Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Update & Decision Making


Hmmm… I wonder what’s poppin’ up in your mind when you saw an update from my blog today?? The subject sound serious and scary too huh?? Heheheh… You guys must be expecting to hear good news from me huh?! *grin*

Well, I do hope that I can share the good news with you all by now. But, I guess you guys still have to wait lah!!

Went to Hospital this morning. Uppsss… you guys should read it as yesterday morning as I did the typing of my post at nite.

Doctor said that my water bag’s level is still ok. Baby is currently weighting at 2.85kg. Not bad huh for a fussy eater like me??! As per Kadus_Mama’s comment on one of my entry… yeah… I have to wait another week??!! *sigh* *roll eyes* I will have to admit to the hospital on the 29/10 if I still not delivered within these days. Oo’ohhh… That’s the very last thing I wanted to do and avoid if possible!!

I guess I got the wronged instinct then! Tot that I would be giving birth earlier than my EDD. Sekalinya, post due pulak!! Aisehhhh…

The worst part is Doctor only issue 1 day MC for me which is for today (yesterday). Gheezzz… I actually asked for 1 week MC but Doctor refused. What’s wrong with that? So, I’m considering whether I should go to the office this week?? Of coz not tomorrow (today) coz’ I’ll be staying at home tomorrow (today)! Thinking ‘bout the unpaid leaves make me pening!! It would be at least 5 days of unpaid leaves!! *faint*

But, don’t you think it’s weird to return to the office when you are actually on leaves?! And to be exact, it’s a maternity leaves??! Weird + funny lah!! Plus, I just can’t imagine if only my water bag burst when I’m in office!! Ohh… dear!! Malunya!! *blush* I would surely create a history!!! Goshh… I definitely do not want to take the risk ok! Perhaps, I’ll opt for an advance of my maternity leaves! I know it would be easy for me to say it at the present as I don’t see my baby yet! Wait till baby is around, then only I realize how heavy hearted it is to be apart with a lil’ baby! *teary eyes*

One of my friends is of the opinion that I should just go to work instead… Moving and exercising might expedite the labouring process. Yeah… I know that! But… Seeeee… always a ‘but’!! She also added that it is not like as showed in the movie where you’ll be labouring easily without experiencing any early signage such as vaginal pain, back pain, waist pain, vaginal discharge, etc.

However, hubby and aunt advised that I should just stay at home…

Woww… tough decision again… What you say???

p/s: Posted by Hubby on behalf of me! Thanks Dear…


  1. Stay at home, why risk it at work. Besides, you could do some light workout too at home.

  2. I agree with Gallivanter. Even at home pun can do light exercise mah.

  3. I think because suda limpas the due date kan, so besa la rasa tia sabar suda. Try to occupy yourself at home, kadang tu bila kita lupa, tu masa la tu baby mo kluar :D

  4. Ahh, boleh ambil advice juga di sini. Agree with others, avoid stress at work and risk, stay at home. :)

  5. Just..congrats on ur baby arrival! jan lupa post pix ya..

  6. Eh, sia tebaca KM punya komen ko suda beranak! Congrats!! Tahniah!! Hapi for you :D Can't wait to see your baby pix ni.


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