Monday, January 19, 2009

Missing Him So Badly

Woaahhh… Sooo verrry sleepy this morning!! Had a mug of Nescafe and still could not kill off the sleepiness. It must have been the effect of flu and antibiotic’s pills I swallowed last nite. Been sneezing nonstop since yesterday evening till nite before hubby forced me to take medicine. *sigh*

OR PERHAPS… I miss him badly!! Miss who??? I miss Baby Yon so much!! Why??? Refer to my “Upcoming Event” on the right hand side pls. (Opps, now it should be on the left hand side after changing my layout!) Yeah… Baby Yon went back to KK with MIL last Saturday morning, 9.25am flight! *teary eyes*

Mom, MIL and Baby Yon at LCCT

My mom went back to KK on the same day too, but different flight. Wondering why is baby going back with MIL and not my mom?? Well, our house at Beaufort has been abandoned since June last year, since mom came over to KL to take care of her preggy daughter (me lah!)… So, mom will surely occupy herself with all the house chores specially grass cutting… Besides that, mom also will have to do some groceries shopping for the coming CNY. Transportation will have a big probs too since mom’s not driving and our house is quite far from the main road to get a ‘kereta sapu’ to the Town. Naa… that’s the reason why Baby Yon went back with MIL instead.

Without Baby Yon around, the house feels so empty even with all the furniture, so quiet even the telly is on, so… wahhhh!! Miss Baby Yon soooo much!! Hubby called MIL several times in a day to check his condition. We were so happy to hear his ‘wuh wuh’ sound when he is ‘playing’ with his Atuk or when he is crying asking for his ‘cucut’ or milk feeding..

On the nite before Baby Yon flew to KK.

Can’t wait till Friday to hug him!! Yeah, I’m going back to KK this Friday for CNY celebration. Will be in KK till 7 February 2009. Lama ooo kan??? Kes balas dendam sbb nda dpt balik Raya last year ba… Hehehhe…

The first week’s schedule is really packed. Visiting around and collecting red packets a.k.a. ang pao for Baby Yon. *Evil eyes* We are arranging a family trip to Ranau too after the last gathering in 2006. Only the second week will be free for meeting with other friends.

Let’s just save the CNY stories after CNY ok. Will try to post something about Baby Yon’s hospital appointment later and oh ya… Still owing Mouren the Tag! Phew…

** This entry should be posted in the morning. Thanks to the sudden workloads that managed to kill off my sleepiness…


  1. Hi Just..Visiting your blog... ;)

  2. uiiii..nampak besar suda bah bby ko dlm gmbr Just. Adeii....kalu sia yg berjauhan sm anak sia pun, sia inda dpt tidur o sia rasa. huhuhuu....

  3. kesian ko!! sia paham tu perasaan ko..dulu masa my son kena bawa my MIL balik kampung..terus hari2 lepas keja sia nangis di bilik!! Telampau sedih nie..tsk!tsk! nda pa, walaupun lama lagi ko mau balik sabah, tapi nanti ko jumpa juga your cute Baby Yon tu..

  4. Cath J ~ Thanks for droppin' by ya..

    Mama Mia ~ Besar sdh dia kan Mia.. Nasib baik dpt jg sia tidur... huhuhu...

    Kadus_Mama ~ Ya ba.. sabar ja sia ni... Counting days nie... harap cpt la malam spy cpt siang spy cpt pigi hari 5. Kikikiki...

  5. Eh, new template... I laik the butterflies :D

    Memang tu sunyi bila suda besa dengar bunyi budak. My youngest tu kalau becakap, macam ada 10 orang seja di rumah!

    Ba, sabar ko... tapi memang lama rasa dia especially baby ba kan.

  6. Nessa ~ Hehehe... new year, new templates!

    Ya ba... sunyi betul! Kusung ja tu rumah. 3 mlm lg baru jmpa baby... huhuhu...

  7. Hi! Just, am I late here?? Hihihihi, baru ari ni sia sinang baca blog kamu ni. Uik!!! Montel baby Yon. I like watching baby sleeping so I was so 'gerigitan' to see yr baby sleeping in the arms of your MIL. Wait..wait! U all plan to have family trip to Ranau too??? Guess what...I'm planning to do so...O ya Welcome home!!!

  8. Yup! I'm waiting for you to do the tag...kwang! kwang! kwang!

  9. Mouren ~ Gerigitan buli tp jgn kama ko cubit dia!! Heheheh... Waa, sama pulak planning kita ni!

    Lps sia buat entry psl baby yon pnya hosp appoointment la baru sia buat your tag. Gila la sia menjawab tu. Hohohoh..


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