Thursday, November 27, 2008


Time flies so fast huh? My lil’Yon was already 1 mth old last Monday, 24 Nov 08 and it was his clinic appointment. Nda abis2 la ba sama clinic since preggy!! *faint* Lil’ Yon was japed with 2nd dose of the Hep B. Poor him…

Lil’ Yon sleeping peacefully while waiting for his turn

Lil’ Yon being weighted. He is 4kg now. Gaining 800g in a mth.

Surprisingly, kwai2 pulak dia kena timbang…
Latest pix! So, lil’ Yon looks like his dad or his mom? Hehehe…

As a ‘thank you’ to all my colleagues at Jetson for the playpen, I sent each of them a cupcake. *grin*

Simple cuppies designed by Dida of SweetYummy

Cuppies were individually packed and labeled with
“Baby Fullmoon Thanksgiving, from Rayyan Adrian (s/o Just)”
Mcm mau berbisnes pulak… kikikiki…

For now, I enjoyed posting images then rambling. Time constraint ba kunun… ahaks… Choww… ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008

Say bye-bye to good sleep at nite!

Wowwww… miss my blog sooooooo very much and of coz’ blog hopping too… So, just droppin’ by at cyber café to peep… ahaks… Sorry la for not visiting you guys for these 2 months… Opss… 1 month to go!! *wink-wink*

Wondering how am I doin’ as a mom?? Phew… the first two weeks was tough… Baby crying almost every nite for few hours!! *faint* No more good sleep at nite! Have to wake up every 1-2 hours for feeding. (No breastfeeding ya!) I must say a million thanks to my mom for all the supports. Without her, I don’t think hubby and I can manage it. I do pity my mom for doing all the house chores herself besides managing my lil’ Yon. She looks tired almost every day but still she does them all without muttering. Thanks mom! You’re the best!!

Mom and lil’ Yon

Oya… I wanna congrats to one of my best buddy, Joceline for her newborn baby boy on 19 Nov 2008. Welcome to the club, friend!

I also wanna say a big thanks to my colleagues at Jetson for the tokens and also the playpen. Never thought that I will be having a striking colour of playpen…

Baby Yon and his playpen

Baby Yon loves to be carried as the above pix

Ok la… Baby Yon is waiting for me at home. See you guys soon. ^_^

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'M A MOM!!!


The moment that I’ve been waiting for sooooo long since early this year. *relief*

This entry supposedly meeting you guys last 2 weeks I guess... but due to some technical errors and some other reasons (kunun!!)... hubby was not able to publish it... Sorry for the long wait... *wink-wink*

Chronology of event: (Sinang cerita ba! Hehehe…)

24 OCTOBER 2008

5am – 7am:
Contraction getting frequent from time to time even there were no blooding or leakage of water bag.

7am – 7.45am:
Showered and getting ready to the Hospital (HKL).

8.15am – 9.30am:
Admissions counter of HKL. They were sooooo slow!!! VE (I supposed it stands for Vaginal Examination) was done and it was already opened 4cm! (4cm??!!!!  *Gulp*) I was then pushed to the Labour Room by wheel chair.

Labour Room! 2nd VE done – 5cm! I presumed I will have to go through another few more tough hours before delivering.

Felt like poo-poo and I still got time to think “If terberak ni, malunya!!”
3rd VE done – 8cm!! When I heard 8cm, I was so shocked yet relief at the same time. Some of the first timer mom will have to experience a “1 hour for 1cm opening” of labouring process. *faint*

Nurse offered to jap the Epidural. But, I said no. Earlier, I did plan to jap it. But, after some considerations, I managed to convince myself that I can do it even without Epidural.

Started the ‘pushing’ part. I don’t think it was painful thou. To me, it was really tiring!! Episiotomy was done as the opening was only 9cm but baby can’t wait no longer. Having a really good ‘cheerleaders’ team (a doctor, a midwife, 2 nurses and my hubby - luckily he didn’t faint!! Hahha...) was indeed very helpful.

A lil’ baby boy was finally born! There is no word in this world that could describe what the exact feeling is when they put the baby on my chest! I cried without tears… All the tiredness gone with the wind… And the blessing part is baby was born with cleft lip only without cleft palate. Alhamdulillah… syukur kepada Allah SWT.

Baby on my chest rite after he was born

11.35am – 12.25pm:
Needlework’!! Goshhhh…. It was 100 times painful than the ‘pushing’ part! Gheezz… still could feel the needle!! Surely a trauma to every first time mom!! Phew…
I was then left over at the Labour Room after being fed with a cup of hot milk.

1.20pm – 2.00pm:
Ready to be sent over to my bed. They placed baby next to me for breastfeeding. I was soooo touched! Since baby has cleft lip, his ‘vacuum’ system is not as good as the other babies. So, breastfeeding is not successfully working. Formula Milk is the answer as top-up milk.

Ok… enough lah with the labouring story. Need to make the story shorter bah… Heheheh…

I was then discharged on 26 Oct after doctor confirmed that both baby and I were ok.

Hospital has arranged for appointment with doctor from the plastic surgery unit for further advices and arrangement for surgery to be done on 14 January 2009.

Oppsss… I guess I have to stop now. Catch up with you guys soon with more stories and pix of me being a mom ok… *wink-wink*

Oya.... You guys must be wondering of his name huh? RAYYAN ADRIAN… That’s his name. We call him Yon… ^_^