. Yaaa… that answer sure satisfy me…. *wink-wink*

It was 2.40am when I woke up after having that nightmare!! Gheezzz… After 20 minutes of ‘cooling down’ session with hubby. We woke up for early Sahur before we doze off again…

Yay… can’t imagine if hubby leave me while I am still carrying his baby inside... or whatsoever the condition is!! *touchwood*