Monday, February 23, 2009


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It’s all about Fire Safety Awareness Campaign - a 45 mins talk by the Public Fire Safety & Prevention Education Centre organized by our HR dept this morning.

Here’s the important safety tips during fire:

1. Test door for heat before opening
When you open doors leading to the fire area, you will be exposing yourself to the dangerous products of combustion that is heat, smoke, gases and flames.
If you are trapped in your room, never open your door before testing it for heat. What you need to do is to feel the knob of your door by using the back portion of your hand. If it feels hot, you need to find an alternative escape route. However, if the door does not feel hot, kneel down with your shoulders bracing against the door while opening it cautiously. The reason for this action is to protect you from the flames and smoke that usually occupy the upper spaces in your home during a fire.
If heat and smoke are seen entering, shut the door immediately and stuff items like towels, bed or blankets under your door as to prevent smoke and heat from entering.

2. Escaping through the window
If your main escape route is blocked by fire or smoke, your alternative escape is by using the window. Before opening the window, be certain that the door is shut. Likewise if you are trapped on the first floor, try escaping by dropping yourself down as safely as possible by using the window.
The correct procedure in doing this is to let your legs out of window first, then by clinging to the ledge of window, lower your body the full extent of your arms as to reduce the height of your drop and finally drop yourself down.
In addition, children can also be handed down, with the condition that there are people to receive them on the ground floor.

3. What should be done if trapped
If you are trapped on the second floor, you should not try to escape by dropping yourself from the window because the height of the window may cause serious injuries. Look for alternative means like stairways, verandas, trees, garage or as a last resort wait for the fire brigade to rescue you.
If you have a telephone, or handphone in your room, call the fire brigade or your nearest neighbor for assistance.
Inform them exactly where your location is. Be in a positive where rescuers can clearly see you, catch their attention by flashing a torch light, wave a white cloth or just shout for help.

4. If you are trapped in smoke
When fire occurs, buoyant hot air and smoke are generated rising into the atmosphere, while deadly gases sink. If your main escape route is smoke logged, and if there are no alternative escape routes, you have no choice but to use the main route for escaping. Under smoke logged conditions, it is important for you to crawl by placing your head within the safety zone which is between 30 to 60 cm above ground level where oxygen supply may be found.

5. If your cloth catches fire
If your cloth catches fire, you should use the stop, drop and roll method, that is to stay still, do not run because this will only fan the flames, next drop yourself to the ground, cover your face with both of your hands then roll until the flames are extinguished. The stop, drop and roll method has saved thousands of lives in the world and that is why you should teach your children this method. Next time, if you see someone’s clothes on fire, you can help them by using this method, or by using a wet gunny sack or blanket to extinguish the fire.

6. First aidFor first degree and second degree burns, do not apply ice water but run cool water over the burned area for 10-15 mins. This reduces pain and smarting while preventing further tissue damage. For third degree burns, cover the burn with non fluffy cloth. Wait for medical assistance. Lie victim down but do not remove clothing which may be attached to the burned skin.

Burns1. First degree burns – burns that only affect the outer later of the skin
2. Second degree burns – serious blistered skin that requires immediate medical treatment from experts
3. Third degree burns – more serious burns which involves internal issues and requires emergency treatment from medical experts.

Demonstration on the use of fire extinguisher


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