Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Want Increment Or Not??

Ever since I act as the Secretary, I got very limited time for blogging and blog hop and other internet surfing… *sigh* Yeah… I know I am not a good employee…

Lot of stories in queue that are waiting for me to post. I even plan to change my background template. New year maa… so, new template lor. Guess I have to wait til my dear Datuk go for his oversea trip again. *sigh*

The 'hot' Secretary's seat

And for the first time after 3 and a half year working here, I have to be appraised??!!! Now you know how good is my ex-bosses huh?! They don't really bother to submit the form but they will definitely try their best for an increment. *wink-wink*

Performances valuation??? Duh!! I’ve been keeping the Appraisal Form with me since last year. Sounds lama betul sudah kan… padahal end of Dec last year. LOL!

Part B of the Appraisal Form is easy. Just rate yourself and circle! The Part A is tough even though there are only 3 questions as following :

1. Summarize briefly in order of importance the major responsibilities, duties or objectives of the job.

2. Summarize major job-related accomplishments during this review period.

3. Summarize any major objectives that were not accomplished during this period.

You guys might not find them tough questions. However, to me… those questions are killing me. My CFO should aware that he didn’t really bother me that much. And to bluff the answers is not easy either. Like it or not, I have to submit the Appraisal Form and to be ready for appraisal session before CNY, to be exact… before I go back to KK on 24th Jan. Sure you want an increment kan??!!

How I wish I could threat the form as all the Tags. LOL

How’s your appraisal??


  1. My boss always gave me a good rating! But once the appraisal form reached Regional office, the HR Department 'mesti ubah' my rating. Budu, jeles kali dorg tu!!! Anyway, I still getting my 3 months bonus and 5% (punya sikit!!!) increment...and this happen every year..:p Don't know la this year, financial crisis, geng! Susah sekarang ni....

  2. Uik....mcm 'free' betul document tray ko, Just! Punya siok tgk....jeles sia oh!

  3. Mouren ~ HR mmg bah, penjeles sekali!! 3 mths bonus?? Kami lg bikin kesian, suku bln ja!!! Mana mau cari bonus gitu!! They call it ex-gratia!!

    Hahaha.. Jgn la tertipu sama tu tray. Itu tray utk doc yg mau kasi masuk dlm ofis datuk utk signing. I clear them ASAP. Bikin semak mata! In hand pnya keja mana buli display beb. P&C kunun!!

  4. Try creating a new tag, and pass it around amongst bloggers, that'll give you some creative answers... :-)

  5. kami teda appraisal Just..suka2 saja boss kami kasi naik gaji..last month gaji sia kena kasi naik 30% terus..ada orang jeles sampai nda mau becakap sama sia..sot betul!!! Boss sudah kasi naik gaji macam tu..apa juga sia bulih buat, terima saja lah..hahahaha
    Bonus pun belum lagi..kali before CNY lah tu..but standard kami, 1 month salary lah bonus..

  6. KDMama, WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 30% naik gaji!!!!! Best nyerr..bagus lagi naik gaji dari bonus....gaji tiap bulan, bonus pula..heemmm tgk pocket 'towkey' lorrr

  7. Gallivanter ~ Yeah... good idea. Wish I could come out with that.

    Kadus_Mama ~ Ntah bila la sia mau naik gaji 30% ni. Hari tu time sia promote ja kena naik gaji almost 40%.Ex-gratia usually 2days before CNY dpt.

    Mouren ~ Penjeles ja ba c Mouren. Hehehehe..

  8. Uik..mesti jeles punya!!!..kalu sia kasitau member sia d opis..nahhh!! mesti dorg pun ikut jeles..hihihihih! (30% geng...byk tuuuu..)

  9. Mouren ~ hahahah.. kalau kastau sama urg lain pun jeles ba kan... Kalau sia naik 30%, buli sdh byr installment rmh sia 1 bln. Huhuhu..

  10. Patut la c Tt stick to the same Co. smpi skrg kan...:) Generousnya boss dia!

    Sia ni keja on contract basis sj, so jgn haap ada annual increment la. Tp last Raya, merasa la jg ex-gratia bonus, 7% sj.orou poh kan...

  11. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba c Tt. Ok jg ba tu spy staff nda resign.

    Nda plan tukar keja Mia??

  12. Ni teda kana-mengena pasal naik gaji tapi sia terpanggil juga mo komen sbb keja sekretari. Dulu sia penah keja sekretari for this lawyer in KK (S.B) tapi sia tahan 2 minggu seja. Garang bukan main and kalau dia suruh type surat, misti dia mau duduk dakat2 sambil isap paip! Adui, mata sia sampai berair-air kesakitan!

  13. Nessa ~ Dpt sia imagine mcmana tu keadaan oo... Eee.. bikin geli sungguh!!! Dasar gatal!! Mmg patut ko lari dr sana tu Nessa. Nasib baik MD sia nda gitu...


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