Friday, February 13, 2009

CNY vs V-Day

While most of you guys are in the Valentine’s Day mood and posting entries about the BIG DAY for all LOVERS (nda kira la what kind of lover you are!!), I AM STILL in my CNY mood though it’s already the 4th day after CHAP GOH MEI… Maybe because I just got back from Sabah for my CNY celebration kan… *wink wink*

The second week in KK was quite free actually. Resting at home after jollying the 1st week. Luckily my Dad was kind enough to borrow me his Avanza, and that’s where we headed back to Beaufort again.

Beaufort is one of the most flooded areas in Sabah. But still water will be the main issue over here. Don’t be surprise to see all the houses with at least 2 water tanks for their water storage! Besides the water tanks, one will need a water pump as well. The best is to have the auto water pump which will cost ‘bout RM350-RM400. Without the water tank and water pump, here’s what happened…

Since we are only going back to Beaufort once or twice a year, we decided to buy the water pump later and only purchased a 450l water tank for the time being. Asal ada laa… *grin*

Next agenda after CNY celebration and family gathering… meeting up with old buddies… catching up with each other stories… cool!! Let the pics tell you who I met!

Me, Joceline and her Dylan

Azean and her Abdullah & me and my Yon yg start mengamuk!!
Me & Julie at the airport...
4 out of 7 member of 3B-1 residents. L-R : Just, Mia, Illa and Sab (More story at Mia's page)

That’s ‘bout it laa…

Ohh yaa... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all of you... Get anything from your spouse or partner??? As for me and hubby, only wishes will do... no flower, no candle light dinner, no bla bla bla... soooo not romantic huh??!! As long as we know that we have each other, we love each other... we trust each other... then, everyday can be Valentine's Day already.... kunun la!! LOL


  1. Ya la Just, when u come back to Sabah for good then baru la invest sm tu water pump kan. :)

    Kalu kehadiran penuh & panjang masa time gathering tu lagi siok kan. :)

  2. hi Just, lama sa nda mlwt blog ko, sorry sa kasi restrict suda kunun blog sa, hehe sa mau minta ba email ko, mau invite ko, happy valentine's day kio :)

  3. Alooo Just! Talking about Valentine's Day, I'm too like you. Lagipun saving is the best thing to do right now, kan?

  4. Mama Mia ~ 2-3 years la baru beli tu water pump. Hehehe... Hope I can make it to the next member yg mo kawin. Buli la jg gathering time tu... hehehe...

    Kobie Vanessa ~ Ya baa.. lama jg sia try mo melawat ko. Hehehhe... My add :

    Mouren ~ Alooo!! Yeah... saving.. saving.. saving... Teda apa jg ba yg mo dicelebrate tu. Lain la kalau time wedding anniversary kan... hohohoh...

  5. yiiiii c julie sya kanal.. ex-school mate sya n kakak kpd classmate sya c suzanna.. :) kim salam dgn dia kalu ko jumpa lg ah.. :)hihi..

  6. Kris & Nadia ~ ex-schoolmate d SM or SK?? Sia ex-SMSM, same yr with Julie. Low profile ba sia ni. Teda urg kenal. Heheh.. Nanti sia sampaikan salam ko... Nadia ba kan??!

  7. hey u...thanks 4 visit my blog...^_^ will follow u..cute tu gambar baby ko.. ^_^...happy V day hun

  8. belleOFranau ~ Ur welcome. Thanks for following. Will do same too. Cute mcm mumy dia kan?? Hehehe... Happy V Day to u too...


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