Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hospital Appointments

Wolaaaa…. Finally, I have new templates already!! Uploaded once yesterday and subsequently changed again this morning. And I got a new name for my blog as well. *wink-wink* The construction of the page is still on going, sorry for any inconveniences caused ok. Ceh!!

Some highlights on my Baby Yon’s hospital appointment last Wednesday, 14 January 2009. Almost a week sudah baa pulak. Baru mau cerita… adeh!

1st Appointment
Venue : Plastic Surgery Dept, HKL

Time : 11.20am (after waited for almost 1.5 hours)

Notes :

1. Doctor strongly advised that NO MOREcucut’ and direct bottle feeding even baby does not have any problems with that. Why? Baby would have to undergo an operation. After the operation, it is advisable to feed baby using spoon to reduce the risk of late recovery or you know la... jahitan terbuka.

2. 10 Feb – Baby Yon appointment for ‘bius

3. 6 March – Baby Yon admission to ward

4. 12 March – Baby Yon’s cleft lip operation (provided if he is healthy enough)

Poor Baby Yon… Have to be admitted a week before the operation??!! *faint* Both hubby and I are actually worried of his condition after the operation. Sekarang pun, rajin betul dia menangis. *sigh*

Regret that we ‘introduce’ him with the ‘cucut’. He is ok with the spoon feeding system but can’t tolerate when it comes to ‘cucut’. Guys, any ideas on how can I throw away the ‘cucut’???
2nd Appointment
Venue : Pediatric Dept, HKL

Time : 4pm (after 1.5 hours waiting)

Notes :

1. Baby Yon is now weighting at 5.5kg at his 2mths and 3 wks old.

2. Height at 59cm.

3. Nothing much here. Just a general check-up only.

4. Next appointment - some time in May 09.

Waiting for his turn impatiently

And I’m done with the appointment thingy and my baby’s development. Phew…


  1. miss so much my lil' hero Yon... nda sabar mau jumpa this friday..

  2. Just, the doctor is right. You need to train yr baby using spoon. Slow and steady la, nanti dia okay juga tu. Stop the cucut now, ada less than 3 months now you can get him to forget that 'puting bohong'...(my mum used to say that..hihihihi)

  3. alalala..! Terus ko kasi stop tu pacifier Just..if your baby cry, kasi dia mainan..yang colourful..anything with music too will make him forget the cucut!! First week memang nangis tu..but after that nda sudah..jan ko lembut hati kalau dia nangis minta..!! Tahan saja..
    Dulu my son isap thumb..1 year lagi tu..after sia kasi besar mata and gigit the thumb everytime dia kasi masuk jari dalam mulut, terus dapat berenti nie..hehe

  4. adui... cian baby masuk hospital slalu kan.. Banyak besabar ya..have faith n be strong ya.. :) May God bless you all always :)

  5. Asai ~ Nda buli cubit2 Yon nanti aaa.. Manatau geram!

    Mouren ~ No probs with the spoon. Tu 'puting bohong' ja ba prob skrg ni. Baru 1 bln ba dia guna tu. Tp, kesukaan pulak dia.

    Kadus_Mama ~ 1st day, mmg sia berkejam betul sama dia. Langsung nda bg dia tu cucut. Berjam2 dia menangis. Naa kan.. terpaksa jg bg dia sekejap2. Kalau dia sdh besar yg fhm sdh nda pa. Ni msh kicil lg ba gia...

    Kris&Nadia ~ Thanks.

  6. Nice layout Just!

    Hopefully by the time operation, he forgot suda his cucut..

  7. Mama Mia ~ Thanks.

    Ya ba.. sia pun harap dia lupa sdh time tu... Kalau nda, sengsara la mau jaga dia spy nda nangis...


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