Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Blues!

Pheww… Been busy since last Friday and today, still continuing my Friday’s task! *yawn* Flipping through this agreement, doing the check list of my co’s obligations against the agreement is totally BORING!! *yawn* I've keep it with me for 2 weeks by now!! Really wanted to finish and get rid-off this deadly boring task ASAP!! What a Monday blues!! *sigh*

Wonder if your workin' week is as typical as the above...

Just a short note for today and will be back with my new entries once I finish off the agreement thingy… gheezz… Better finish it today or else would have stuck with it like forever!! Grrrrrrrr……


  1. i feel d same too :(

  2. Arghhhh sia punya monday pun mau mati sudah nie..penat gila eh..until now belum teupdate lagi blog sia..
    Apa week nda lah typical macam si doggy tu..hehehe sia selalu besemangat juga bah..


You're 'bout to corner... ;p