Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who is that lady????

Kringgggggg….. Uppss… there is no longer this kind of ring tone ever since the handphones technology has taken over the communication system widely! Anyway, the message behind the ‘kringggg….’ is just to show that a phone is ringing… as simple as that… LOL.

Back to track… Hubby HP was ringing that night and he answered it. The way he talked, I know that he was talking with a female!! I don’t know how to describe further, but I just know lah!

Being curious, right after he ended the call… I immediately threw him few questions.

Me : Who’s that?

Hubby : Just a friend.

Me : Girl friend?

Hubby : Emmm…

Me : Anything?

Hubby : Naaa… (pissed me off ok??!!)

Kringggggggg…. (10 minutes later) Just after I heard Hubby said “OK”, he hanged up the call and went for shower directly. I was really curious & suspicious. I know Hubby received call from the same person. WHO IS THAT LADY??????????

While hubby was busy getting ready to go out,

Hubby : I’m not coming back tonight.
Me : (I was waiting impatiently for his further explanation)

Hubby : A friend is in trouble. I need to accompany her.

Me : You mean your girlfriend that rang you just now?

Hubby : (No answer)

Me : Dear, pls don’t go. Pls don’t leave me. What if something happen to me? (Tears bursting out as I was begging him)

Hubby : Take this (RM50 notes). Just in case you might need it.

If you are in the same shoes, how would you response??









I looked at my hubby and cried. Hubby woke up, switched off the fan and asked me which leg… He taught that I am having muscle cramp!! He used to it already… LOL.

So, I told him the whole story of my dream as tears still bursting out. He laughed and rubbed off the tears. He convinced me that he wouldn’t leave me for other woman. But, I still insist him to answer how would he react if it happens. He said he would bring me along to see that girlfriend of him. Yaaa… that answer sure satisfy me…. *wink-wink*

It was 2.40am when I woke up after having that nightmare!! Gheezzz… After 20 minutes of ‘cooling down’ session with hubby. We woke up for early Sahur before we doze off again…

Yay… can’t imagine if hubby leave me while I am still carrying his baby inside... or whatsoever the condition is!! *touchwood*


  1. bengong...hahahahaha... bikin suspen aku ja... ingat apa la bunyi org nangis2 tengah2 malam... luv u honey.. muahhhh!!

  2. alala Just..smpi termimpi buruk ko..jgn byk pikir bah.

  3. :) selalu orang bilang dream nie opposite of reality..
    Don't worry just, selalu pregnant nie memang mimpi macam2..

  4. Asai ~ Luv u too, Dear.

    Mama Mia ~ 2nd time sdh temimpi buruk ni...

    Kadus_Mama ~ Tp mimpi ko selalu yg betul2 pulak kan... ee.. palis2!!

  5. iya bah..me yang scary sebab my dream selalu come true..
    But ada sia baca d buku dulu, in pregnancy, kalau mimpi tu sebab ko telampau pikir bah tu..

  6. Bikin saspen oo..huhu..rupanya mimpi.

  7. Kadus_Mama ~ mungkin la jg telmpau bnyk fikir...

    Mell ~ Saspen kunun kan?? Hahaha... Tipah tertipu???

  8. hmmn tat's wat i heard too...time pregnant mmg mimpi yg bukan2..anyway bagus lg ko mimpi gitu suspen, nangis aje..hahaha long ago, I ada mimpi like tat, I pukul my hubby LOL until he woke me up ;) betul2 sia pukul.

  9. jppmom ~ Waa!! Kes mengigau sudah tu!! Tp, time tu la the best chances utk kita 'pukul' hubby!! Ahaks...

  10. Esther ~ post ni mmg diplan in such a suspend ways kunun... hahaha... :D


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