Thursday, January 22, 2009


Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

I love CNY very much when I was a kid. My CNY was even merrier than Xmas celebration. Pls take note that I was Catholic ok. However, CNY was when me and cousins from my mom’ side gathered. We would have gone back to mom’s hometown at Kuala Penyu. I must say that even my mom’s family is neither Chinese nor Buddha, but most of the villagers are actually Chinese cultured. Hmm.. mau kena selidik ni tau…
The first day of the Chinese calendar, we woke up early and dressed up. Red and pink would definitely be the theme. CNY maa… After that, all the aunts would have holding the red packets in hands and says, “Ba, sepa mau angpao tu… baris dulu!” Why wait any longer?! Go grab angpao lor… *$$$ eyes*

Next, Menumbuk was the destination. My grandfather’s sister married to a Chinese man. So, must go and collect angpao over there. LOL. Ohh… I missed being ‘bersesak-sesak’ masuk dalam my late uncle’s car! Terlampau banyak ba budak2 ni… Can you imagine.. Sudah la bersesak-sesak dalam kereta, some more the road condition was d*mn good (opposite ok!) The road was finally being tarred which save the journey of half an hour compared to 20 yrs back. 20yrs???!! *roll eyes*

If I was the one queued before, now the other way round pulak. Luckily, there are no more kiddies in the family. I am the eldest cucu in the family and my baby Yon being the first cicit in the family too!! I think only 3 to 5 packets to be given away by me! *wink-wink* Will make sure that Baby Yon will collect as many packets as he could! LOL

I’m going back to KK tomorrow. Will only be back to KL on 7th Feb and start working on 11th Feb. Hehehe… Jgn la ba jeles!! The sad part is that I won’t be able to access to internet again! Meaning, can’t update my blog and blog hop! Will catch up with you guys stories when I’m back ok…

To Mama Mia , sama2 la kita collect angpao banyak2 utk anak kita aa.. Oya, jgn lupa pasal tu ex 3B-1 aa!

To Kadus_Mama, happy holiday at The Palace of Golden Horses!

To Mouren, Sdh beli santut?? Ekekek… Keep your work station clean and tidy k!!

To Nessa, Hope you won’t be receiving any junk /spam sms-es after new year. Heheh…

p/s : Just received a good news from HR. Our office will be closed for CNY for the whole week from 26th Jan til 30th Jan, and we, the employee will only have to roaster 1 day of our AL!! Yahoooo….


  1. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you Just!

    Wah, mo anak pungut angpow byk2 tp in the same time give away a few sj...hehehe...

    Harap2 jadi la ex-3B1 pny gathering. Keep our finger cross!

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too, Just! :)

    Kan bagus kalau tu junk/spam betukar jadi angpau... kaya trus sia!! LOL!

  3. Gong Xi Fa cai ... sini mo minta ang pau... ang pau lai... :) hihi....

  4. Gong Xi Fa cai to you too!! Hehee sia nda jadi p palace..! buduh punya hotel..fully booked sudah!!

  5. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba kan Mia. Baby Yon sia dpt about 10 packets. Ntah jd jmpa ka nda ni ex 3B-1.

    Nessa ~ Wahahahaaha... sia pun rajin betul p layan sia pnya junk/spam kalau buli jd angpao tu. Kekeke..

    Kris & Nadia ~ Misti by hand tu receive angpao... :p

  6. Kadus_Mama ~ Aiks??? Sia pikir komfom sdh ko pnya bilik tu... Tepa la.. next time la..

    Gallivanter ~ Hope u enjoy your holidays...


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