Friday, January 30, 2009

Droppin' by...

LOHAN REST HOUSE... yeah.. that's where I am currently. Having our 5 families gathering over here ba.

Thanks to the WIFI availibility over here too *grin* Dapat jg check my blog and blog hop a bit.

Won't be mumbling a lot as BBQ is waiting outside. Will drop by later ya... Chowwwwwww...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

I love CNY very much when I was a kid. My CNY was even merrier than Xmas celebration. Pls take note that I was Catholic ok. However, CNY was when me and cousins from my mom’ side gathered. We would have gone back to mom’s hometown at Kuala Penyu. I must say that even my mom’s family is neither Chinese nor Buddha, but most of the villagers are actually Chinese cultured. Hmm.. mau kena selidik ni tau…
The first day of the Chinese calendar, we woke up early and dressed up. Red and pink would definitely be the theme. CNY maa… After that, all the aunts would have holding the red packets in hands and says, “Ba, sepa mau angpao tu… baris dulu!” Why wait any longer?! Go grab angpao lor… *$$$ eyes*

Next, Menumbuk was the destination. My grandfather’s sister married to a Chinese man. So, must go and collect angpao over there. LOL. Ohh… I missed being ‘bersesak-sesak’ masuk dalam my late uncle’s car! Terlampau banyak ba budak2 ni… Can you imagine.. Sudah la bersesak-sesak dalam kereta, some more the road condition was d*mn good (opposite ok!) The road was finally being tarred which save the journey of half an hour compared to 20 yrs back. 20yrs???!! *roll eyes*

If I was the one queued before, now the other way round pulak. Luckily, there are no more kiddies in the family. I am the eldest cucu in the family and my baby Yon being the first cicit in the family too!! I think only 3 to 5 packets to be given away by me! *wink-wink* Will make sure that Baby Yon will collect as many packets as he could! LOL

I’m going back to KK tomorrow. Will only be back to KL on 7th Feb and start working on 11th Feb. Hehehe… Jgn la ba jeles!! The sad part is that I won’t be able to access to internet again! Meaning, can’t update my blog and blog hop! Will catch up with you guys stories when I’m back ok…

To Mama Mia , sama2 la kita collect angpao banyak2 utk anak kita aa.. Oya, jgn lupa pasal tu ex 3B-1 aa!

To Kadus_Mama, happy holiday at The Palace of Golden Horses!

To Mouren, Sdh beli santut?? Ekekek… Keep your work station clean and tidy k!!

To Nessa, Hope you won’t be receiving any junk /spam sms-es after new year. Heheh…

p/s : Just received a good news from HR. Our office will be closed for CNY for the whole week from 26th Jan til 30th Jan, and we, the employee will only have to roaster 1 day of our AL!! Yahoooo….

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Awards : The White Ribbon of Friendship

Yeah!! Thanks Mouren for the award… It’s my first award ok.. of coz la happy!

And.. What's Just without the blogger friends.. Hehehe...

Now, it would be my pleasure to pass it over to:

Mama Mia and Kadus_Mama, I know you guys got the same award from Mouren. Somehow, I still wanna roll it over. B'coz... It is nice to have you guys 'mingle' 'round my corner. Same to you Mouren... *wink-wink*

Tag : 40 Q&A

Thanks Mouren for the Tag. Buat sia mulau mau jawab!!

Here goes the 40 Q&A:

1. Who were your latest 3 inbox texts from?House agent, my bro and hubby.

2. Where was your default pic taken?Default pic??

3. What's your father name?Sounds like mine too…

4. Your current relationship status?Married!

5. Does your crush like you back?
My crush yang mana satu kunun?? Ekekeke…

6. What is your current mood?Excited (to clear all tasks and go back KK!!)

7. What's your mom's name?In between Suci and Suzie…

8. What color shirt are you wearing?Light purple

9. Would you kiss the last person you kissed?
Yes! My hubby maa…

10. If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
I wish I didn’t have to apply the PTPTN loan, credit cards, etc..

11. Have a crazy side?I wish I don’t. But, life is bored without all the craziness huh??

12. Ever had a near death experience?
Can’t remember. Labouring buli consider ka??

13. What is something you do a lot?
At office – internet surfing. At home – playing with Baby Yon.

14. Angry at anyone?Yup. Malas la mau ckp!

15. Do you wanna see somebody right now?Wanna see and hug my baby Yon so much!!!
16. Do you like drama?Cantonese drama is my fav!

17. When was the last time you cried?
Two weeks ago. Personal!

18. Who would you do anything for?

Currently, my baby is at the top rank!

19. Who is your hero?My lil baby Yon!!

20. What is your favourite place?
No where else but home sweet home. I’m a home person ok.

21. Where is your perfect ideal spot?
No specific spot. Wherever I go, just have fun laa...

22. What's your biggest secret?Ni soalan baru la bikin panas! Nama pun secret. Lagi mau tanya!!

23. Where is your ex?
Which ex?? Ekekek…

24. Would you ever take him / her back?
Are you joking??! We have our own family now.

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows?
Oppss… I don’t watch cartoons except Disney’s and fairytales.

26. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

Just finished my morning Nescafe. Jadi Nescafe Ping sdh… ;p Masuk lunch time sdh ni!!

27. Do you speak any other languages?
BM, BI, Mandarin, Cantonese (still learning) and tatana (with mum – keras ba lidah! Wakakaka..)

28. Whats your favorite smell?
No specific yg penting wangi. But, normally Lavendar la.

29. Describe your life?
The toughest Q. That’s why my “About Me” section is not about me!

30. Have you ever kissed in the rain?
Aduii naa… romantic jg tu kunun!! But, nope!
Mouren ~ nda peduli ujan ka panas ka pulak ko aa.. wakakaka…

31. Do you like the rain?
Nope! Kain nda kering. Mau jalan, susah. Kalau kena ujan, sakit lagik.. naa.. that’s the reasons.

32. What are you thinking about right now?
“Sejuk nya ni ofis!!”

33. What should you be doing right now?
To finish off my accounts monitoring reports!! But, malasnya…

34. What is your favorite memory?
Delivering Baby Yon! Sampai skrg masih terngiang2 lg the nurses’ pnya cheering!

35. What are you listening to? Now?
Bunyi pintu kena tutup & buka, bunyi aircond, bunyi kipas CPU...

36. Who was the last person you told I love you?
Hubby of coz..

37. Do you act differently around the person you like?
I think so. Did try to behave the original me. But somehow, entah la..

38. What is your natural hair color?
Err.. yg penting, bukan hitam legam!

39. Who was the last person to make you smile?

40. Who am I tagging to?
No thanks… Bkn apa, kesian ba sama mereka. Baik hati la mengkali… Hahaha

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hospital Appointments

Wolaaaa…. Finally, I have new templates already!! Uploaded once yesterday and subsequently changed again this morning. And I got a new name for my blog as well. *wink-wink* The construction of the page is still on going, sorry for any inconveniences caused ok. Ceh!!

Some highlights on my Baby Yon’s hospital appointment last Wednesday, 14 January 2009. Almost a week sudah baa pulak. Baru mau cerita… adeh!

1st Appointment
Venue : Plastic Surgery Dept, HKL

Time : 11.20am (after waited for almost 1.5 hours)

Notes :

1. Doctor strongly advised that NO MOREcucut’ and direct bottle feeding even baby does not have any problems with that. Why? Baby would have to undergo an operation. After the operation, it is advisable to feed baby using spoon to reduce the risk of late recovery or you know la... jahitan terbuka.

2. 10 Feb – Baby Yon appointment for ‘bius

3. 6 March – Baby Yon admission to ward

4. 12 March – Baby Yon’s cleft lip operation (provided if he is healthy enough)

Poor Baby Yon… Have to be admitted a week before the operation??!! *faint* Both hubby and I are actually worried of his condition after the operation. Sekarang pun, rajin betul dia menangis. *sigh*

Regret that we ‘introduce’ him with the ‘cucut’. He is ok with the spoon feeding system but can’t tolerate when it comes to ‘cucut’. Guys, any ideas on how can I throw away the ‘cucut’???
2nd Appointment
Venue : Pediatric Dept, HKL

Time : 4pm (after 1.5 hours waiting)

Notes :

1. Baby Yon is now weighting at 5.5kg at his 2mths and 3 wks old.

2. Height at 59cm.

3. Nothing much here. Just a general check-up only.

4. Next appointment - some time in May 09.

Waiting for his turn impatiently

And I’m done with the appointment thingy and my baby’s development. Phew…

Monday, January 19, 2009

Missing Him So Badly

Woaahhh… Sooo verrry sleepy this morning!! Had a mug of Nescafe and still could not kill off the sleepiness. It must have been the effect of flu and antibiotic’s pills I swallowed last nite. Been sneezing nonstop since yesterday evening till nite before hubby forced me to take medicine. *sigh*

OR PERHAPS… I miss him badly!! Miss who??? I miss Baby Yon so much!! Why??? Refer to my “Upcoming Event” on the right hand side pls. (Opps, now it should be on the left hand side after changing my layout!) Yeah… Baby Yon went back to KK with MIL last Saturday morning, 9.25am flight! *teary eyes*

Mom, MIL and Baby Yon at LCCT

My mom went back to KK on the same day too, but different flight. Wondering why is baby going back with MIL and not my mom?? Well, our house at Beaufort has been abandoned since June last year, since mom came over to KL to take care of her preggy daughter (me lah!)… So, mom will surely occupy herself with all the house chores specially grass cutting… Besides that, mom also will have to do some groceries shopping for the coming CNY. Transportation will have a big probs too since mom’s not driving and our house is quite far from the main road to get a ‘kereta sapu’ to the Town. Naa… that’s the reason why Baby Yon went back with MIL instead.

Without Baby Yon around, the house feels so empty even with all the furniture, so quiet even the telly is on, so… wahhhh!! Miss Baby Yon soooo much!! Hubby called MIL several times in a day to check his condition. We were so happy to hear his ‘wuh wuh’ sound when he is ‘playing’ with his Atuk or when he is crying asking for his ‘cucut’ or milk feeding..

On the nite before Baby Yon flew to KK.

Can’t wait till Friday to hug him!! Yeah, I’m going back to KK this Friday for CNY celebration. Will be in KK till 7 February 2009. Lama ooo kan??? Kes balas dendam sbb nda dpt balik Raya last year ba… Hehehhe…

The first week’s schedule is really packed. Visiting around and collecting red packets a.k.a. ang pao for Baby Yon. *Evil eyes* We are arranging a family trip to Ranau too after the last gathering in 2006. Only the second week will be free for meeting with other friends.

Let’s just save the CNY stories after CNY ok. Will try to post something about Baby Yon’s hospital appointment later and oh ya… Still owing Mouren the Tag! Phew…

** This entry should be posted in the morning. Thanks to the sudden workloads that managed to kill off my sleepiness…

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tag : 5 Things You Don't Know About Me??

Soooo sick with the Powerpoint presentation. Done with the earlier presentation. Now, given another presentation pulak! Adeh!!

I think I should stop first and relax my mind. Since I got tagged by Mama Mia and Mouren, let’s have a break then…

I’ll do Mama Mia’s tag first.

5 things you don’t know about me???

Here’s what I am willing to reveal ‘bout my self. Heheheh…

1. Was born as a Catholic fellow before converted to Islam 2 years ago when I decided to marry to a Bugis-Dusun guy.

2. Am no fancy in perfumes, cosmetics & skin cares ever since I was adult. The must have items are facial cleanser and body powder only! Shampoo and soap or showel gel tu lain cerita la aa… And now... additional of lipstick and face powder (even jarang jg!)

3. When I knew that I got offer to pursue study in UPM Serdang, I ‘force’ my mom to try enrolling me to UMS instead. Kes nda mau berjauhan la ba ni. But, ended up staying here in KL for 10 years!! Buli mengundi sini KL sdh ni kan… LOL

4. I write Cerpen actively for 2 years when I was in Form 4 and 5. However, they are only for my collection. If I read them back now, notice a lot of grammar mistakes pula. Hhehehe…

5. Forced to participate in the Unduk Ngadau. But, nda pernah menang. Kikikiki… Ratu Fesyen pernah laa… LOL
Now you know how simple I am…

This tag goes tu the newly engaged Memeljoan… ^_^

You Want Increment Or Not??

Ever since I act as the Secretary, I got very limited time for blogging and blog hop and other internet surfing… *sigh* Yeah… I know I am not a good employee…

Lot of stories in queue that are waiting for me to post. I even plan to change my background template. New year maa… so, new template lor. Guess I have to wait til my dear Datuk go for his oversea trip again. *sigh*

The 'hot' Secretary's seat

And for the first time after 3 and a half year working here, I have to be appraised??!!! Now you know how good is my ex-bosses huh?! They don't really bother to submit the form but they will definitely try their best for an increment. *wink-wink*

Performances valuation??? Duh!! I’ve been keeping the Appraisal Form with me since last year. Sounds lama betul sudah kan… padahal end of Dec last year. LOL!

Part B of the Appraisal Form is easy. Just rate yourself and circle! The Part A is tough even though there are only 3 questions as following :

1. Summarize briefly in order of importance the major responsibilities, duties or objectives of the job.

2. Summarize major job-related accomplishments during this review period.

3. Summarize any major objectives that were not accomplished during this period.

You guys might not find them tough questions. However, to me… those questions are killing me. My CFO should aware that he didn’t really bother me that much. And to bluff the answers is not easy either. Like it or not, I have to submit the Appraisal Form and to be ready for appraisal session before CNY, to be exact… before I go back to KK on 24th Jan. Sure you want an increment kan??!!

How I wish I could threat the form as all the Tags. LOL

How’s your appraisal??

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everlasting Love

Just wanna share a video clip with you guys. Hubby played it last nite. Found the images are very romantic… Enjoy… ^_^

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tag : Handwriting (Bidaaaa sungguh tulisan!!)

Got my first tag for 2009 from KadusMama.

Agreed with Kadusmama. This handwriting tag is just a way to disclose your handwriting. After I scanned and openned the handwriting file, duhh!!! Bidaaanya... Seldom write nowadays... LOL

As usual, rules first...


Write :-

1. Your name/ identification name / username etc.

2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands.

3. Most favorite alphabets.

4. Less favorite alphabets.

5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers.

Here's mine :

Not tagging anyone. However, if you feel like doing it, it will be my pleasure... ceh!!
Have a nice Monday! ^_^

Friday, January 09, 2009

Oh no... Where's the tyres??

Quick entry for today… (Just got an assignment of Powerpoint presentation from my boss, the CFO. Ciss… nda la org bagi sinang sikit ba!)

My colleague just encountered this problem on Wednesday. Look at the pix above pun tau apa problem kan! The tyres were stolen!! ALL four tyres missing!! *faint*

In order to avoid the same hell thing happen again, she already bought wheels lock - one that functions like an existing lug nut/bolt, but requires a special key (tool) for removal. The seller recommended her with an uncommon wheels lock which has 4 different nuts/bolts with 4 different so-called keys. Dissatisfied made her asked around the other accessories and tyres shops. The other seller told her that there is nothing such as uncommon wheel locks kunun!

The common wheels lock I saw at the accessories shops is the one with 4 nuts with one common key for all the nuts.

Any idea guys? Am not good in automotive thingy…

Thursday, January 08, 2009

VOTE : Secretary or Admin Exec

Yahooooo!! I’m free today and up till 13th. Why? B’coz my dearly Datuk is on his oversea trips to Shanghai. So, today I would have spare time to blog hop and surf the net FREELY. Great huh?! *wink-wink*

However, I still need to familiarize all the documents and the filing systems. It has not been really taken care of since the very first Secretary of Datuk left the company 4, 5 years ago. I was told that there were few Secretaries who only stayed for couple of months before they
‘angkat kaki’. Not sure what went wronged. Either they can’t bear the ‘kan cheong’ of Datuk or better offer.

When I first join the Co, Adeline was the sitting here before she too left and replaced by Jamie. Jamie was actually transferred from HR dept. She has been working with the Co after she had her SPM.

Can you imagine working with a Co for belasan tahun or perhaps puluhan tahun?? Wow!!!
Terbeliak mata sekijap! Earlier, 5 years pun enough to make me surprise. That was before I start working here for almost 4 years??!!! Dari bujang, kawin and sampai la ada anak… A friend of mine who has resigned from the Co after having hard time with her new superior said, “Kontrak sampai mati la ko sama Jetson tu!” LOL

Opps… back to track… Jamie has been assisting Datuk for almost 4 years before the management decided to transfer her to the Contract Dept. That’s the busiest Dept in the office.
Nama pun construction’s company. Mesti la Dept tu yg paling busy kan. Hehehe…

Now that I’ve been sitting here, wonder will I be leaving the Co soon?? Mana la tau ni kerusi panas kan! *grin* Even though I am not the official Secretary, I don’t think it is proper if I act sambil lewa ja kan… Since the management has picked me up, I’m going to prove them all. I would have my own filing system, update all the documents, all contacts in place and organize everything nicely…
Mana la tau allowance kena tambah!! Ceh!! Semangat nda ikhlas pulak!!

So, that’s basically the history for the seat that I am currently sitting on except the chair has been changed. LOL

Secretary and Admin Exec… which one would you vote for?? Let me know..

Monday, January 05, 2009

2009's First Entry... Money vs Workload

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here’s my first entry of 2009! *grin*

Having great time celebrating new year?? BBQing? How ‘bout the ‘mandi buang sial’??? Hahahah… Me and hubby used to go to the top floor of our apartment or any apartment that have KLCC’s view to watch the fireworks, but not this year. We only stayed at home and watched TV. Sharp 12 midnite, mom and bro took their shower. Me and hubby, cuci muka ja. Sejuk bah! *LOL* Mom lap muka baby Yon. Am not going to talking ‘bout resolution… Not used it also… Malas ba mau kasi target-target ni…

Anyway, started today with quite busy mode I could say and even for the rest of the day. Baru ja dpt bernafas ni!! Without my personal routine activities such as clearing my yahoo inbox, checking my FS, blog hopping… *teary eyes*

Besides my current role as the Admin Exec of the company, I have new role as well. I was called by the HR Manager on the very first day after I started work after my maternity leave. Went into his room with curiosity and berdebar-debar. Jarang bah masuk his room. So, whenever he calls… a BIG Q will pop up in mind!!

Guess what… I’ll be the Admin Exec cum the Secretary of our MD who we call Datuk! Well, previously, whenever Datuk’s secretary was on EL, AL, MC or MIA, I’ll be the one sitting at the Secretary’s seat. You know la kan… Big boss ni too lazy to dig their contact list and do the small-small thing such as restaurant reservation, flight booking, hotel booking, bla bla bla... If I’m the boss, I’ll the same too… Muahahahah…

The HR Manager said that they will only consider hiring new staff if our Sri Lanka’s projects kick off. Sampai bila la mau tunggu tu?!! Dulu, project Abu Dhabi, nda jalan-jalan jugak!! Hmmm… Since the company is willing to pay me extra allowance by acting as the Secretary for Datuk, some more the allowance is RM***, I ACCEPT THE OFFER! At least, I can purchase Baby Yon’s diapers and formula milk. *wink-wink* Rezeki anak urang bilang…

In brief, Datuk is ok lah! If one know how to tackle him and his mood, sure can survive punya!! Whenever he asks you to do anything, act fast!! Specially when he wants it on the dot, he really means it!! Datuk ‘jumps’ easily! Very ‘kan cheong’ Cantonese bilang… When you hear he is whistling and greeting ‘Morning’ to you, then you know he is in good mood. Say cheers to your day! One thing ‘bout Datuk is, he likes to talk while walking. Hardly get what he says as the voice is not so clear either. Hmm… Pandai-pandai la hidup lepas ni… *phew*

I think the most important thing that needs to be done at the moment is to update the contact list and the name card. There are a lot of name cards!! Tunggang langgang semua!! Susah betul mau cari contact! ‘Gaji’ tambah, workload pun tambah la kan… *sigh*

Alamak… it’s 6pm now! Need to go of already. Hubby’s waiting… Till then…

p/s: too busy to place an image pulak.. *sigh*