Friday, September 19, 2008

I WON RM100!!

Yeah… you read it correctly! I WON RM100!!!! Ok, I know it’s not RM1,000 or RM10,000 or RM100,000… jauh sekali RM1 million!! BUT, RM100 is still money right??!!

Hubby always say this, “
Ko fikir kalau duit ko kurang 10sen, ko dapat beli tiket LRT ka??” Naa… you know how important is money huh??!!

It was our first time trying the Power Root’s product. Was looking for my Raspberry tea at first. Somehow, the minute I saw the Power Root range of products, I recalled my mom was saying wanna try the Oligo Café. So, we finally grabbed 2 instant packets of the Power Root’s products – the Ali Café and Oligo Café.

That’s the sachet with a ring tab inside. Bro found it in one fine morning.

The message on the sticker says “NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Congratulations! You have the chance to be the winner of cash prize power root 'You Can Be A Millionaire' contest”.

The next thing I know, I’ve been browsing the Power Root’s website looking for info on the ‘special sachet’! Found out that Power Root is currently running their You Can Be A Millionaire contest from 1/8/08 to 29/2/09. There are two types of giving away prizes; Cash Prize and Monthly Draw Prize. For more info, pls visit Power Root website. Ceh!!

So, in my case here… It’s the Cash Prize lah. Since the amount printed behind the ring tab is RM100, that’s the prize that I won lah!! What I need to do is just to call the Contest Hotline and informed them ‘bout the ‘Special Sachet’, gave them my details and DONE! There is no hassle in answering 2 questions as required. Or perhaps the amount is too small for them?!!

According to the Contest Hotline, their staff will call me back within 45 days. It’s not even 3 days when I received their call again saying that they will arrange someone to come over to my office some time next week. And againnnnn… a lady called me the next morning (yesterday) confirming that she is coming over during lunch time. Wow!! Service baikkkkk punya!!! The whole process only took 4 days I guess… *wink-wink*

She didn’t actually come to my office. We met outside, nearby my office area. Luckily there were not many people passing by during the ‘photo session’. The banner/bunting besar betul ba… Malu jugak la… hahaha…

A BIGGGG THANX to Power Root!! At least, I got extra money to buy my biskut raya. :lol: Should be also continue supporting Power Root after this… Mana la tau kan… *grin*


  1. wah!!!!!!!!!!! Ko tau sia minum ali cafe for few years..hari-hari 2 pek, satu kali pun tia pernah menang oh! Chis betul!!!

  2. congrats to you Just. Bertuahnya ko! Ko nda mo bli byk2 power root dgn RM100 tu? :p

  3. Wah,congrats. Terus sy teringat tu iklan power root ba "Saya menang motooo"..haha

  4. Sooo lucky oh... Me also minum power root hari2, nda pernah menang...

  5. Haaha... wa I didn't know one can really get these prizes. Syoknya, buka tin ja then got RM100 for you!;P

    Mesti syok that feeling. Ya you're right, maybe it's not really much but it's still money!:D

  6. Wah! Betul tu, duit bai tu! Sepa mo kasi RM100 kan. CONGRATZ!! Ada pix lagi tu hehehee... Still on bah tu contest kan?! Nanti sya try la mana tau nasib bagus. :D *Nda pernah2 beli power root ni* :D

  7. Kadus_Mama ~ Blm ada rezeki lg ba tu kunun. Teruskan menyukung Power Root kio... hehehe...

    Mama Mia ~ Bertuahkan Mia??!! Hahaha... Beli bnyk2 Power Root dgn tu RM100 lg tu kunun... Gud idea jg tu... Tp, malangnya... sdh bikin beli benda lain... kekeke...

    Mell_f ~ Thanx. Nasib baik sia masuk iklan... Heheheh...

    Adora ~ Ba, jgn putus asa. Manatau, one day!!

    ArMs ~ Sia pun nda pernah harap dpt prize. So, of coz la syok! ;p

    Choc Mint Girl ~ Iya ba, duit bai tu!! Tu urg ba tu snap pakai digicam dia. So, dgn muka nda malu minta tulung jg snap pakai hp sia. Hahahah... Ba, rajin2 la beli tu Power Root. Contest sampai 29/2/09.

  8. Nah kan, mcm tu iklan bilang "Minumla pawa ruut", hehe anyway congrats!! Lucky lady of the day :) (Kalu ko dkt2 bleh sa minta blnja minum pawa ruut) hehe

  9. Kobie Vanessa ~ Heheh... Buli ba kalau ko... ;p

  10. Wow...punya siok. Sia paling banyak pun pernah manang rm2 yang jackpot lucky!!

  11. osso79 ~ rezeki baby la ba kunun ni!!


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