Friday, October 10, 2008

*Sleepy Mode* (Updated)

*Yawn* Totally sleepy like hell now! As if the eyes been attack by million of stones!! *yawn* Another 3 hours to 6pm!! *yawn* Gheezzz…

Our Contract Department has invited me for a makan-makan during lunch just now, in conjunction with Hari Raya la ba kunun ni. It’s a port luck actually, where everyone will have to bring their own dish. So, I did bring some kuih raya.

Since it’s a Raya celebration, ketupat and rendang sure will be the compulsory dish lah kan. We also have nasi pulut, curry, fried mihun, fried rice, fruit (mango), kuih seri muka and of coz the kuih raya.

The ketupat, rendang, nasi pulut and curry are superb!!! Yummy!! But, 3 attempts were enuff to make me full already. 3 and not 2 attempts ok!! By the way, the ketupats are not instant one ok. My colleague spent 8 hours to steam them!! *roll eyes*

They even managed to snap few pix during the makan-makan. Will upload later lah yaa… Wait for my updated version k…

Me added nasi pulut for the 3rd round! Can't resist the curry bah!

From left : Myza, Madam (Datuk's sis), me and Mrs. So

Short post for today as brain not ‘working’ properly lah! Tummy is too full too generate idea as tummy keeps on sending sleepy and lazy signal to the brain!

Oya! Just to update you guys that I’ve submitted my leave form to the HR dept. I will be start on leave on the 15th Oct. IF (if lagik!) I deliver over the weekend, then my leave application will be cancelled automatically and replaced with maternity leave. Let just see if I’m around or not on Monday!!


  1. halu Just..wah nda lama lgi ko maternity leave o kan, I wish you best of luck <---eh ngam ka tu, hehe.. u take care, and God bless u & future born baby :)

  2. Bah... tunggu2 seja ni kalo ada update dalam blog. :) Take good care and wishing you and baby are healthy. :)

  3. Kobie ~ Yeah, I need that luck as well. Heheh... Thanks...

    Choc Mint Girl ~ Ok, nanti sia pujuk hubby sia tulung update dlm blog sia k... TQ!

  4. Wah... makan makan time...

    maternity leave... cuti cuti malaysia a neh..hehehe
    Best OF LUck aaa...

    bulih ka tu aa sia pun mo cuti begitu..

  5. BuDakHutaN ~ cuti2 Malaysia d rmh la time maternity leave tu.. belajar jd mama budak!! Muahahaha... Buli ba kalau ko pun mau!! :D


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