Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Newly Wed August's Couple

Hmm... was trying to post somethin' yesterday. Unfortunately after several attempts I got pissed off by the message appeared on my monitor for all the attempts... "not connecting to the internet"??!! Grrr...

Well... while browsing through my Friendster yesterday... Found out that one of my ex-classmates in SMSM has also tied a knot last month. Thanks to Friendster for connecting me with quite a number of my long lost friends out there. Most of them are totally the lost contact friends ever since SPM. Almost 12 years??!! Woww… time really flies so fast kan??!!

Anyway, to Sharon Kaur & Jason… Congratz on your wedding! Your joyride has just begun… May the melody of your wedding bells, keep chiming in your life forever…

Emm… I have this habit of copying and saving my friends’ wedding pix which uploaded into their Friendster’s album or from other friends’ album, for my collection. Earlier, after I have developed the pix, I will delete the softcopies. But now… I prefer to keep them in softcopies format. *wink-wink*

For this round, I’ll share some of the wedding pix of my two friends married last month.

FRIEND #1 : SABRINA & MILDY (23 Aug 08)

* Wish I could have Sab's studio wedding pix in my collection too...


Catch up for others wedding pix in my next entry ok… *grin*


  1. Wait til you try Facebook, if you haven't already... :-)

  2. Gallivanter ~ there are sooo many of the 'connector' ba out there... dunno how to manage them. That's why still stick to one only - Friendster. Nyway, thanx for droppin' by ya..

  3. when can we have our 3b-1 reunion? :p

  4. Mia ~ Sepa next kawin? Hope I can make it. Consider reunion la tu. Selalu pun sia ja yg MIA. ;p

  5. wah!!! punya cantik si Sab...
    and of course ur friend too..
    Itu baru lah seri pengantin.. :)

  6. eee besst o mcm nda sabar2 sa mau kawin tingu ni gambar2 suma heeheh

  7. Kadus_Mama ~ Kalau sudah pengantin, mesti la berseri2 kunun...

    Kobie Vanessa ~ Sia pun gitu jg dulu before kawin... mcm excited tgk wedding pix urg lain! Ba, cpt2 la... ;p


You're 'bout to corner... ;p