Thursday, October 09, 2008

FORCE Labouring!!!

Hahahaha... the subject saja mau kasi suspen!! :lol:

Another Board Meeting on this coming 16th which means another Board Paper to be prepared. Before I start occupying myself with extracting agreements thingy AGAIN for the Board Meeting, let’s talk ‘bout yesterday…

Am on MC again yesterday. Padahal baru 2 days start working :lol: But, hey… now is the easiest time to get MC ok. The doctor will surely generous enuff to issue MC to a 38 wk preggy lady without questioning. *wink-wink*

We began our journey (ceh!! Macam jauh ja perjalanan!!) to hospital at 7.25am. Reached hospital at 7.45am. I was the 3rd patient of the day and was called in for ultrasound at 8.55am. 

As per last visit, I guess morning is the best time to see baby’s face. Baby is now weighting at 2.57kg! Doctor only asked me to prepare mentally and physically as I’m going to deliver ANYTIME!! Phew… I wish I will too… Panat sdh bawa2 ni perut ni… kekekeke…. Besides, I still have 2 routine check-ups next week which I really I wanted to avoid them… If by 20th (my EDD), am still not delivering… I will have to go direct to the hospital. Don’t tell me they wanted to induce me??? FORCE LABOURING??? Ohhh noooooo…. Baby, keluar la capat!! Kesian mumy…

Wonder when am I going to start on leave?? Am still considering lah! I only have balance of 2.5 days of AL to be cleared. Which means if I applied 5 days leaves for next week, the other 2.5 days will be unpaid leaves, IF( if lah) no delivery within those days applied. 60 maternity leaves will only start ticking on the day that I delivered. One thing to complaint here… Why the hell the 60 days is inclusive of all the public holidays, replacement of PH if it falls on Sunday, Saturdays and Sundays?????? Gheezzz…

Mmm… I think I might be start on leave on Wednesday, 15th lah!! Staying at home waiting for unpredictable delivery pun boring juga. At least, I got internet at office!

I’ve been thinking to apply for a broadband actually. Just for the sake of my 2 mths maternity leaves??? Yayyy… But, seriously… do I have time for internet browsing or blog hopping during my confinement at home?? Being a first time mom, I am totally ZERO in motherhood knowledge! I have to learn ‘bout baby! I have to learn to be a mom! I have to learn and be alert on everything single lil’ thing! Naaa… you tell me whether I have time for ‘broadbanding’ during my confinement??? I guess it is not worth for me to invest on it huh???


  1. muahaha Just, nda sabar2 suda mo jadi mama ko ar. anyway, trust me, after u deliver, u wont hv time to browse d Net, let alone blog hoping! every hour d baby nangis minta nen2 mah.

  2. my colleague (which i mentioned in your first comment in my blog) is in her 36th week now. She wish to just have a c-sect but since dia pigi govt hosp...mana kasi tu unless ada complication. kalau buli, mmg sekarang dia sdh start confinement dia sdh tu. adakah dia bilang...dia ndak sanggup mo endure itu labour pain....hahahaha...

    well, if you pop anytime soon..i wish you a safe delivery...both you and baby.

    ya...pasang lah broadband....ada jg ko buli update kami while you are being confined at home :)

  3. Mama Mia ~ Naa.. tu la tu yg sia fikir2 tu. Sikit lg sia apply ari tu. Tp, terus sia rasa tunggu after deliver dulu la. Mau tgk schedule as a mom dulu kunun. Hehhee..

  4. Berdebar2 sya baca post ko ni... Sebab next time if my turn, ahhh... tia dapat imagine camana (???)...

  5. getting online on confinement is the best postnatal stress relief therapy...for me lah, kaki online shopping kan. hehehe..

  6. chegul carol ~ my hubby pun mau bw sia p hosp today minta induce coz the date santik ba kunun (10.10.08). Bengong! As u said, govt hosp sure go for normal unless ada complication.

    I'll reconsider 'bout the broadband. Kalau nda pun, minta tulung ja hubby update my blog. :D

    Choc Mint Girl ~ Sia pun berdebar2 jg ni even semangat sdh mau bersalin awal kunun. Sia pun still wonder & imagine mcmana la tu aa... ???

    Joyce ~ Naaa... ada yg sukung sia ni tau!! Adehh... sia pikir2 lg aaa... ;p

  7. just..tia kena induced tu kalau govt hospital unless ko sudah post due 1 minggu..dulu sia over 4 hari pun kena suruh tunggu juga..hehe
    yang ke-2 baby memang sia induced lah..heheheee jan ko lagi sakit dari normal delivery tu

  8. Kadus_Mama ~ Ko terover due ka pulak?? Kalau buli, mau escape dr induce ni!! Sia dgr2 pun sakit kalau kena induce... adeh!!!


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