Monday, January 05, 2009

2009's First Entry... Money vs Workload

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here’s my first entry of 2009! *grin*

Having great time celebrating new year?? BBQing? How ‘bout the ‘mandi buang sial’??? Hahahah… Me and hubby used to go to the top floor of our apartment or any apartment that have KLCC’s view to watch the fireworks, but not this year. We only stayed at home and watched TV. Sharp 12 midnite, mom and bro took their shower. Me and hubby, cuci muka ja. Sejuk bah! *LOL* Mom lap muka baby Yon. Am not going to talking ‘bout resolution… Not used it also… Malas ba mau kasi target-target ni…

Anyway, started today with quite busy mode I could say and even for the rest of the day. Baru ja dpt bernafas ni!! Without my personal routine activities such as clearing my yahoo inbox, checking my FS, blog hopping… *teary eyes*

Besides my current role as the Admin Exec of the company, I have new role as well. I was called by the HR Manager on the very first day after I started work after my maternity leave. Went into his room with curiosity and berdebar-debar. Jarang bah masuk his room. So, whenever he calls… a BIG Q will pop up in mind!!

Guess what… I’ll be the Admin Exec cum the Secretary of our MD who we call Datuk! Well, previously, whenever Datuk’s secretary was on EL, AL, MC or MIA, I’ll be the one sitting at the Secretary’s seat. You know la kan… Big boss ni too lazy to dig their contact list and do the small-small thing such as restaurant reservation, flight booking, hotel booking, bla bla bla... If I’m the boss, I’ll the same too… Muahahahah…

The HR Manager said that they will only consider hiring new staff if our Sri Lanka’s projects kick off. Sampai bila la mau tunggu tu?!! Dulu, project Abu Dhabi, nda jalan-jalan jugak!! Hmmm… Since the company is willing to pay me extra allowance by acting as the Secretary for Datuk, some more the allowance is RM***, I ACCEPT THE OFFER! At least, I can purchase Baby Yon’s diapers and formula milk. *wink-wink* Rezeki anak urang bilang…

In brief, Datuk is ok lah! If one know how to tackle him and his mood, sure can survive punya!! Whenever he asks you to do anything, act fast!! Specially when he wants it on the dot, he really means it!! Datuk ‘jumps’ easily! Very ‘kan cheong’ Cantonese bilang… When you hear he is whistling and greeting ‘Morning’ to you, then you know he is in good mood. Say cheers to your day! One thing ‘bout Datuk is, he likes to talk while walking. Hardly get what he says as the voice is not so clear either. Hmm… Pandai-pandai la hidup lepas ni… *phew*

I think the most important thing that needs to be done at the moment is to update the contact list and the name card. There are a lot of name cards!! Tunggang langgang semua!! Susah betul mau cari contact! ‘Gaji’ tambah, workload pun tambah la kan… *sigh*

Alamak… it’s 6pm now! Need to go of already. Hubby’s waiting… Till then…

p/s: too busy to place an image pulak.. *sigh*


  1. Congrats on that and all the best working with Datuk. :)

  2. you have to work with datuk, mesti ko pening kan..sabar saja least gaji kena tambah juga..daripada buta-buta kena suruh buat tapi teda gaji..hehehe

  3. Congrats Just..naik pangkat suda ko :). Selamat maju jaya!

    Used to hv an anak Tan Sri as boss, mcm boss ko ni jg yg suka mumbling. Dia ni amatla cerewet. Bikin panas.

  4. Mell_F ~ Thanks... :D

    Gallivanter ~ Happy New Year to you too!!

    Kadus Mama ~ Pasal kena tmbh allowance la sia sanggup trima ni offer. Kekekek...

    Mama Mia ~ Baru sia plan mau tukar angin this yr, kena tmbh pulak allowance sia. Terpaksa postpone plan. Kikikii...

  5. Mcm dorang dpt hidu sj intention ko utk berhijrah p Co. lain ni Just. Hehe...


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