Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey… I’ve mastered new skills!

*clapping hands*

Well done son!
Besar sdh si Cucu!” That was what my heart pondered when I saw him struggling to turn his body to master the grovel position.

Oppss… Who is Cucu?? Well, we decided to call Baby Yon as Cucu coz…

Since he cries a lot earlier on, we thought that the nick name given might not suit him. Yeah... sound nonsense kan? But, it happened to my nephew before ok. He too cried a lot before the parent (as advised by the grandparent) gave him a new nick name and things changed subsequently. Err… not sure how true is that.

Perhaps, it’s the physiology also lah!

Nevertheless, we still give it a try. That’s when we had Oray, Cucu &, Poyie in the list. *grin*

Oray – RAYyan, Cucu – the 1st cucu in my family, Poyie – Poyeye!

And we picked CUCU! ‘Yon’ still melekat among family though…

Well, after the ‘healing sessionduring our trip to Ranau, we can now bring Cucu hanging around shopping complex with no or perhaps less worries. *wink-wink*

Ok, back to his new skills… besides groveling, Cucu also learns holding! I think mom will soon have to cut her hair short to avoid kena tarik rambut oleh si Cucu. *notty smiles*

Can't wait to see his next skills... ^_^


  1. awwh...berapa bulan sdh dia ni tu? kuat sdh he wants to angkat his neck.

    btw, ya ada one of my friends pun cerita when she was small...dia selalu nangis2 bah then the grandma suruh the parents panggil her with different name...apparently that worked. she didnt cry so much after that. her grandma still call her by the 'healing' name though.

  2. alala.. first2 sya baca, tekejut sya ingat ko ada cucu .. hihi... ko gunting rmbt? alalala c cucu suka tarik rmbut ka pula? mo cubit dia oo..hihi.. asal sya nmpk baby kan sya terasa btul gatal tangan mo mencubit ni tau..hihi..

  3. so cute.. yii macam gerigitan sa mau ada baby kecil lagi o0o.. hehe.. ;)

  4. Chegu Carol ~ Coming 4 mths sdh dia next week.. Ya ba, sometimes what others think it might be nonsense, but then it works jg! So, sia try ja la semua... yg penting, he didn't cry so much.. sakit ati sia tingu dia nangis but can't do anything to stop him.

    Mama Mia ~ Yeah!!

    Kris & Nadia ~ Lama lg baaa sia pnya turn mau ada cucu. Kikiki.. Me gunting rambut??? Err.. see 1st la. But, maybe he enjoys tarik rambut nenek dia than mine! Hahaha.. Besa la tu kan kalau sdh gerigitan, sure mau mencubit!! :D

    AnnieMing ~ Make one ba... heheheh...

  5. this is the best part jadi parents, you can see your kids grow up.

    nanti bila dia sudah mula merangkak, mula jalan dan berlari wah best, tumbuh gigi, bila kasi mandi dia gigit jari nah tu semua best ...

    enjoy growing up with them, bila anak sudah besar macam sia ni pandai ingat tu masa durang masih baby hehehe

  6. GregChai ~ Ya ba kan.. skrg ni sia pun rindu sdh yg dia time dia baru lahir. Mcm lama lg dia mau jd tanak vagu. Tp, bila sdh besar, rasa cepat pulak masa berlalu kan... ;D

  7. Wait till he call you 'mama'...:)

  8. Wait till he call you 'mama'...:)

  9. Mouren ~ Thats the moment every mom waiting for kan... :p


You're 'bout to corner... ;p