Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm back!!!

Maternity leave is over and I’m back to work today!! Feeling bad to leave Baby Yon at home when he’s having fever. He was japed during his second visit to clinic yesterday. He’s now weighting 4.6kg. Gaining 600g…

At Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa after clinic visit

Let’s just talk about other things besides Yon… Takut kamu boring pulak… *grin* Got lot of stories need to share with you guys until I don’t know where to start… Biasa la kan…

Mmmm… How ‘bout baking’s stories??!! Heheheh… Wonder how I kill-off my boredom during my leaves??? Well, the first month of coz I’m still in the process of recovering and learning to be mom (until now of coz!) The second month – after I bought myself an oven (finally!), me and mom start baking!!! Sempat jugak kan??!! Hahahaah… Kelam kabut jugak lah especially of Baby Yon mengamuk…

We baked kuih makmur, shortbread, choc chips cookies and biskut dahlia. The best part was mom mixed the ingredients manually without machine!! *faint* Patah tangan ooo… But, she enjoyed doing it!

Terbulat besar2 pulak makmur kami. Hehehe...

Penatnya mau gaul semua ni!!

Ala-ala chipsmore pulak kan... perasan!! Hahha...


Hubby and I attended his colleague’s wedding on 13/12/08 at Cheras. They had chosen orange colour as their theme. Wow!! Daring choice huh?!!

Zila and Hafiz

Mmm… I’ll keep the other stories for the next post. A colleague is handing over tasks to me. Tomorrow is her last day… hmmm… Will visit you guys soon… tata…


  1. wah!!! cepatnyaaa!! ko start keja balik sudah kan..
    sepa lah jaga ur baby at home?? :)
    Bah just, manatau kamu ada buat open house xmas saja2 (walaupun ko nda sambut sudah) jan lupa jemput sia ah!! hehehheee

  2. Kadus_Mama ~ Ya ba. Cpt btul. Pdhal sblm cuti hari tu, bnyk btul pikiran! Hehehe... Aya... teda open hse la Ty. Tunggu sia pindah rmh dulu la aaa... heheh..


You're 'bout to corner... ;p