Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Check up @ 34wks & Hospital Appointment

Was on MC yesterday. Heheheh… Purposely lah coz’ need to visit clinic for my check-up and also appointment with Hospital. Two different appointments! *sigh*

It was my 8th check-up if not mistaken. Got no. 5 as my lucky no. Ehm… nothing really special, it was just the normal observations except I have to attend a brief talks on breastfeeding this round.

Reached Hospital at 10am. I just hateeeeeeeeeeeee waiting!! Specially when you do not have your number in hand. You can’t even predict when is your turn! Grrr… The nurses stopped calling patients at 12.30pm sharp. I doubt the Dr. has MIA.

See... only few patients but took ages for your turn!!!
Me waiting boringly. I want my bed plzzzzzzzz!!

When hubby has lost his patience, that’s when I scared the most. *sigh* And it will always ended up with our ‘sour faces’ every time we went back home from the Hospital! Geezz….

Eventually, the Dr turned up right after I had a Q&A session with one of the nurse there.

I was called at 1.25pm… 3.5hours later???!!! Phewww…. Patience is the answer, ALWAYSSSSSSS!! Been scanned for almost 15 minutes. However, baby still ‘shy-shy cat’. Either he turned his face to the other side or his hands were blocking the face. Hmm… Dr. still unable to detect his cleft condition and I have to return for next appointment after 2 weeks. *sigh*

Should I go for the next appointment???? Hubby was like fed-up to go to the Hospital already… It is just a scan anyway. Even how bad is the cleft condition is, we still have to face it rite??!! Let’s just see if hubby wanna make it or not…


  1. Eeee....just p lah private clinic scan ur baby..boleh pengsan oh tunggu kalau govt hospital nie..
    Bout ur baby, is it confirmed he has cleft palate?? mana lah tau bulih silap kan?? Apa pun, with the modern era..all he need is a surgery bah tu..don't worry..

  2. agree wt Kadusmama. go to private clinic for the scanning. after surgery, baby will be ok. but need special TLC la...

  3. Kadus_Mama & Mama Mia : Pretty confirmed on the cleft. Only not sure how bad is the cleft. Talked to hubby, should be still going to HKL. This round will make it at 7++am..

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