Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY: KK / Beaufort / Kuala Penyu / Ranau

Back to KL… back to work… back to routine… *sigh*

The saddest part was NO angpao from company this year!!! *sigh sigh sigh* I was hoping for the extra $$$ actually…

“Let’s gamble (bukan main judi ba!!), come back to KK and start new life here.” Hubby came out with a sudden decision when we were in KK last week.

“Yes” ~ was my answer at first. However, after a long thought… perhaps we should just stay and struggle here in KL for few more years (at least 3 years) before going back to KK. By then, I think we should be able to clear off most of the current monthly commitments (debts la ba tu!!)… Nda lama lagi ba tu kan… *wink-wink*

My CNY story – Chronology of Event

23 Jan – Arrival at KK. Sikit lagi termiss flight. Counter has closed when we reached LCCT. Sh*t!! Who to blame?? The jammed and cabs were passenger-ed! (paham2 la ba kan…) Thanks god that we were allowed to check-in!

24 Jan – Baby Yon’s cukur rambut at his 3 mths old! Nasib dia nda mengamuk… I supposed to join my mom and others to the Night Market. Unfortunately, hujan pulak!

25 Jan – Went back to Beaufort. Had our ‘Makan Besar’ with mom’s families. Aunts were excited with Baby Yon companied. They were sooo worried when Baby Yon cried for half an hour which to us is normal. Terlampau lama tiada baby around baa in our family…

See la all the neneks who refuse to be called nenek... kerumum tgk cucu!

26 Jan (Day 1 CNY) – Due to bad weather, trip to Menumbok was cancelled. Rugi few red packets!! Only stayed at my next door aunt’s house while the rest sibuk gambling and main ‘ketam-ketam’.

Me & cousins

27 Jan (Day 2 CNY) – Went back to Kuala Penyu visiting mom’s Dad and stepmom which I called Ingkung and Nenek respectively. Didn’t go back to Kuala Penyu since 1999, if not mistaken. Ingkung was very happy to see his first cicit. He even prepared the ‘telur merah’ as a 'sogit'. Don’t ask me why coz I’m not sure either… hehehe… Baby Yon collected 6 packets of angpao over there.

L-R : Uncle Mon, Uncle Yoy, hubby, mom & Yon, Nenek, Me and Ingkung.

28 Jan – Back to KK. Gathered at my aunt’s house at Tg Aru.

29 Jan – Trip to Ranau!! Hubby was excited as he didn’t go back to his mom’s hometown since 1995!! Sama pulak kes kami!! So, he took the opportunity to visit his aunt and grandmom at Kg Lohan Ulu before we headed to Lohan Rest House. The place is ok la. You can choose either aircond or fan room, tv or no tv, single or mingle bedded… hehehehe… Check out the website for more pics or call for rates.

I didn’t enjoy the BBQ that nite. Appetite was totally gone!!! Why?? Baby Yon started crying when I left him for few sec when he dozed off. And things get worst when he cried like he never cries before. We were so worried and decided to bring him to my uncle’s cousin house who is also related to my hubby. Nasib baik, dekat jugak rumah dia. When we reached Uncle Ratinin’s house, there were few visitors waiting for their turn. A kid was sitting in front of Uncle Ratinin while he was doing the ‘healing’ session. Not sure how to put in words… Kira bomoh2 la ba jugak Uncle Ratinin ni… According to Uncle Ratinin, Baby Yon ‘keteguran’. Biasa la budak kecil kan… Besides, ‘something’ has been ‘following’ him for quite some time kunun. So, he gave Baby Yon a ‘jimat’ as his ‘protector’. Suprisingly, it works!! Baby Yon yang kuat nangis turns out to be kuat main pulak! Great improvement huh??!!

By the time we went back to the rest house, makanan sudah mau abis!! *sigh*

30 JanMandi manda at Poring! One of my uncle tercicir wallet la pulak! Poor him…

Mom's siblings minus late Uncle Alex and the their youngest sister.

31 Jan – Back to KK! Dropped by at Kundasang War Memorial - Established in 1962, this was one of the first memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II.

Family pic

Kesejukan ba c Baby Yon

Unfortunately, due to the cloudy weather, we missed the Mt. Kinabalu view!!! Sayangnya….

Phewww…is trying to ‘shortcut’ all stories actually… hehehe… To be continued yaa… penat sdh ni… *grin*


  1. Finally, story abt your trip balik Kg was up.

    Wah, suda pigi Kundasang o si Yon...hehe...

  2. hahhaa.. rupanya ramai jua orang main tu tikam2 yg ada gambar bulan, ketam, etc tu tym cny ah.. hehe..

  3. No Angpow from company? Same here. The economy is really bad. :-(

  4. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia... Bnyk tempat dia lawat bila blk Sabah. Hehehe..

    AnnieMing ~ Banyak ba. Jadi satu kemestian ba sdh tu... :D

    Gallivanter ~ Wonder if there is an increment for this yr.. huhu..


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