Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pregnancy Check-up @ 36wk

As promised, here’s my ‘journey’ on Monday…

For the previous 2 visits, with 2 appointments – pregnancy routine check-up at Klinik Ibu Mengandung and ultrasound appointment at HKL… Hubby and I will surely go to the Klinik Ibu Mengandung first as the clinic is nearby my house, before proceed to HKL.

But, since we experienced unbearable waiting moments at HKL for the passed 2 visits… buli sakit jiwa ooo!! So, we changed our route this time. Instead of going to the clinic, we went to HKL first and reached there almost 8am. I was the forth or fifth patient I guess. Hubby smile peacefully! Not sure what went wrong or should I say… What went right?? Coz my name was called after the first patient - ‘round 8.25am. Perhaps the other 2 or 3 patients got special cases. Whatever it is… being in the waiting list for less than half an hour at the HKL was indeed a big WOW thou!! *grin*

The Indian male doctor was a bit harsh in toying the transducer which resulting in uncomfy feelings and even a bit painful. *Ouchh* On the other hand, he is pro thou or maybe he was lucky that morning for being able to see my baby’s face…. The minute he placed the transducer on my belly, he detected my baby’s cleft on the right lip. The good news is baby’s palate seems ok (without cleft). I hope he got it correctly for this one!! But somehow, doctor detected baby hands and legs appear shorten. Hmm… scan susah, nda scan pun susah.. macam2 ja ba…

So, I was asked to run a CTG (cardiotocography) to record fetal heartbeat and to identify fetal distress (presence of signs in a pregnant woman—before or during childbirth —that the fetus is not well or is becoming excessively fatigued). Recordings are done by two separate transducers, one for the measurement of the fetal pulse and a second one for the contractions.

Sempat lagi ba… Hehehe… Nurse told me that it would only takes 20 minutes, but I ended up lying there for more than 30 minutes. Grr…

After the CTG, doctor did a fetal growth graph. As per the graph, baby is growing. Of course la ba kan?? And now baby weighing at 2.34kg. Duii… kicilnya!! In fact, there was a 2 weeks difference of baby’s age. If base on my LMP, my EDD should be 21/10 which my pregnancy is now at 36 week. However, the scan result indicated that baby is currently at 34 week and my EDD will be on 9/11. Jeng jeng jeng… I guess I just have to wait until the day lah! Waiting nervously! *sweating*

Somehow, I have to come back for another scan on the 8/10/08 to monitor baby’s condition. *sigh*

We already done at HKL at 10am??!! Unbelievable… :lol:

2pm, went to clinic and only took half an hour over there. Noon is always better as lesser people mah! I will have to visit the clinic every week already starting next week. *sigh*

Oya… my leg (only the right leg) swollen for the second time already since I’m in 34 week. One of my friends told me that I have to be alert on that as she experienced 2 times of leg being swollen and ebb before she delivered. Gulppp....

Should be anytime soon huh??


  1. Laa, sia inda tau pun ko pregnen. Congrats! :D Inda lama lagi tu kan. Ba, jaga diri gia ah :)

  2. Wow...gonna be a mom! :-)

  3. hahaha..sempat lagi be'peace masa check-up bah.. :) besa lah kalau EDD nda ngam later in pregnancy stage..usually yang mula2 tu yang accurate..yang lain nda tu..
    but ur kaki bah..aduiiiii punya bengkak!! nda pernah kaki sia macam tu oh..bah jan ko bediri banyak ah..and kalau ko tidur..guna bantal kasi elevate ur legs..kurang juga tu bengkak tu nanti.. :)

  4. Nessa ~ Will do. Thanks!

    Gallivanter ~ Yep! Cool huh?

    Kadus_Mama ~ sia pun rasa2 mcm mau due before 21/10. Hehehe... Bengkak kan? Weird & funny jg sia rasa kalau tingu kaki sia... ;p

  5. Baru sya kanal ko ni... 1st baby ka? Congrats! Sya belum lagi ni... Planning2 next year. :) *Peace back to you! Hihihi...*

  6. Choc Mint Girl ~ Besa la ba tu kalau baru kanal. Heheheh... Yup, 1st baby. Ni yg nervous ni. Ba, jgn la tunggu lama2 ba. Kikikiki...

  7. Ini barulah sia bilang bangkak tu kaki, lagi teruk dari masa sia preggi tu, itu pun sia malu sudah kluar jalan sebab semua orang tinguk kaki sia..hehehe... bah tidak lagi tu... good luck!!

  8. osso79 ~ Bengkak kan? Yg lucu tu sebelah ja ba! Thats why sia prefer pakai pant dr dress. Ketara tul tu kaki kalau pakai dress. Erkk...

  9. odoiii gia just, bengkak btul kaki ko ni.Ikut la nasihat c Tt tu utk kc krg dulu sia taruh bantal d kaki time tidur, selalu cramp pulak kaki sia.. dont know what went wrong

  10. Mia ~ Skrg sia taruh la ba bantal kunun kalau time tidur. Tp, gitu jg masih pun. Nda lg selalu cramp kaki sia skrg. Mcm makin bengkak pulak kaki sia ni... tp, tu la... sebelah ja! 2 mggu sdh bengkak ni, nda pandai surut2...

  11. just..kalau ko kurang minum air pun kena water retention juga di kaki mesti mau minum air..
    another cause of kaki bengkak nie..ur blood pressure naik..better ko check lagi nanti..

  12. Kadus_Mama ~ Naaa... kalau gitu mungkin pasal kurang air la ni sbb posa kan, sikit la minum air. Haiya... mau minum banyak air la tgk kalau ada kurang ka nda ni bengkak. Thanks Ty.

  13. Wah, nda lama lagi jadi mummy :)
    Take care ah :)

  14. Kobie Vanessa ~ okie dokie! :D


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