Thursday, January 08, 2009

VOTE : Secretary or Admin Exec

Yahooooo!! I’m free today and up till 13th. Why? B’coz my dearly Datuk is on his oversea trips to Shanghai. So, today I would have spare time to blog hop and surf the net FREELY. Great huh?! *wink-wink*

However, I still need to familiarize all the documents and the filing systems. It has not been really taken care of since the very first Secretary of Datuk left the company 4, 5 years ago. I was told that there were few Secretaries who only stayed for couple of months before they
‘angkat kaki’. Not sure what went wronged. Either they can’t bear the ‘kan cheong’ of Datuk or better offer.

When I first join the Co, Adeline was the sitting here before she too left and replaced by Jamie. Jamie was actually transferred from HR dept. She has been working with the Co after she had her SPM.

Can you imagine working with a Co for belasan tahun or perhaps puluhan tahun?? Wow!!!
Terbeliak mata sekijap! Earlier, 5 years pun enough to make me surprise. That was before I start working here for almost 4 years??!!! Dari bujang, kawin and sampai la ada anak… A friend of mine who has resigned from the Co after having hard time with her new superior said, “Kontrak sampai mati la ko sama Jetson tu!” LOL

Opps… back to track… Jamie has been assisting Datuk for almost 4 years before the management decided to transfer her to the Contract Dept. That’s the busiest Dept in the office.
Nama pun construction’s company. Mesti la Dept tu yg paling busy kan. Hehehe…

Now that I’ve been sitting here, wonder will I be leaving the Co soon?? Mana la tau ni kerusi panas kan! *grin* Even though I am not the official Secretary, I don’t think it is proper if I act sambil lewa ja kan… Since the management has picked me up, I’m going to prove them all. I would have my own filing system, update all the documents, all contacts in place and organize everything nicely…
Mana la tau allowance kena tambah!! Ceh!! Semangat nda ikhlas pulak!!

So, that’s basically the history for the seat that I am currently sitting on except the chair has been changed. LOL

Secretary and Admin Exec… which one would you vote for?? Let me know..


  1. Terus choose dua2 bah Just..hehehee
    ko tau sia di opis nie..pegang 2 post juga..I'm the admin, sia juga project secretary..nasib admin punya keja kurang, but operation punya memang gila babas juga lah!! telampau banyak..!
    Sia rasa tu Admin exec suit you more..hehe!! Alah alang2 taruh jak bah dua2 post terus.. :)

  2. Secretary and Admin Exec, I think title saja different, job scope sama bah... :-)

  3. Kadus Mama ~ Hubby pun prefers the Exec. Heheheh... Nanti sia kawtim sama HR Manager, suruh kasi dua2 post dlm offer letter. Hahaha...

    Gallivanter ~ Job scope might be the same but not the salary scale. Which ever will do. But, opt with one yg high pay. Hehhehe...

  4. just...ada tag di awal tahun for you to do..hehehehe

  5. Hehe...go for the higher pay. Tp make sure u can deliver up to their expectation la.

    In my prev co, i am the Admin Coordinator tp selalu jd Secretary boss jg. Extra work but no extra allowance. Sedih o kan.

  6. Kadus_Mama ~ Ba, nanti sia buat.

    MamaMia ~ Yep, go for the high pay! Previously, Sia pun selalu buat keja2 org lain with FOC. Baru kali ni dpt allowance sbb official kunu! :D


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