Tuesday, March 31, 2009

EJ Tailor & Boutique

Marketing is Essential especially when it comes to Business. Your business marketing strategy is the single biggest factor which determines the success or failure of your business.

This is what I'm doing now... marketing! Marketing on behalf of my dear Aunt. Promised her actually. *grin*

Tailoring & altering services! That's what the business & services all about. You need a TAILOR in PJ area?? Try her. The services and cost estimation:

Baju kurung : RM35 and above
Baju kebaya : RM45 and above
Baju Melayu : RM70 and above
Punjabi suit : RM40 and above
Curtain and etc
The easiest would be to bring the sample of coz. Lain-lain hal buli dirunding. LOL

Pls call the no. stated on the pix for further info or other arrangement.
It really impress me when I was informed of the setting up of her EJ Tailor & Boutique recently. Glad that I managed to drop by at her store last Sunday. Saja bawa lil' Cucu jalan-jalan.

That's the owner - Ms. Evelyn (lil' Cucu interframe pulak!)

The store might still need a lot of improvement in term of the products display, marketing kits/tools, ads and etc. Palan-palan la kan. At least, ada kadai sudah bah.

Nyway, would be much appreciate if you guys could help me to spread the news ok..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wonder World

Tick Tock Tick Tock... The clock is ticking.

It is less than half an hour to the Earth Hour. It's an action against the global warming. So, pls give your fullest support to our beloved Earth by switching off your lights for an hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm TONITE!!

Wonder how my housing area will turn into. Wonder how many houses will be in the dark. I wonder how... I wonder why... la la la la... (Lemon Tree pulak!! LOL)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Netbook vs Notebook

I won a Notebook??!!!! A Laptop???

YES!! And it was June 2006!! Hahaha… The priciest prize ever!!

When a girl called me on one sweet day addressing that she is calling from Dunkin Donut, I was like… Huh?? Dunkin Donut?? My brother’s face popped out in my mind immediately and I tot that he should has been done something wrong or he got injured while working. Yes, he worked with Dunkin Donuts previously and he always loves F&B’s line.

The girl continued… We would like you to attend a Prize Giving Ceremony tomorrow at 3pm coz you are one of the winner. You won an ACER LAPTOP!! *faint*

HUH???? Yes, that was my response and the brain working hard to refresh and recall.

Oyaa… It was my brother who brought back few stamp cards and stickers for a Dunkin Donut contest few months back. Basically, the customer will be given the stamp card and stickers when they purchase Dunkin Donut’s products. One stamp card with 10 stickers is qualified for the contest. No slogan what so ever. The first prize is 3 units of Acer Notebook and MP4 Player for the second prize. So, I was eyeing for the MP4 player. See… I’m not a greedy person ok?!

Hubby and I submitted 3 cards each. The worst part was we changed our hp no!!!! Somehow, I managed to submit the very last card with my new hp no! I guess it’s just my luck!
“I thought the prize is MP4 Player?” I asked stupidly. *slap forehead*

“The MP4 Player is 2nd prize, miss. Yon won the Acer Notebook, the first prize!!” stressed the caller.

I was stoned for few mins after I put down the phone!! Still surprise! Wishing for a laptop for quite some time and I got it FOC!! *wink wink*

It’s has been almost 3 years now and I start to think to have new laptop. Slimmer, lighter with number of cool features such as Wi Fi access to the internet, built in camera, etc.

What about Netbook then?? With a screen ranging between 9 and 10 inches, netbooks are often thought of as a baby notebook, making it more convenient to travel with than a regular notebook.

Light weight and usually low cost, Netbooks are extremely popular. Netbooks are predominantly geared towards those requiring an Internet connection on the go (hence the name Netbook), as opposed to people interested in games or other heavy duty programs.

Thinking of buying a Netbook??? Netbook Guide provides more info on the buying tips, brand and model, specs and other info. Should grab one for own. No sharing! Ahaks…


Have not updated my blog for few days… *sigh* I wanted to do so… But, I just don’t have the mood! Arghhh… Just hate it when the MOOD takes control of me!!

What was actually happened? Sampai sia hilang dr blog sphere???

It was last Tuesday when the CFO and the Independent Director who is currently stationed at our office for the time being, asked me to find a supporting doc for a power point presentation prepared by me. They were waiting in front of me while I was digging for it. Have searched all the clear folders (around 10 folders!) and I just can’t believe that I can’t find it anywhere. Padahal, baru sia nampak few days ago!!

They were still waiting and I was really pissed off when I heard all these :

CFO : Secretary should has a good filing system.

Director : This is not a Secretary already. This is an Executive.

CFO : Aiyo.. You are so disappointing…

Director : Its ok lah Just. I’ll email it again to you.

And they both went in to their respective rooms which are also in front of me!!!

My temper went up but I still able to control. I was really pissed off when I heard the word DISAPPOINTING as if I didn’t perform my duties.

I won’t blame the Director coz he does not really aware.

But the CFO??!! Hey, I’m reporting direct to you previously ok and I STILL DO even I also report to the MD! And you should know that I AM AN EXECUTIVE AND NOT SECRETARY!!! Arghhhhh!!!

I don’t mind if ppl wanna call me Secretary also. What’s the big deal kan?? But, pls understand that I’m not only assisting the MD alone but also the CFO, the Independent Director and the Company Secretary!! I have so many things in my plate that I don’t have time to do the admin works!!

So, I spent the rest of the day BUSILY!! Didn’t go out for lunch… cleared ALL the outstanding assignments that I owed the CFO… Make extra sets of the presentation, pirating the company profile’s CD, CD cover, CD labels and bla bla bla…

I feel really bad and it spoils my days very much…

To Mouren and Nessa, I owe you guys… :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Loreal Warehouse Sale

Should have been posted this last Friday. But… argh just forget it.

Anyway, a colleague approached me last Thursday…

Colleague : “Jess (instead of the correct Just!), hari ni ngan esok ada Loreal warehouse sale kat Wisma MCA. Nak pegi tak?”
Me : “Tengah2 bulan ni mana ada duit kak!”
Colleague : “You tengok dulu. Besok you beli!”
Me : “Iye la tu… Ok la… Jom!” (kesian pulak kan…)
Luckily, the Dewan San Choon is spacious enough. So, it was not that crowded as I expected except the lipstick area which was the hot spot. Or perhaps tengah bulan kan… hehehe…

Besides the Loreal Paris itself, there are also products of Dermo Expertise, Excellence, Elseve, Maybelline and Garnier. The price range is from RM3 the min to RM30 the max (if not mistaken).

40 minutes was enough for the shopping plus 20 minutes of queuing up for cashier! *faint*

The pic taken while colleague enjoyed the looooong queue!

The San Choon Hall

Hope they have a good system for their lipstick's stock

Lipstick corner

Dare to queue??

The post-shop

I tot I would be going back with empty handed. Somehow, terbeli jugak!! I grabbed Loreal Studio GO Create Strand Sculpting Spray (RM10), Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect SPF20 Sun block (RM10), Garnier Age Lift Cleanser (RM5) and Garnier Pure A Scrub Wash (RM3). Should have grabbed mascara too… arghhh… But, then… I’m no make-up person. So, ndapa lah!

Oya, as a ‘upah teman’, the colleague handed me a Creamy Berry Loreal lipstick!! How nice… So, be nice and ppl will threat you nice in return… *wink wink*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vicks VapoRub & Breathing Problems

Vicks VapoRub may irritate the airways of children less than 2 years old, causing increased mucus production and inflammation???
I am lucky that I managed to convince my mom not to apply the ointment to lil’ Cucu.

Read the article pls. Good info!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Talk, I Talk And I Talk...

When I watched this clip, I was like... Naa... it is not the lil' girl's voice. It's should be someone else.

What do you think?

Recalling what few aunts has said when they met lil' Cucu during CNY... "Cepat pandai cakap ni budak ni." while stroking at the 3 months old lil' Cucu's head (the front part).

But, it sure headache if my lil' Cucu start talking nonstop! *faint* Say NO to the grasshoper!!

Have you heard that grasshoper will turn your quiet kiddos to talkative kiddos?? Yeah, that's the tips from MIL. *uwek* Wanna try??

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Unstitch Rayyan

Mom called me at 8.20am yesterday. Still belum bangun! Biasa la.. sunday!! Hahaha...

"Belum bangun lagi?? Ba.. ready la. Cucu buli keluar sdh ni! Kena buka sudah jahitan dia!" I jumped out of the bed lazily. Thinking that the nurses might take some time or perhaps hours to prepare the necessary for discharge. Yeah.. no joke!

So, I did some laundry and floor sweeping before mom and lil’ Cucu come back.

9am, Mom called again. Mom said the nurse hasn’t given her the receipt for payment and that’s dragging us actually. We prefer to have the receipt before start off the car engine. Some guards are very kiasu (kiasu or kiasi??). They won’t allow ppl going in before the visiting hour. Malas mau argue ba.

So, we stayed awhile watching channel 702. Forgot the movie title. It was a thriller movie about escaping prisoners. We watched to the end before headed to hospital. *grin*

Can you believe it? The nurse was just about to print the receipt by the time we arrived! And medicine was just handed over to my mom! Gheezz…

No other complaints besides the slow services. Credits to all the friendly nurses and doctors. Excellent hospitality guys…

The unstitch result

Oyaa.. for the time being, we will have to feed lil' Cucu with a special bottle. I got the bottle with FOC by signed up as a member of CLAPAM - Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Malaysia.

Feeding technique

Poor lil' Cucu. He has to wear the sarung tangan again. Macam baby pulak. Padahal, almost 5 mths sdh. *wink wink* We just scared that he might scratch the lip bah.

So, what do think ?? Satisfied with the result? I AM VERY SATISFIED and I only paid RM50 (operation cost) plus RM13.50 (RM1.50 per day for the bed & meals). *grin*
Ahhh.. finally!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Surgery on 10 March 2009

Lil’ Cucu had his last milk at 2am before he started fasting for the operation scheduled at 8am. Water is allowed up till 6am.

7.15am, 2 nurses, a father and her lil’ daughter and us (me, mom – came in middle of the nite just b’coz lil’ Cucu was looking for her!!! and lil’ Cucu of coz) headed to the next building where the Dewan Bedah is located.

Before entering the OT, I was asked to change my cloth. It is a compulsory thou.

All patients were waiting outside the OTs nervously. Most of them were old folks. I think lil’ Cucu was the youngest patient.

I was praying silently deep inside my heart.

8.10am, Doctor arrived. I was carrying lil’ Cucu to OT9 as he was already dozed off. The minute I put him down on the bed, he cried! (kalau dia belum nyenyak, mmg gitu tu dia!) He was still crying when the doctor put on the mask for administering an anesthetic gas on his nose. Poor boy! He was fighting a while before pengsan. I stepped out of the room with heavy hearted after kissing him on the hand and cheek.

After 2 hours of waiting, I knew lil’ Cucu will be out soon. So, I went to poo-poo first.

“Mummy Rayyan?” A nurse was asking me right after I came out from toilet. I nodded.

Dia dah keluar ye!”

He was awake?? That’s surprise me! I felt so relief when I see him. I am soooo glad to be able to hug him!! Can’t really see the result yet as the area was plastered. Oya, they fixed the nose too..

We have to stay at the ICU for 45 minutes for monitoring purposes. Lil’ Cucu was crying on and off. He enjoyed staring around thou and that attracted most of the nurses there. Si Comel, Si Putih and Si Gebu were among the nick names given to him.

Finally, we were released at around 11am. My mom was waiting outside impatience too. She straight away took lil’ Cucu from me when she saw us.

Poor lil’ Cucu coz he has to suffer for another 6 hours before he was allowed to get his milk! Whenever I tried to clean the blood stain on his lip, he tot that I was feeding him. Ooo dear... *teary eyes*

Luckily the guard allowed us to visit lil’ Cucu for a while at 9pm just now even it was not the visiting hours. Just enough time for us to send some stuff for mom and lil’ cucu and melepas rindu sama c Cucu!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Be Strong Son!!

Institut Kajisaraf Tunku Abdul Rahman Ward 5A HKL is where lil' Cucu admitted to last Friday. The Plastic Surgery Dept shares the same building with the Neurology Dept.

There are 8 beds for children or infant and the rest of the beds towards the end are for adults. Those patients yg patah kaki and other cases that to undergo the 'needlework' lah.
Luckily lil' Cucu able to sleep peacefully. There are 2 more childrens admitted due to cleft lip and palate and 1 with lip repair. Compare to the rest of the patients, lil' cucu is the less serious case. I pity those moms but at the same time feel lucky too.

One of the kid's mom told me that having palate operation is far worst than lip operation. The first day after the operation, blood plus saliva kept on coming out from his son's mouth. She cried when she see it. My heart cries too... How such small kid could bare the pains... *teary eyes*

"Be strong son!"

Anyway, an off day was given to lil' cucu the next morning after been checked by doctors. Cuti hujung minggu bah. *wink wink* After a nite at home, we sent him to the ward again yesterday. My mom volunteered to company him at the ward.

The original schedule for operation was Thursday, 12 March 2009 before they changed it to tomorrow, 10 March 2009. Lagi cepat lagi bagus lah. So we all won't worried and think so much...

The hospital even snapped few photos of lil' yon for their record. And I curi-curi snapped too.. Hehehe...

I'll talk more about the operation in my next entry yaa. Need to prepared myself to the hospital now. It's my turn tonite to company lil' cucu. Furthermore, I have to be there as I'm the one who signed the Authorisation Form for operation and I'll be following them to the OT tomorrow morning. But, I'll wait outside lah!
Till then...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pinkish W1max

Pinkish W1max??? What’s that suppose to mean? W1max in pink??? Nope!! Pink and W1max are two different things. It’s just the subject! *wink wink*

Pink becoz’ I have finally changed a new templates for my page. Been hunting for a new template for few days. Gheezz… Can’t believe that I have just realized that there is no date of posting in the previous template after been using it for more than 1 mth! If Mama Mia with her green theme, me with pink theme pulak… *smile*

What about the W1max then? Well, me and hubby went for groceries shopping at Carrefour, Ampang yesterday. We ‘met’ this P1 W1max boot at the entrance of the supermarket. The words “Free Modem Today” really caught my attention. Hubby is fully aware of my intention to subscribe a broadband ever since I was pregnant. So, we headed to the booth curiously and excitedly.

The Chinese guy who entertained us promoted his product in details hoping that he’ll be able to convince and attract us. And yes he did! I’ve signed up the subscription form and I am now broadband-ed!! *wide smile*

I’ve heard a lot of complaints from the Celcom and Maxis’s broadband users and that makes me hesitate to sign up with either one of them. Some might say the P1 W1max is not 100% wireless as the modem itself still needs to be connected to an adapter and the laptop / computer. Even the size of the modem that makes one thinks twice. Well, no harm trying as all new subscribers will be given a cooling off period of 15 days.

So, what did I actually sign up for?? An absolutely free P1 W1max modem coz I signed up with a 24 months contract with RM99 per month subscription fee. If you wish to sign up for a contract of 12 months, then the modem will be charged at RM199 only. Cheap what! The best part is you may still bring home the modem without a single cent as you may opt for the modem cost to be paid in installment basis at RM20 per month for 12 months plus your subscription fee. As simple as ABC!

What I can pray now is that it would not disappoint me. For more info, please logon to the official website of P1 W1max.

Let’s broadband-ing…. I know I'm bit left behind than the rest of you... *wink wink*

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Uncle Tua & Anty Tua

They had been in KL for couples of times, either for seminar, short courses, sports or vacations. Last week, they attended a 4 days course at Berang, Perak. So, they extended another 2 nights stay in KL for shopping!! Yeahh.. that is a MUST!! Come with a bag and go back with additional bags, for sure!! *slap forehead*

It has been ages since my last ‘visit’ to Times Square and Sg Wang. Didn’t go there for shopping after I was confirmed pregnant! Then, it should be a year already??! Pheww… Eyes was opened widely doing its window shopping and I went back home with something in hand. Nda jugak tangan kusung. Hehehe…

50% less, makes it RM31.50 only!! Must grab...

BTW, who are they? A cousin of mine who has been stationed in Kuching and married to an adorable Ibanese lady. Working at the same department in JUPEM (Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia), that’s how they bumped into each other, I supposed. *wink wink*

After all the MMS sent earlier on, this was the first time lil’ Cucu met his Uncle Tua & Anty Tua. *grin* The word “Tua” refers to the eldest person in the family. Remember? I’m the eldest maa… So, my cousin Alfred is the second. Being the second eldest, he is honored with the “Tua” title by my lil’ Cucu. I know I’ll be getting the same title once the rest of the cousins have their children. *smile*

Lil’ Cucu makes friend easily. Maybe he would stares and remains ‘keras’ for a few minutes if being carried before he starts playing with you. Some kids, they cry immediately when strangers take them away from their mom, dad or whoever that they closed to. But, not lil' Cucu. Hubby is quite worried of his friendliness actually. You know lah… What happened to Nurin Jazlin is a good lesson to all of us. Wonder what had happened to Sharlinie??! *sigh*

To Alfred and Corina, I know you guys are trying hard to conceive. Just do not pressure yourself too much. Let things goes naturally besides all the efforts ok…

And wait for our visit to Kuching in July… :D