Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag - Difficult one!!

Well, another Tag by KadusMama...

* My roommates and I once: shared to buy 1 pc of mooncake with yolk filling inside. RM4 was never cheap to a student ok!! It’s our 1-meal cost!!

* Never in my life have I: travel out of Malaysia! Been dreaming to… Wait till I get my passport.

* High school was: mmm… just ok la! I’m not an active student thou…

* When I’m nervous: I blush! I speak fastly, walk fastly, no eyes contact, hardly think positive… macam2 la bah kunun!!

* My hair: take ages to grow!!

* When I was 5: I’m in my 2nd yr kindergarten.

* When I turn my head left: I can see cabinets full of files!!

* I should be: Start taking leaves and rest at home by now… unfortunately, my AL only left 3 days!! Should be taking leave a week before my EDD. 

* By this time next year: My baby should be able to walk already!

* My favorite aunt is: Anty Lee. Very supportive, sporting, loving….

* I have a hard time understanding: Politics??!! Yayyy…

* My ideal breakfast is: A cup of Nescafe will do. Currently have to opt for Milo/milk.

* If you visit my home town: Don’t be surprise if piggies are the pet! Just joking! LOL

* If you spend the night at my house: You have to sleep at the living room if you don’t mind. My house only has 2 rooms. Sorry!

* The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: Sylvester flying next to Tweety Bird! How cute!! Give them a break lah!

* I shouldn’t have been: fasting at my almost 9th mths pregnancy??? Yeah… I know you guys disagree with me...

* Last night I: Dozed off at the cushion while watching Son-Woo-Kung – too full!!

* A better name for me would be: Whatever but not my existing name. Had chosen Lyanna Alyssa anyway!

* I’ve been told I look like: My mom especially the nose…

* If I could have any car, it would be: Persona / Storm. So nice of me for not dreaming of any other luxury cars hor?!!

Tag goes to Barb & Melle...
Agree with you KadusMama... This tag is difficult-to-to tag!

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  1. i hate and don't understand our current politic too..hahaha bikin sakit kepala saja pikir..


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