Friday, November 21, 2008

Say bye-bye to good sleep at nite!

Wowwww… miss my blog sooooooo very much and of coz’ blog hopping too… So, just droppin’ by at cyber café to peep… ahaks… Sorry la for not visiting you guys for these 2 months… Opss… 1 month to go!! *wink-wink*

Wondering how am I doin’ as a mom?? Phew… the first two weeks was tough… Baby crying almost every nite for few hours!! *faint* No more good sleep at nite! Have to wake up every 1-2 hours for feeding. (No breastfeeding ya!) I must say a million thanks to my mom for all the supports. Without her, I don’t think hubby and I can manage it. I do pity my mom for doing all the house chores herself besides managing my lil’ Yon. She looks tired almost every day but still she does them all without muttering. Thanks mom! You’re the best!!

Mom and lil’ Yon

Oya… I wanna congrats to one of my best buddy, Joceline for her newborn baby boy on 19 Nov 2008. Welcome to the club, friend!

I also wanna say a big thanks to my colleagues at Jetson for the tokens and also the playpen. Never thought that I will be having a striking colour of playpen…

Baby Yon and his playpen

Baby Yon loves to be carried as the above pix

Ok la… Baby Yon is waiting for me at home. See you guys soon. ^_^


  1. hehe,,welcome to motherhood Just. Gitu la klu ada anak suda, teda lg masa utk diri sndri. Tp lama2 ok la suda tu..

  2. Hi Just..congrats. U baby looks cute la..:).Nnt c bebet lagi join club ko ni..hehehe.

  3. Mama Mia ~ Mau adjust everything sdh ni tau... specially timing wise. Kalau dulu, buli lambat bgn... skrg mana buli sdh!

    Sherol ~ Thanks. Ko pun bila lg mau join the club???

    Choc Mint Girl ~ Sweet kan.. Sia pun suka tgk tu pix.


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