Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Oooohhh... I feel sooo bad pulak. Gheezz… Just realize that I haven’t thanked and post any entry about my following awards...

Award #1 : The Cute Blogger Award by Mouren

Award, award jugak... but homework still kena buat… This Cute Blogger Award comes along with a demand! Hehehe… That is to list out 10 hobbies of the award receiver. I enjoy:

1. To be at home
2. Window shopping (bkn shopping!)
3. Buying handbag and shoes than clothes and jewellery
4. Watching teen, romance and fantasy movies (and sometimes investigation & scary movies too)
5. Watching beauty pageant contest (heheheh)
6. Surfing the net & blog hoping
7. Downloading mp3
8. Reading mags
9. Buying stuff for my baby (the most excitement!! Hehehe… )
10. Listening to musics

No activities that is really ‘WOW’ kan?? What a boring person I am… I think it would be much easier for me to list out things that I dislike coz I can only think of them at the moment… *sigh*
Award #2 : The Friendship Award by Kris & Nadia

No homework for this one… *relief*

Thanks for the awards yaa guys...

I am passing both the awards to Mama Mia, Memel, Nessa, Chegu Carol, AnnieMing, Kadus_Mama, Mouren, Belle & Mell_f. *wink wink*


  1. yay.. i got another award! tq just.. hehe

  2. Hihihihihihi..sia punya suka beli hangdbag and shoes. Kasi match-match lagi tu warna...! :P

  3. Thx for d award Just. Got it also from Mouren but baaru sia realize, d cute blogger award comes with a hoby tag pulak kan...:)

  4. AnnieMing ~ You're welcome!

    Mouren ~ Sia jarang pulak kasi match warna.. Beli ikut kesukaan ja.. hihihi...

    MamaMia ~ Naaa.. utang misti d byr Mia. Hehheeh...

    LocateBlogger ~ Thanks there.. ;p

  5. Tenkiu for the lovely awards :D

    Hehe... downloading mp3.. sama la kita...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p