Monday, October 06, 2008

1 Syawal

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… Now that you are able to read my latest post for today, meeeeans… I AM still working and no early delivery during Raya! Hehehehe…

What a long break huh??!! Uppss… some of you only had the 2 days PH. What to do lah kan?! So, how’s raya celebration and/or holidays??

As for me… I went for another last minute shopping on the very last day of Ramadhan. Again, bought kuih raya!! Too tempting!! Yummy yummy… Malam raya, changed cushion’s covers, filled up kuih raya into the bottles… Mum was excited too as this was our first time raya together and she did feel like as if it was a preparation for CNY. No lemang, nasi impit, ketupat, kari or rendang preparation… wonder why?? Continue reading k…

Kuih raya of the year... hehehe...

1 Syawal… Woke up early (nda jg awal betul ba!), showered, dressed up… the most important thing was to salam my hubby, minta ampun for every single lil’ thing that I could have done wrongly as a wife. *wink-wink*

Thanks to Anty E and friend for willing to accept a last minute tailoring order!
Purple theme for this year!!

Family pix - Hubby, me mom and bro

After the pix session and had our kuih raya, we were then head to my SIL's house. Another 2 younger SIL and BIL were already there.

After the bersalam-salaman session among the siblings, it was makan time… SIL prepared ketupat palas, lemang, rendang, chicken curry and 1 vege dish. Her rendang was yummmmmy even mum love it very muuuuch. Mum is very fussy when it comes to meat. When you see her eating meat, then thumbs up to the chef!! Now you know why we do not have to prepare the lemang & rendang huh?

Next, we went to my uncle’s house at Gombak. Besides the kuih raya, we had our 2nd round of lemang and rendang. But still we preferred SIL’s rendang!!

Only 2 houses already make me full! Pheww…

For the rest of the days until yesterday, I only stayed at home watching tv. Bored huh? But there are lots of tv programs to be watched!!

I’ve been trying to finish this post since this morning. *sigh* I guess I just stopped it here la k. Bukan ada story best pun… At least, you know that I AM still counting for my delivery day nervously.... *grin*


  1. wah!!!!! ada kuih makmur sia nampak!! punya sedap!! Just, teda ruma terbuka kah?? hehee

  2. aisey sia nampak tart nenas o...klu sia sna, misti sia attack d kuihs..nda berapa interested sm yg heavy-heavy pny mknan...:p

  3. Haiii... Happy Hari Raya!!! I had a fun time during Raya break pigi open house hihihi... Sadap nampak tu kuih muih kamu ohhh... Macam mo cari2 open house lagi nih! Ha ha...

  4. Oya! Purple lagi! My fave colour... :D

  5. Kadus_Mama ~ Susah tau mau cari kuih makmur yg sedap. That want buli ckp sedap la! Open house? Takut time2 sia buat open house, tepaksa pulak halau semua guest sbb mau terberanak. Hahaha... Tp, buli jg ba kalau mau dtg. :D

    Mama Mia ~ Mia, tu tart nenas sia terbeli yg nda sedap! Ada bau tapai! Nenas lama mengkali tu. Sia pun actually kalau p beraya d rmh urg lg suka attack the kuihs! Hehhehe...

    Choc Mint Girl ~ Glad that you enjoyed your raya! Sbb nmpk semua sedap la TERbeli bnyk jenis kuih! 1 bln ba raya, bnyk lg rmh buli p serang tu. Hahaha... Purple is my fav colour too... :p

  6. some time look can be real deceiving kn..d taste is not as good as it looks.

  7. Mama Mia ~ 100% agree with u! Next yr, if ada rezeki, mau try bake few types. Hehehe...

  8. Banyaknya kuih Raya... ada lagi ka?? :D Sia miss 2 Raya suda ever since sia tinggal di KL, if not memang di tempat uncle sia di Lokkawi.

    Ba, bersabar la menghitung hari ah... jaga diri slalu!

  9. Nessa ~ Bnyk meh?? Kalau nda kontrol2 tu, abis sdh lor... hahahah... nasib baik mau tunggu mentua blk dr kk. ;p
    Brp lama sdh d KL? Dulu sia d Putatan, tp sdh pindah p Bfort.
    Nda sabar sdh ni... hehehe...


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