Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Without PC & Internet Is SUX!!

Arghhhhh... What a totally completely boring day for me today!! Been trying to survive until 5pm??!! Without PC??!! Without internet??!! Without blog hoping??!! Warrgghhhhh….. But, that’s what happening to me today!!

This was what happened actually…

Reached office at 8.15am today. Switched on PC. Did my routine – checked and cleared my Outlook and Yahoo inboxes, checked my Friendster, blog, bla bla bla…

A colleague, in the same room suddenly complaint that she smell something burning. Mmm… Let’s name her as Colleague A lah ok. She is a type of person with EXTREME ‘WORRINESS’ especially when it comes to health and self safety. Ok lah, it’s good thing lah… But, when you worry too much, life becomes bored because you tend to determine all those minor minor thingy that shouldn’t really need your attention. Buat sakit utak ja!! Gheezzz…

Back to track… So, there she (Colleague A) was trying to figure out where the hell is the source of the burning smell with her ‘doggy’ nose! Most of the time, the other colleague (Colleague B) and I who are sitting in the same room with Colleague A, never really bother her. Toooooo lazy to entertain her unacceptable questions on her worries. Poor girl!

Nevertheless, Colleague B smells it soon later and later on me too. My smelling sense is a bit ‘slow’ thou. Ahaksss…

At first, I thought it was from the printer next to my desk. Unfortunately, it was from my workstation. Soooo funny that we actually need to get people from other dept to figure it out for us. We suspected it should be the extension. So, we changed it to a new one. I switched on my PC and after 15 minutes, againnn…. We could smell the burning smell!! So, I guess it should be my CPU lah!! DAMN!! No choice but to switch off my PC!! @&^%#*

The best part is… our outsource-IT guy which is supposed to come over, unable to make it pulak! Have to wait until Monday!! *faint* What should and what could I do without PC in office???!!! Grrrr… Feel like going back home and zzzz….

But, if I am to think on the positive side, I might be getting a new PC thou??!! Yahhoooo… My pc pun tua sudah ba… memang patut pun kena tukar sudah!! *sigh*

So, this is the best time for me to clear my workstation… before I start my 2 months maternity leave… *wink-wink*

Now that I have finished clearing up all the sampah sarap… Gatal jugak tangan mau guna PC. Thanks to the resigned staff for this extra PC that I’m currently using while waiting til' 5pm!! Another 1 hour to suffer!! Pheww…. I think I should bring my laptop on Monday lah… just in case I have to suffer 8 hours in the office without PC and internet on that day!! The IT guy pun bukannya terrer betul mau fix PC. Hampeh tul!!!


  1. Get a new PC, solve the headache :-)

  2. patut la ko nda online ym sepanjang hari....hehe

  3. Gallivanter ~ Sure I will if only I'm in the HR dept!!

    Mama Mia ~ itu la tu pasal... hehehe...


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