Monday, September 15, 2008

Jam is Everywhere during Ramadhan

Yippeee!!! Finally, managed to do up to 70% of my agreement’s check list!! *sigh of relief* I know it’s not totally done yet. But at least, the first stage is done for my boss’s review, comments and approval before I proceed further with the remarks of the check list.

And the best part is, my boss is on MC today!! *wink-wink* Not sure if it is a Medical Cert or Malas Cert. Ahakss… As we all know, he is only a normal human being of which every human being has the tendency to be LAZY sometimes… he might needs some break thou… LOL

Hmm… being an hour early released by the co is nothing special actually as we still have to go through the jam! Drivers could easily lose their rational when it comes to jam + raining + Friday! The Traffic lights are not helping at all and always ended up with all cars stuck in the middle of the yellow box / zone with all types of ‘entertaining’ honk as if others will care!! *faint* One really need high confidence and brave enough to drive in KL or else you will be stuck in the middle of the road without moving at all, follow by others honk definitely! Gheezz…

The well-knowed Jln Tun Razak

Jam at the traffic light during raining... stucked there for half an hour - luckily!!

Speaking of this jam, have you been to Jalan Tuanku/Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) before??? Jalan TAR is one of the popular shopping areas of KL. This shopping area of KL has many pre-war buildings whose distinguishing facades are conserved to accommodate many contemporary retailing businesses. In this shopping area you can truly enjoy the shopping and the cultural experience that was prevalent many decades ago.

The famous Mydin Wholesale. Thinking of 'pajaking'... here's the place!

Woopss… it’s not the shops that I wanted to talk about… But, the road itself. My advice ~ don’t drive when you go there during Ramadhan! Pls take the LRT instead. Besides the over-expensive parking fees (RM10 per entry??!!), you will surely take AT LEAST an hour before you managed to park your car or getting out from the area! Gheezzz….

Jalan TAR is very ‘happening’ during Ramadhan as you can find rows of stalls offer variety of products for Hari Raya’s preparation i.e. baju kurung, baju melayu (Sabahan call it baju Selangor), tudung, kuih/biskut raya, table’s clothings, flowers for deco, etc. It should be the price range and wide product choices that make people willing to go through all the hassle, crowd, smell and hot weather!

Look at the crowd at Jln TAR. But, this is still consider ok lah!

Despite all the negative reviews, still I went there during the weekend and managed to grab 3 types of kuih raya. Ahaks…. Hubby has ordered 2 types from his colleague. Should be adding another 3 types of kuih raya! Ahaks… What I enjoy Hari Raya the most is the kuih/biskut raya!! Can’t wait to ‘launch’ them! LOL. Wondering what kuihs that I bought?? Naa… wait for my Raya’s post k…. *wink-wink*

Lots of Biskut Raya choices... wowee!!

Speaking of this kuih/biskut raya… mom and I were thinking to bake our own kuih raya at the first place. I even managed to borrow SIL’s oven. Unfortunately, the second hand oven is having some problems. Poor mom… she was so excited with our plan to bake Kuih Makmur and some other kuihs at the beginning. Don’t worry mom, I’ll make sure you have the chance to bake it next year. I’ll buy an oven for us ok!

That’s pretty much rambling ‘bout my Raya’s preparation… ^_^


  1. i know dis place... org sabah paling suka pigi sana... ada bazaar every saturday kan? betul2 jadi oh ni tempat... sana depan palace hotel, ada sup tulang paling sedap... nyam nyam...

  2. izanazuani ~ Hi! Will only go there if ada mau beli ja ba. Sup tulang dpn Palace Hotel?? Ok, will let my hubby know. He loves sup tulang. Thanx for dropping by ya.. ;p


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