Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Goes On

It’s 13th and I’m still not due yet!!! Everyone in the office keeps on repeating the same questions whenever they bumped into me… in the toilet, pantry, passing by…
* You still around?
* Belum meletup lagik??
* When is your due date?
* When are you going to start on leave?

And I have to answer and answer again… almost everyday except weekend of coz!! Geezz…
Berat mata memandang, berat lagik bahu memikul bah!!

Received call from the Hospital this morning. An Antenatal class will be conducted on this Wednesday. I’ve called to enquire ‘bout it earlier (before Puasa). Unfortunately, there were no one signed up to attend the class and of coz they won’t conduct the class if there are only 1 or 2 participants. Tot I would never have the chance to attend the class… By attending the class, I guess I will be more mentally and physically prepared, confident and have a rough idea to face the laboring process specially the breathing part!! *sweating* However, I will have to attend the class all by myself as hubby is at his busy mode at office this week… *sigh*

Alamak… just recalled that I have a check-up appointment at the Klinik Ibu Mengandung on the same day. I won’t be able to make it then. Better to attend the class to gain some knowledge, besides I will have another check-up at the Hospital on Friday. *sigh*

Oya… there will be a Sabah Ultimate Home and Property Exhibition which is organized by SHAREDA (Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association) at 1 Borneo, KK from 16/10 to 19/10. I’ll definitely be there IF I am at KK. Am currently looking and planning to purchase house in KK before going back to KK PERMANENTLY (<--- yeah! You read it correctly!)! Woww… IT IS indeed a big decision in my life!

Been stuck here in KL for almost 10 years (inclusive the 3 yrs student life)!! I think it’s time to consider starting a new life in KK. Nda jugak kaya2 keja di KL ni!!
Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lagi bagus di negeri sendiri!! Ahakss… Friends and relatives keep on asking me the same questions everytime I went back to KK…

*When are you coming back?
*Nda mau balik Sabah sudah ka?
*Mau jadi urang KL sdh ka?

If only I go back to Sabah right after I finished my study, wonder how my life would be now! It sounds negative pulak kan?! Nope, I don’t mean staying in Sabah is bad but of coz it would be different la bah kan… Things might not be as what it is now… Perhaps I won’t married my hubby, I won’t convert, I won’t… mm.. I don’t know what will happen… But, one thing for sure… LIFE GOES ON and there is nothing to regret about… It is our destiny…

Anyway, for those who are going to the Exhibition this weekend, tulung lah tingu2 and share any collectible properties info for me ok… *wink-wink*


  1. Oh, SIE (Sabah Int'l Expo) bah di 1Borneo tu... Eh, lama suda pulak ko di KL kan. Ya, your destiny and the best part is... experience. K, nda la sya mo tanya bila ko melatup2 ni hehehe... Pandai jga ko update nanti tu. Take care! :)

  2. just begitu lah bah life..sia pun pernah juga pikir, if only sia study betul2 masa spm dulu..i won't need to do my matrix di sabah..but ingat balikk..kalau nda buat di sabah..nda lah sia jumpa my hubby now..hehe so everything happend for a reason..nda payah lah pikir2 kan..
    Pasal mau meletup tu..adeh..sabar saja lah..when the time comes..pandai juga bah baby ko kuar tu..hehheee


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