Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Last Posting...

Well, today is my last working day before I start on leaves tomorrow. Meaning to say, this would be my last entry as well before I ‘reactivate’ myself again. Gheezz… gonna miss my workstation, pc, colleagues, net surfing and blog hoping soooo verrrry mucccch!! *teary eyes*

Of coz’ I’ll try my best to persuade hubby to help me in updating my blog on my behalf. Already did the step by step instructions guide for him thou, with the illustrations some more!! It would be peanuts then!! Don’t think he can say NO this round… :lol:

Have already cleared everything in my hand. Handed over stuff to other colleague. Emailed whatever softcopies of files to my boss for his safekeeping. Yup… 100% ready for my long leaves!! *grin* I don’t actually mind if they are going to call me asking this and that during my confinement which I pretty much sure that they will at their very best try to avoid doing so.

Guys… pray for me & baby and wish me luck ok… Will update you soon... *wink-wink*


  1. alah!! last sudah ka??
    Bah take care ah just..
    Pray you will have a safe delivery..

  2. aisey..u start cuti oredi tomorrow...Take good care ya!

  3. take care & all d best!

  4. Yes, will pray for you! :) Stay healthy with baby. :)

  5. Wish u all the bessssttt Just :)

  6. All the very best to you... I will miss your postings. You keep well ya. Prayers for you too! :D


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